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Share a Brother MFC 3100C from Jaguar to Win98 Network

I have been unable to find any help on the 'net on how to share my Brother MFC 3100C from my Mac OS X 10.2 machine to a windows '98 machine; however, there were other helpful hints (far too many to list) that allowed me to find the following solution. I'm submitting it here in case it can be of use to other people. My email address is I suggested to Brother that they publish this as well in their own FAQs. I hope it is easy to understand and helpful. :)

The following instructions enable you to share your Brother MFC 3100C from your mac running Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) to a windows network. This involves 4 steps:

  • Installing the printer on your mac
  • Adding a second definition of your printer for windows sharing
  • Enabling printer sharing in samba
  • Installing the printer as a "Network Printer" on your windows machine
Read the rest of the article for the how-to...

1. Installing the printer on your mac
Download and install the latest OS X driver using the instructions here. Follow the instructions on downloading the driver, installing the driver, and setting up the printer in Print Center. Make sure to test this setup by printing a test page of your own choosing.

2. Adding a second definition of your printer for windows sharing
Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) ships with CUPS: the Common UNIX Printing System. Sharing the printer from step one doesn't seem to work. A second printer definition is needed for remote printers. Open the following url in your web browser on your mac: http://localhost:631. This brings up the CUPS administration page. Click on "Manage Printers." This displays all printers on your system. The list here should be the same as that in Print Center. The difference is that in Print Center, the name of the printer is what CUPS refers to as the description of the printer. For example, on the system this was tested on, there are 2 printers in Print Center, "MFC-3100C (local)" and "MFC-3100C (remote)." These names are in CUPS under "description." The name of the printers in CUPS has an entirely different meaning; however, it is the name in CUPS that you will see from your windows machine.

Click "Add Printer." Enter a name, the location, and a description of the new printer definition. The name will be seen from the windows machines and must be no longer than 10 characters (a windows limitation). This name cannot contain any characters other than alphanumerics and the underscore. On the test system, "mfc_remote" was used. The location is the name of the computer as defined in System Preferences -> Sharing -> Computer Name. The description will be used by Print Center as the name. On the test system, "MFC-3100C (remote)" was used.

NOTE: It is important to distinguish between the local definition and the remote definition of the printer because applications on the mac cannot print to the remote definition. Trying to do so will cause problems. Make absolutely certain that the default printer is the local definition.

After entering the name, location, and description, click "Continue." When asked for the device, select the MFC-3100C device from the drop down list and click "Continue." Now, the printer make and model are required. Select "Raw" for the make, click "Continue." Select "Raw Queue" for the model and clic "Continue." The printer should now be successfully added. To verify, bring up Print Center to see if you have two printers defined. Make absolutely certain the local printer is the default.

3. Enabling printer sharing in samba
Enable "Windows File Sharing" and "Printer Sharing" in System Preferences -> Sharing. The next step requires the command-line. Be sure you are logged in as an administrative user. Samba is a collection of programs that allow UNIX machines to participate in a windows network (sharing files/folders, accessing files/folders, sharing/using printers to/from windows machines). It has been around for over 10 years and has been ported to Mac OS X.

Bring up the Terminal application. It is in /Applications/Utilities. Edit the samba configuration file by typing:
sudo pico /etc/smb.conf
NOTE: sudo allows you to run privileged actions. Be careful using this utility. pico is a command-line text editor. You can use another text editor if you like, but for simplicity, these instructions suggest pico.

sudo will ask for the password of the current user before running pico. For those of you who are not experienced UNIX users, pico has a set of commands you can do across the bottom of the page. Each is performed by holding down the CTRL key (depicted by ^) and a corresponding letter. For example, to exit pico, hold down the CTRL key and the X key at the same time. Scroll down to the "[printers]" section of the configuration file. By default, it is:
; comment = All Printers
; browseable = no
; printable = yes
; public = no
; writable = no
; create mode = 0700
The semi-colons at the beginning of each line tell the samba process that these are comments. Remove the semi-colons on each line to tell samba to share all printers on this machine. Exit pico by pressing CTRL-X. When prompted if a save is desired, press Y and then press return.

