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Display sites' favicons in Chimera bookmarks Web Browsers
So I picked this up from VGZ over on MozillaZine's Chimera forum. If you want to see a website's favicon in its bookmark (including in the bookmark toolbar), add the following to the ~/Library -> Application Support -> Chimera -> Profiles -> Default -> [random string].slt -> prefs.js file:
user_pref("", true);
It's an aquired taste (makes the bookmark toolbar a little busy), but some might like it!

[Editor's note: favicons are those small 16x16 icons that replace the standard browser site icon; not all sites have them, and of those that do have them, some are not very interesting looking (it's hard to be artistic in a 16x16 square!).]
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Favicons are cool but...
Authored by: afgillitt on Nov 11, '02 11:40:35AM

I tried enabling favicons, but if one has a decent amount of bookmarks (I have a couple hundred or so...) the first time Chimera launches, or the first time it launches after a crash, it takes about 5 minutes or more before the browser becomes responsive. It spends all that time scouring the web and loading in all the icons for sites in your bookmarks.

I decided that, while it's nice to see the icons in my bookmarks, it wasn't worth the hit in performance. Besides, they still show up with the URL at the top of the page, and in the tabs...

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Favicons are cool but...
Authored by: bluehz on Nov 11, '02 12:04:50PM

Yes - this is very true - thats why I disabled them in the menus anyway. I believe its every time the browser starts up though. In my case - several of the sites I had with favicons had bad (or self-generated) ssh certificates) that would throw up 3-4 dialogs each time I started up chimera.

I do have teh favicons enables in my toolbar favorites and that poses no problem - you can't really add a detrimental ammount of bookmarks to that so it causes no serious pauses.

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Favicons are cool but...
Authored by: rahulb on Nov 11, '02 01:09:33PM

hmpf. I can't get them to show up for me, I tried adding that line in both the user.js and the prefs.js - neither led to favicons showing up. I even tried rebookmarking my things and still nothing. I have Chimera 0.6. However, I am curious as to how you got it to only do it for the toolbar bookmarks.

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Favicons are cool but...
Authored by: aranor on Nov 11, '02 01:45:59PM

Did you:

a) Quit Chimera
b) Add the line to prefs.js
c) Launch Chimera

If you do it while Chimera is open, it won't stick. Chimera will just write over prefs.js and since it didn't know about that pref, it's lost.

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Favicons are cool but...
Authored by: rahulb on Nov 12, '02 12:10:46AM

yeah, thanks. I figured that out soon after I posted this question!

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Favicons are cool but...
Authored by: crawdad62 on Nov 12, '02 08:37:51AM

I tried this and it's a neat little diversion however I noticed the same start-up "sluggishness." I wondered if it was my dial-up connection? It seems as if Chimera contacts each site in the bookmarks to display the favicons. I noticed that the Throbber is active even after the homepage has loaded. So is anyone still getting a performance hit with a broadband connection?

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I'm sorry to say that,
Authored by: gvitale on Nov 13, '02 05:48:25AM

but you haven't done a great job with this site's flavicon Rob ;-)
For the rest, this site just rocks!!!

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