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Send iCal reminders to another email address Apps
Well it's easy enough to have iCal send out an e-mail reminder to you before an event. However, it does not seem like you can specify the e-mail address, the pull down box only contains one address. The address is taken from your address book; it's the address card that you have set to be "mine" Card -> This Is My Card.

If you want to hack and change the e-mail address for say just one event, then you could drop into terminal and type cd ~/Library/Calendars and edit the calendar. Find the event (using the SUMMARY field), and then edit the line:
  ATTENDEE: mailto:
Change the e-mail address to what ever you want. Make sure that iCal is not running when you do this!

[Editor's note: This seems like a lot of work to send one reminder to another email address, but it works. It should also be possible to set up a rule in Mail to forward an incoming iCal alert to another email address. You could then use some rule logic to identify the type of event and send certain events to certain addresses and other events to other addresses. This is all conjecture on my part, of course!]
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Authored by: dconroy123 on Oct 18, '02 11:09:42AM

Just add the alternate addresses to your entry in the address book. Address Book will allow you to add multiple e-mail addresses for any contact entry. Add all of your addresses to the 'this is me' entry. iCal will then list all of your e-mail address in the drop down box.

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Authored by: dankashane85 on Oct 18, '02 11:41:58AM

exactly what I was going to say.
Whats really cool is that you can set it up to email your phone if you have text messaging.

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Do this in TextEdit
Authored by: Base80 on Oct 18, '02 09:37:52PM

this simply works in TextEdit too.

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The whole feature stinks!
Authored by: joel8x on Oct 19, '02 10:11:41AM

I can't figure out how to make it useful, because when I set it to email myself, it asks to mail it but brings up a dialog to ask if it is ok to send first! If I never shut down mail it will only ask the first time, but unfortunately I do need to shut the program down for various reasons (Apple's retarded need to reboot my computer after a minor update to Quicktime being one of them). Hence I never get my important notices until I come back to my computer and reply to the annoying dialog. Until Apple changes this "feature", I can't find any use for this. BTW all you need to do is add more email addresses to your VCard in Address Book and they will appear in iCal - I try to use it to send messages to my SkyTel pager, but alas...

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The whole feature stinks!
Authored by: bluehz on Oct 20, '02 07:48:22AM

I think the real usefullness of this feature comes to light when you change the scripts to use the builtin sendmail instead of a GUI-based app to send the outgoing alert. This way iCal sends out alerts seamlessly with no user interaction required. Search MacOSXHints for the hint on setting up iCal with sendmail or search Versiontracker of for prebuilt scripts.

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Authored by: pismox on Oct 21, '02 09:37:23AM

Is there any way to e-mail reminders through Entourage? Is there any way to have iCal e-mail without asking for permission? (I have iCal e-mail my cell phone so if I am out I can get the reminder, but what difference does it make if I am out and it will not send because it is waiting for permission to send the e-mail?)

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Not working
Authored by: bluehz on Oct 21, '02 11:50:27PM

I am able to get multiple addresses listed in the ical dropdown menu by adding multiple addresses to the Addressbook - but you can only choose one recipient from the dropdown menu in ical. Is there not a method for sending the same even to multiple recipients? I tried making the entry in Addressbook, which is standard format - but ical balked at it. After doing that when you went to the iCal info panel you could no longer modify the drop-down menu - it was greyed out.

Any ideas?

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don't use spaces in your format
Authored by: Moofisto on Jun 16, '03 09:39:09AM
When you enter multiple email addresses in one AB entry, separate them with commas but NOT spaces.


Also, don't put quotation marks around the entries.

I just made a new email entry in my AB, custom named it "iCal" and reentered the addresses where I wanted to be alerted (a remote IMAP, localhost, and my phone).

You'll know if iCal doesn't like your email format if it greys out the selection when you try to choose it when setting the alarm. If that happens, go back to AB, fix the format, go back to the alarm setting, and toggle the "Send email..." checkbox off and on to select the new email setting.

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Send iCal reminders to another email address
Authored by: technimad on Aug 25, '05 01:19:56PM
I've created an applescript which emails a reminder to all attendees of an event. You can find it here:

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Send iCal reminders to another email address
Authored by: Migs on Mar 13, '09 07:18:13AM

This is the best way: Use applescript as follows:

Open the script editor and change the code below: Save your script in computer>library>scripts>mail scripts

Then in iCal create the item and in alarm select script. Underneath script choose the script you made by browsing to it.

As follows is a sample script for you to modify:

tell application "Mail"
set newMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"This is the test subject", content:"This is the test Body"}
tell newMessage
make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {name:"Miguel Reznicek", address:""}
end tell
send newMessage
end tell

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