The samba process must be restarted. For the inexperienced UNIX users, merely reboot the machine. Experienced users can perform the following steps (If you choose this route, be very careful! If these steps are not performed properly, you can severely cripple your machine!):
  • Find the process id of the samba daemon (smbd):
    ps auxwww | grep smbd | grep -v grep
  • HUP that process id:
    sudo kill -HUP {pid}
4. Installing the printer as a "Network Printer" on your windows machine
The following instructions are merely a guide to installing a network printer on your windows machine. These instructions were used on a windows '98 machine and may not apply to other windows versions. Download the "Add printer wizard driver" here. Bring up the printers by clicking on "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Printers". Double click on "Add printer." Click "Next." Select "Network Printer" and click "Next". Click "Browse" and find your mac computer in the list. Click the "+" sign next to it to expand the printer list. Select the remote printer definition, click "OK", click "Next."

When prompted for the manufacturer/model of your printer, click on "Have Disc." Find the location where driver was downloaded to and click "OK." Select the MFC-3100C driver and click "Next." Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions.

[Editor's note: I have not tested these instructions myself, and any errors in them are probably the result of my bad editing!]
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permission denied?
Authored by: ethank on Oct 31, '02 02:14:12PM

I try this for my HP and I get a "can't connect, access denyed" on my WinXP box. Do you know what the cause of this would be?

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permission denied?
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 31, '02 06:26:08PM

You need to set the property 'use client driver = yes' in the [printers] section of smb.conf if you are sharing printers with Windows NT/2000/XP.

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A next step in USB printer sharing between PC & Mac
Authored by: interneth on Nov 18, '02 10:50:59AM

This hint definitively brought me closer to sharing a USB-printer (a HP deskjet 980Cxi) from a PC (my wife's) and a Mac (G4, 400, OS 10.2). Now in setting up a new printer within Windows (ME) the wizard recognizes the new printer definition that was made with CUPS. Trying to print however a Word-document from the PC results in an error message telling that the printer sent an error message. I start to believe that there is something wrong in the HP-driver (hp inkjet installer2.1.0f) or in the connection between G4 and printer, all the more because something doesn't work in a connection between my iBook (on Airport) and the printer connected to the G4. In this case the printer isn't shown at all when adding a new printer on the iBook. Who has further hints? TIA,

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A next step in USB printer sharing between PC & Mac
Authored by: mugwump on Jan 16, '03 04:08:16AM

Hi -

Were you ever able to get your PC to connect and print on
your USB printer on your Mac ??

I've been struggling with this for a month or so, and just
can't get it to work. My wife has an XP laptop upstairs
and I have an iMac downstairs that has a USB HP LaserJet 1200
attached to it. We share a cable modem connection by using
a cable modem router - the iMac is hardwired to it, while the
XP laptop has a wireless connection (the basestation is
hardwired to the router). We can each get to the Web with
no problems.

The "Add Printer" wizard seemed to work fine to set up a
network printer. I used to get as far as being able to start
a print job from the PC and actually get a "settings" page to
come out on the LaserJet - however, the only thing that comes
out after that is many pages of garbage. Each page has one or
two lines of strange characters on top, and that's all.

Tonight, I followed the instructions re: changing the Samba
config file - but now I can't even get the XP Add Printer
thing to even recognize the LaserJet anymore. Sigh . . .
I even went back and deleted all the printer stuff on the
PC, and reinstalled both the standard HP driver and the
Gimp-Print driver on the iMac. Still can't get past the
the point of the PC recognizing the URL for the printer.

Any ideas ?? ;^)

Thanks !!


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Share a Deskjet 935C from Jaguar to Win98
Authored by: rv8 on May 01, '03 10:13:42PM

I'm using Samba 2.2.8a installed via Fink and OS X 10.2.5 and
Win 98 on the PC side. I had to steal a note from another hint,
and add "use client driver = yes" in the [printers] section of /
etc/smb.conf. Once I did that, everything worked fine.

