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Launch and quit iChat at startup Apps
One feature about iChat that I don't like is that it doesn't automatically log me in when the system starts up. I made this small AppleScript to launch and close iChat, ensuring that I am logged on at startup:
tell application "iChat"
end tell
Set this script to run at startup in the Login Items preference panel to insure that iChat logs you in at startup.

[Editor's note: I haven't tried this myself.]
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Log in items?
Authored by: dsaponaro on Nov 07, '02 11:04:11AM

Maybe Im missing the obvious here but, what does this do differantly than just adding ichat to your log in items?

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Re: Log in items?
Authored by: mm2270 on Nov 07, '02 11:28:51AM

Well, placing it in your log-in items would only launch iChat, and then keep it open. The script above launches it, thus logging you in to the AIM network, and then quits the iChat application. However, I think in order for this to work correctly, you need to uncheck the "When I quit iChat, set my status to offline" checkbox in the preferences under Accounts. Otherwise, it would simply log you right off again. Correct me if Im wrong, but I think that's right.

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Re: Log in items?
Authored by: gruffell on Nov 07, '02 04:16:52PM

I have iChat set as a startup item and it logs me in just fine.

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Re: Log in items?
Authored by: mm2270 on Nov 07, '02 05:08:33PM

True, placing iChat in the Login items will launch iChat and log you in, but I think the point the author of the hint was trying to make is that not everyone wants to launch iChat at log-in or after startup of their Mac. There is a difference between being logged in to AIM and having the iChat application launched. The script attempts to log you in, but not have the actual iChat program open if you're not using it. Right now the only way to do that is to manually use the iChat menu extra to log in, or do what the script does manually - launch iChat, then quit it. Know what I mean?

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The point of this hint
Authored by: kramrm on Nov 08, '02 08:35:31PM

Thanks mm2270 for your comments. I did forget to mention that the settings needs to be set so iChat stays online after the application is closed. You got the point right. This way you are logged in, but don't have to look at the iChat windows. True, the menu extra can provide a quick way to sign in, but I haven't found any other iChat scripting references (yet).

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The point of this hint
Authored by: aranor on Nov 10, '02 12:29:58AM

What's the point of being logged in if iChat isn't running? You can't actually do anything!

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re: The point of this hint
Authored by: kramrm on Nov 10, '02 04:19:33AM

Once logged in, others can see and message you. You also can then go directly to the menu extra and see the list of online users without having to wait to login, as you are already on.

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Launch and quit iChat at startup
Authored by: trevbuck on Apr 26, '03 12:19:11AM

Ok guy's ....please bear with me...I'm on dial up down here in are all my buddies...( it's hard to get broadband
here eh) and I want a way to enable myself and all my online
buddies to automatically log in to the AIM network and be
available whenever they connect...without launching iChat.
I wish this was a preference option in iChat itself.

the reason is that we all forget to launch iChat half the time so
auto log in would be a nice way of finding each other online
more often...

I've tried putting iChat in the log in items...doesnt log in when
I do connect to the net...


Perth Australia

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