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Restore missing screen resolution options Desktop
Many users with non-Apple monitors are aware of the hide and seek game the Apple has instituted for "acceptable" display resolutions. Instead of being able to choose from all resolutions and frequencies supported by the video card, Apple engineers only let you choose from about four resolutions: three to low and one to high. One update will make them appear and a later one will make them disappear. I was hoping that 10.2 would stop the madness but it hasn't.

I accidently stumbled on how to make the missing choices appear: turn off your monitor when your Mac starts up! At least it works for me with my B&W G3, 17" SuperMac/Hitatchi, and 10.2. Note that I said "startup"; this means you need to turn you monitor off for restarts and (I think) logging in (I don't bother logging out on my home Mac).

Good thing I shut down Mac when there was nobody home (well, except for the cats) when we went away for the weekend. ;-)

[Editor's note: I haven't experienced this problem myself (I have 12 choices listed right now, the same as I've always had in OS X), but I know it's happened to others. Hopefully this hint will help, although I can't test it myself.]
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Doesn't work on my blue/white g3.
Authored by: perdedor on Oct 21, '02 11:25:31AM

I have a headless blue/white G3-400 (1st gen, all OEM) server that refuses to boot without a monitor attached. So I did the same thing that needed to be done to fix this problem with 9, attached a video adaptor and then just manually start/stop vnc thru an ssh connection when it needs a little administering.

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How with 17
Authored by: Han Solo on Oct 21, '02 06:17:57PM

I recently upgraded to a dual 1.25 MDD G4 with a 17" LCD Studio Display -- and have been rather annoyed that I cannot get the resolution above 1280 x 1024. I'd love to get this tip to work -- but I can't figure out how to prevent the SD from automatically turning itself on when the G4 is powered up (darned ADC!). And I'm not (yet) willing to risk frying the monitor buy plugging it in after the G4 has booted. Suggestions?

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How with 17
Authored by: rcflyer2000 on Oct 23, '02 12:48:30AM

The Apple 17 inch LCD max resolution is 1280x1024.

That is its native resolution that will give you
the best results.

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How with 17 in. LCD?
Authored by: Han Solo on Oct 23, '02 01:06:37PM

Well I'll be darned -- I just double-checked the Apple web site: and you're absolutely right! Thanks for pointing that out. This is the first LCD I've owned, so I didn't realize the resolution was restricted to 1280 x 1024 max -- I've set some smaller CRTs to much (ridiculously?) higher resolutions.

I guess since the new MDD G4s advertised a max resolution of 1600 x 1200, I thought I could somehow cajole the 17" LCD to display at that level.... Oh well. Thanks again.

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SwitchRes X
Authored by: stukoch on Oct 21, '02 07:26:05PM
A lot of the folks over in the avsforum have had luck using SwitchRes X to get the Mac to use different display resoultions. It is actually one of the more usful, and under-reviewed tools out there. You can check it out here. -Stu

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