Kevin Horton

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Share a Deskjet 935C from Jaguar to Win98
Authored by: rv8 on May 02, '03 07:25:41PM

It seems that the Apple firewall also needs to be OFF. I had
turned it OFF earlier in the troubleshooting sequence, and the
ability to print vanished when I turned it back ON. I ditched
Apple's interface, and tried Brickhouse. I needed to allow
connections from the Windows PC on UDP ports 137, 138, 1129
and 1130.

Kevin Horton

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Share a Brother MFC 3100C from Jaguar to Win98
Authored by: tlogb on Jul 29, '03 12:34:52PM

I've followed the instructions above to a tee. I've even added the "use client driver = yes" that has been suggested in a reply. Windows recognizes the printer, but when I go to send a test page from the windows machine, nothing comes out of the printer. The activity lights on the hub show there is data being transfered. Anybody have any suggestions.

...running win 98 on the PC side, 10.2.6 on the mac side, and I'm trying to share a HP Color LaserJet 2500L connected via USB with the appropriate changes made in the CUPS configs to reflect the HP printer


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If you don't like typing "sudo kill"
Authored by: straz on Aug 04, '03 10:15:21PM

If typing "sudo kill" gives you the heebie jeebies, just go into System Preferences. Stop and restart Windows File Sharing. This does the same thing without having to grep for smbd pids.

Now, go say "grep for smbd pids" five times in front of the mirror. :)

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Share a Brother MFC 3100C from Jaguar to Win98
Authored by: bsoplinger on Aug 13, '03 02:23:30PM

OK, it seems I've set everything up for my Epson Photo 875, but nada. If I click the 'print test page' button and I have print center open, I do see a job appearing on the printer I've just added but nothing comes out. If I try to print anything from the PC, it seems to work, but nothing happens either and I never see anything happen in print center.


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Share a Brother MFC 5100C from MacOS X to Windows 2000/Windows XP
Authored by: NearTheSea on Aug 28, '03 11:31:04PM

I only spent a day trying to get this to work for myself so here's some detail on what I had to do. Note that I was doing this with a MacOS X machine running 10.2.6, a Brother MFC 5100C printer, and clients that were Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Specific recommendations:
- Use to access CUPS instead of localhost
- May need to use "native" drivers under Windows XP to be able to select driver and get it to work through the Mac
- Don't really need Samba, Windows 2000/XP can print directly with CUPS, see the option to add a printer via http://..., i.e. put in http://my_mac_ip:631/printers/remoteprintername where my_mac_ip and remoteprintername are appropriate for your setup.
- If you do use Samba, you may need to chmod 777 /var/spool/samba and you may need to add "use client driver = yes" (as noted elsewhere) to avoid permission errors on the Windows side. Samba may give you errors on the console about problems resolving the Windows machine name, these are irritating but not the reason you aren't printing
- CUPS might not be able to print a test page, but that doesn't appear to matter
- Don't forget to use the console and error logs to find out what's happening! If a test page isn't printing from Windows, for example, odds are an error is showing up somewhere in a log. For CUPS errors look at /var/log/cups/error.log.
- You will need to uncomment the line "application/octet-stream" in /etc/cups/mime.types for your raw printer to work.
- Don't forget, if you make CUPS or Samba changes you will need to restart them. Just use the Sharing options "Printer Sharing" and "Windows File Sharing" respectively to do that.

A few more details:

I originally tried to skip the step of adding the raw printer via CUPS but realized later why it needs this. The Windows driver is going to convert everything to the form that the Brother printer wants to see, so you don't want the Mac printer driver attempting to translate that stream from Windows into something printable. Hence the need for a separate, raw driver for remote printing.

On Windows, I had some trouble trying to get it to give me a driver that I could select when adding the remote printer. I had "in box" drivers from Brother but those did not seem to work for this arrangement. What did work were the "native" drivers that were thankfully available for both XP and Windows. Don't ask me to explain the difference, that's why we use Macs, right?

