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Download entire directories using Internet Explorer Apps
I have stumbled on this by accident but I think that it is a pretty cool tip. So, here is how to download whole directories using IE.
  1. Start downloading a file from a directory you want to download.
  2. Quickly go to the Download Manager, double-click on the file being downloaded and hit Cancel button.
  3. Edit the Address window and delete the actual name of the file, leaving just the path to the directory.
  4. Click Reload button.
Now the whole directory would get downloaded. Here is a picture of what it looks like in action.
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Download directories and subdirectories
Authored by: ragengs on Nov 08, '02 03:21:32PM
Yes you can download directories, thanks for the hint there is more ,you can also download subdirectories. Probably download a hole site that is not secured

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No go
Authored by: mclayville on Nov 10, '02 08:53:13PM

Sorry, but this doesn't work. I just tried it, and all it does is try to download the original file again and ends up corrupting it.

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No go here, either
Authored by: dr_turgeon on Nov 11, '02 12:18:53AM

Perhaps this works only for ftp serves. I connected to my own webserver and was only able to download the apache generated directory html.

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only if...
Authored by: DeathAndTaxes on Nov 11, '02 04:14:43PM

I'm sure this will only work if you can get a directory listing in your browser...IOW, if you use that same URL and you don't get an index listing, it probably won't work.

Anyway, this is the sort of thing wget excels at.

screen wget -r -l 2 -t 12 -nc --progress=bar --user-agent=Mozilla/4.5

That will leech a single page (or index listing) and will go one level deeper.

BTW, you will probably have to download, compile, and install wget since I don't think it comes with osx standard.

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only if...
Authored by: bluehz on Nov 14, '02 08:54:39AM
This works great and if you want a GUI utility use WebDevil - have used it for years. I have to say though - the wget method is MUCH faster. One note. The original code was listed as:
screen wget -r -l 2 -t 12 -nc --progress=bar --user-agent=Mozilla/4.5
whereas in reading the man pages (GREAT INFO! - highly recommended for wget) the -l option (which stands for "level") is written as "-l2" with no space in it and the same with the -t (timeout) option - it should be "-t12". So the code would be:
wget -r -l2 -t12 -nc --progress=bar --user-agent=Mozilla/4.5
I also - personally could not get it to work with "screen" even though I do have screen installed.

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I did get a directory listing
Authored by: mclayville on Nov 12, '02 08:15:32PM

the hint just plain doesn't work. Must be something different about their system or setup. I'm on a Powerbook 667 (gigabit ethernet), OS 10.1.5, IE 5.2.2.

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It works for me.
Authored by: rtideas on Nov 14, '02 12:14:38AM

It works if there is not an index.htm(l) or default.htm(l), etc.

If there is one, it replaces the file with it. View the modified file with BBEdit and read the html.

If not, it grabs what it can find.


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