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View UNIX man pages in Project Builder UNIX
Here's another easy, useful way to view UNIX "man" pages -- use the "Open man page..." option from the Help menu of Project Builder.

  • The man pages shown are html files. You can resize the window and the page is reformatted to fit.
  • If you have a mouse with wheel, you can use it to scroll up and down.
  • You can select all the text and make it larger or smaller with the Format -> Fonts menu.
  • You can't save the file.
  • It seems that you can't change the search path
[Editor's note: There are many other ways of doing this (manThor is still my personal favorite), but I'd never thought to try Project Builder. You'll need to install the Dev Tools to get Project Builder.]
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Comment on editors comment
Authored by: midan23 on Oct 28, '02 11:11:53AM

OK, I tried ManOpen and ManThor and it seems to me that both tools are nothing more than a GUI for the man command ...
That meens that you have about 60 to 70 characters per line ...
Ok, they are formatted, but to get something like that, man can do the job ...

I prefer something like in Linux : man -Thtml bash > bash.html produces a nice man page in html ...
The problem : It doesn't work in Mac X ...

I think it could be nice to open the url "http://localhost/man" to have a list of sections and favorite man pages ...

But until I found a way to produce html man pages ... I continue to search ...

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Comment on editors comment
Authored by: mervTormel on Oct 28, '02 10:08:34PM

a post from pmccann has a good solution for man to html...

you'll need to acquire rman from fink, probably.

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Comment on editors comment
Authored by: midan23 on Oct 29, '02 03:30:15AM

rman is exactly what I'm looking for, thank you ...

(Btw, it seems to me that rman is either part of Jaguar or part of XDarwin ...)

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re: Comment on editors comment
Authored by: thatch on Oct 29, '02 03:40:49PM

I must have missed that in the forums back in July. Wow, it is the greatest method of them all, IMO.

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Latest dev. tools?
Authored by: jiclark on Oct 28, '02 12:11:56PM

Hope this is considered a related comment!

How do I make sure that I've got the latest version of the developer tools installed? I know I ran an updater after moving to Jaguar, but can't remember what version (month?) it was. Is there an easy way to find out, and to keep it up to date? I get the weekly ADC newsletter, but it seems less-than-clear about this. A confession: I'm not very up on the developer stuff (and am not an actual developer), I just wanted to be able to take advantage of the additional things that the tools allow you to do. It seems Apple encourages people like me to do this, so I hope I'm not out-of-line.

Thanks, John-o

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Latest dev. tools?
Authored by: robg on Oct 28, '02 12:30:20PM

August 2002 was the latest update that I recall; you can login to your free ADC membership to see if there are any updated versions available...


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