Re using http://localhost:631/ to access the CUPS interface, note that due to the way permissions are set up in CUPS you may have to use in order to make any changes, ie adding a raw remote printer as directed above. But be prepared, despite *starting* with that IP address, after some clicks I'd have something like iMac.local or some equivalent for the hostname and would no longer be able to do things that required For more on this see . Another CUPS quirk, CUPS test pages don't always print and this appears to be a know but not serious problem.

If you don't have to, don't use Samba printing, just adds more complexity. See if your Windows "Add Printer" for remote printers allows you to enter an http:// address and if so include the address for CUPS plus /printers/remoteprintername where remoteprintername is the printer you added per the instructions.

Hope this helps someone out!

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Share a Brother MFC 5100C from MacOS X to Windows 2000/Windows XP
Authored by: RickyV on Mar 23, '04 11:20:16PM

Thanks to all that posted on this thread. I really thought this process would be much easier, maybe it is using Panther?

In any case, I combined the various tips on this thread to finally get my Win98 laptop to actually "see" the printer on the network (OS X 10.2.8), and then to print to it.

I was surprised that so much Terminal activity needed to be done to achieve this, but essentially I needed to do all of the Terminal hints in order to get everything working. The one other tip I may have is that I needed to change the browseable switch to yes in the printers section.

This combined with uncommenting the line to let the RAW driver to work were the final touches. Now my wife will be much happier but sadly, I will have to wait longer before we go all Mac.


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Sharing an AppleTalk printer with Windows 2000.. How?
Authored by: mannikin on Nov 19, '03 02:59:57PM


Thank you for some great instructions. I've been using your instructions plus the ones in this other hint page:

I'm still not able to connect from my Windows 2000 machine. Allow me to give a brief listing of the network setup:

- Our network consists of a OSX Panther Server
- Windows sharing service is on, so we can map our Transfer drives on both Mac & Windows machines
- We have a bunch of HP LaserJet printers, which we use on our macs using AppleTalk and Rendevouz (on the OSX machines)

I went ahead and created a printer on the OS X server, basically pointing to one of our shared LaserJet printers. I tested this to make sure it does print, which it did. Then, I connected to the CUPS admin page (http://localhost:631/printers

I was able to see the printer I had just created on this page. The settings were as follows:
Description: HP 4050 Graphics
Location: Local zone
Printer State: idle, accepting jobs
Device URI: pap://*/HP%204050%20Graphics/LaserWriter

I went ahead and created a new printer for the windows machine:
Name: HP_GRAPHIC (I made sure it was 10 characters)
Location: transfer (the instruction said to use the name of the server)
Device: I used the Appletalk protocol (pap) and used the same Device URI as above
Make: RAW
Model: Raw Queue

I sent a test page to test it out, which it worked fine.

In my windows 2000 machine, I went ahead and added the network printer, pointing to this address:

I constantly get a connection error, telling me the printer is not connected, or it can't find it.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.


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Sharing an AppleTalk printer with Windows 2000.. How?
Authored by: justame on Feb 28, '05 12:46:52AM

I have been trying to print from my pc running Windows Xp to a Brother MFC-3100C on my wifes G4 Mac. I tried all of the steps listed above but had no luck. I then found this link here in another forum and was finally able to print from my PC.

Also, what I found after doing everything was that I had to configure my port: start>printers & Faxes >right click on printer>ports>configure ports>Click the circle next to: Use the specified user account, then enter the admin username and password for the Mac that the printer is attached to. After doing this I was off and printing. Hope this helps!

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Some Win98 installs may need this
Authored by: jnginaa on Apr 02, '05 01:24:27AM

I struggled with this for a while on my WIN98 machine (it was way easy on WIN XP) and this was the key (at least for me).

It appears that "internet printing" wasn't native to WIN98, but was an add on. Windows Update doesn't list it, but it is at the MS website here:

Hit the Next button to go the the licnese, then to download the installer.

Until I installed this, I could not get my Mac's shared printers to show up or connect.

I hope this helps some of you. It finally let me sleep after much pulling of hair and cursing MS Windows.

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