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A fix for amazingly small Mozilla windows Web Browsers
This problem has haunted me since 1.0.1 Mozilla browser came out. If you close all the windows in the browser, then open a new window and click maximize (+), the window is a pixel thick! Quitting and restarting the app doesn't help, either. Here's how to fix the problem.

Edit the file /Users -> your_username -> Library -> Mozilla -> Profiles -> default -> random_number.slt -> localstore.rdf. Change (around line 55) the height and width from 0 to something like 100. This is a known bug by the folks. This is the best workaround because it saves all your profile data, bookmarks, etc.

[Editor's note: Mozilla 1.2b doesn't exhibit this behavior, at least on my machine.]
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pixel thin Mozilla
Authored by: techietim on Oct 30, '02 12:25:29PM

Wish I'd known this earlier... might still be able to recover. And yes this is a situation with Mozilla 1.2b

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Another fix
Authored by: dhalterman on Oct 30, '02 01:21:08PM

All you have to do is go to a web site that automatically resizes the window to full screen size. Normally, these web sites are a pain because the new window takes up the whole screen. Just type cmd+shift+L to open the location window and type in the name of a site that resizes the window (I don't know any off hand).

Alternatively, you could make your own HTML file that resizes the window and open it with Mozilla. The new window and all others after that will be just fine.

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Not sure what you mean
Authored by: ateles on Oct 30, '02 02:00:20PM

I have had this problem for a while and the final solution was to remove localstore.rdf entirely. To test your solution I maximized the Window, got the pixel width window and went to edit localstore.rdf. I found several lines with height and width as arguments (some at the beginning of the file, some after the bookmarks, some at the very end).I tried changing the one that appeared to have value 0 and didn't work (at the very end). The only solution again, was to remove localstore.rdf entirely. Any ideas?

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Search for this-
Authored by: syko on Oct 30, '02 03:02:40PM

Do a search for
<RDF:Description about="chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul#main-window"

modify the numbers there..

and it happens with the currently 1.2b as well

this is MUCH easier than finding a javascript website that'll open your window fullscreen, and guess what, when you do find one, that doesn't fix the problem!! lol

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Worked, thanks
Authored by: sinjin on Oct 31, '02 01:24:20PM

Haven't used Moz for weeks because of this problem, your solution worked perfectly.

Note that my path to the file was different than the original post


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The AppleScript Way
Authored by: Eravau on Oct 30, '02 03:18:46PM
I had this affect me a couple of weeks ago and just pulled out AppleScript:
tell application "Mozilla" to set zoomed of front window to true
If you have this happening frequently, saving this script as an app could save a bit of text editing in Mozilla's config files...and doesn't require a restart of Mozilla. It just zooms the front window to full screen (instead of the 1 pixel wide size).

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The AppleScript Way
Authored by: ateles on Oct 30, '02 04:16:57PM

This is the best solution so far....Works great! Thanks!

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The JavaScript Way
Authored by: UltraNurd on Oct 30, '02 03:21:57PM

I have a bookmark labelled "Resize" in my Bookmarks menu, with the link


I just picked some random numbers that make it big enough for me to resize it back to normal by clicking + again or using the resize handle.

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The JavaScript Way
Authored by: x827 on Oct 30, '02 10:27:10PM

Awesome....Thanks for that great hint.

I know have that bookmarked in my tool bar. In fact I reset it to "javascript:window.resizeTo(1100,680)" which restores window to full size of screen (iMac).

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