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Replace the 'About This Mac' OS X logo System
Did you ever wonder why Apple decided to keep their old 10.1 aqua X logo in the "About This Mac" box in Jaguar? They already defaced their X logo on every box of Jaguar, so you might as well do it here, too! There's a tutorial (and a Jaguar X logo) here (credit to Andy Orr), and here are a couple of Terminal commands to speed things up (assuming you downloaded the new logo to your desktop):
 % sudo mv /System/Library/CoreServices/
% sudo mv /Users/your_user_name/Desktop/AboutBox.tiff
[Some extra line breaks were added to narrow the width of the display; enter each command as one line with no spaces except put a space in the first command before "/Users" and in the second command before "/System".]

You will need to restart to see the changes.

[Editor's note: You should be comfortable with the Terminal before trying the shortcut mentioned above; Andy's tutorial is 100% Finder-based, so it's much simpler if you're new to this sort of stuff.]
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missing CoreServices
Authored by: terpsichore on Nov 12, '02 12:33:09PM

I just downloaded the 10.2.2 update and this may have something to do with my problem. I tried this mod and it wouldn't work. It kept saying that it couldn't find the file. I finally tried to navigate to the AboutBox.tiff file in the System folder and I got stopped at the Library folder because CoreServices doesn't exist inthe Terminal. I can see it in the Finder, but not the terminal. Anyone know how to fix this?

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missing CoreServices
Authored by: porkchop_d_clown on Nov 12, '02 12:48:27PM

Are you sure you're in /System/Library and not /Library or /System Folder/Library?

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missing CoreServices - fixed
Authored by: terpsichore on Nov 12, '02 03:32:38PM

Maybe that was it. I restarted again and it was there, so I'm not really sure what happened.

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Authored by: filburt1 on Nov 12, '02 03:38:52PM

I was running 10.2.2 when I did this and I didn\'t have to reboot to see changes, it had already taken effect.

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hint submission
Authored by: nosaj56 on Nov 12, '02 04:44:55PM

Actually, I submited this hint while I was on 10.2.1, so I guess that you won\'t have to reboot in 10.2.2.

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logout is sufficient
Authored by: logo on Nov 13, '02 09:09:44AM

Actually a logout is sufficient (at least in my case)!

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This was a great hint
Authored by: porkchop_d_clown on Nov 13, '02 09:31:19AM

I read it, and promptly gimp'ed a thumbnail of my clown face onto the X.

Since I'm still using 10.1, I guess it works with that release as well.

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Command file not found
Authored by: lilmudda on Nov 14, '02 01:25:00PM

I tried this but it keeps coming up Command File Not Found. Do you know how to correct this? Thanks, Lilmudda

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Another file you might have fun with ...
Authored by: norby on Nov 14, '02 07:57:21PM
The following file might also be of interest for those who like playing with their system's graphical resources: /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemStarter/QuartzDisplay.bundle/Resources/BootPanel.pdf (Note: I haven't touched this file at all - I just ran across it while searching my hard drive for tiffs and pdfs from various system apps. For all I know, it has no bearing on what you see when you login ^_^)

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Another file you might have fun with ...
Authored by: Ezekiel on Nov 21, '02 12:28:37PM

There are lots of boot panels (as well as boot icons, to replace the grey apple) on

and also links to a few nifty programs to help you replace those without getting into the dirt of terminal :-)

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Authored by: skier on Nov 18, '02 02:39:39AM

this is a really cool hint. the file is awesome and looks very nice. no need to logout or anything like that....

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The tiff please....
Authored by: skier on Dec 20, '02 02:47:14AM

anyone have the tiff still. 10.2.3 erased mine and i want to put it back..


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