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Remember to activate junk mail filtering in Mail Apps
I was really excited about the Junk Mail feature of the new 10.2 Jaguar Mail app. I thought it was working great, in that it was catching most everything, but it was all staying in my In-Box. No big deal, I just deleted it manually.

Apparently all this time I have been in training mode! I never realized that I had to turn junk mail filtering on! The menu option to do this is under Mail -> Junk Mail -> Automatic.

I'm sure this was very obvious to some, and they found this feature early, but if I'm guessing that there may be others like me that don't have it turned on.
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Remember to activate junk mail filtering in Mail | 26 comments | Create New Account
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Good grief ...
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 10, '02 10:33:17AM
At the risk of sounding slightly abusive, this is a hint?

If this trend continues, I can see this hint down the road: "For the longest time, I thought my brand-new Apple was broken; every time I tried to use my iMac, I just saw a dark black screen. Finally, after trying everything in the book, I figured out what was wrong. A few of you may not know this, but there's a button you press on your Apple that actually starts feeding electricity into the hardware. You press it, and the computer starts booting up. It's not really well-documented in the manual, but I finally saw it labeled on a diagram. They call it the 'power button.'"

Come on, this is something obvious that's been repeatedly demonstrated by Apple. There's even a flippin' screenshot right on their page for the Mail application.

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Oh well...
Authored by: robg on Oct 10, '02 10:52:48AM

Can't win 'em all. Sorry you found it so obvious, as did 99% of the folks out there (myself included) ... but I chose to publish it after having been asked not once but twice yesterday how the junk mail filter works. It seemed ironically timely that this was sitting in the submission queue.

So I offended you with the simplicity of the hint, but who knows if others found it helpful ... that's the question I have to answer with every hint submitted to the site. Sometimes I screw up and make a bad decision, but I hope that when I do, it's in the direction of publishing the "stupid hints" as opposed to skipping over something that somebody may find useful.

The long-range plans for the site call for some form of reader moderation, so in the future, you guys can make these decisions for yourselves :-).


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Oh well...
Authored by: fbc on Oct 10, '02 12:10:40PM

its awfully nice of you to be so moderate robg, but the simple fact of the matter is that this person is a tart, pure and simple.

as far as i can tell this place is not about outwitting each other on mac knowledge, its about sharing cool things you discover in OSX.

save your sarcasm for /. and find another place to boast; i think most are happy with all levels of hints, and if you already know the answer, jump to the next.

its not that hard to except other people, try it.

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Oh well...
Authored by: Glanz on Oct 10, '02 08:47:37PM

The fact is that now, anyone who found that rather obvious hint useful will beafraid to admit it for fear of not seeming to be a member of the site's Illuminati..... There's nothing wrong with a seemingly obvious hint from a relatively new user! It is a step towards further communication..., that's all!

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Oh well...
Authored by: Glanz on Oct 10, '02 07:07:21PM

It IS a good hint in my opinion because there are many who have never used a Mac mail app before OS X. I myself have been in FreeBSD for two decades, and have never used a mac before in my life before they decided to go with X. If I may, I would like to add something to your hint. The default Junk Mail setting on my system was set to send all mail to junk if the sender is not in the address book. I didn't check that! duH! Rather than keep the junk mail around, I also set the prefs to delete junk mail. So imagine my surprise when I watched the dialogue indicating the reception of 10 messages that didn't show up in the inbox, or anywhere else for that matter. There was not one single address in my address book either, so all was deleted. OS X is easy to use.... perhaps TOO easy for an old BSD geek like me. :)

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Oh well...
Authored by: CaptDeuce on Oct 13, '02 08:19:07AM
As for this being an easy hint, I say never underestimate the power of stating the obvious. For instance, I was having problems with my email client of choice, PowerMail, so I fired up to keep tabs on my email while I tracked down the problem. I did set up to put it through its paces but I hadn't used for a month or so. I was welcomed by an alert asking me if I wanted take the Junk filter out of training mode and into automatic. It may be a tad early for Miracle on 34th Street, I must declare that if Apple engineers deem it useful tastefully remind me to set my Junk filter to automatic, who am I to dispute it?


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Oh well...
Authored by: CaptDeuce on Oct 13, '02 12:38:41PM
As for this being an easy hint, I say never underestimate the power of stating the obvious. For instance, I was having problems with my email client of choice, PowerMail, so I fired up to keep tabs on my email while I tracked down the problem. I did set up to put it through its paces but I hadn't used for a month or so. I was welcomed by an alert asking me if I wanted take the Junk filter out of training mode and into automatic. It may be a tad early for Miracle on 34th Street, I must declare that if Apple engineers deem it useful tastefully remind me to set my Junk filter to automatic, who am I to dispute it?


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Oh well...
Authored by: joe40 on Aug 27, '03 01:43:00AM

I found it helpful.
And I'll be darned it is right there on Apple's website !
Been in training mode on about 5 Macs for about oh 8 months now.
Time to take of the diapers and training wheels !

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Good grief ...
Authored by: Glanz on Oct 10, '02 06:57:55PM

Thanks for the hint!!!! Now I can stop using my iBook for a frisbee!!!!

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Good Grief=Thanks for the tip
Authored by: hagheid on Aug 25, '03 08:24:06PM

I've finally found the little button which turns off the mac & allows me to read no more of your pompous drivel.

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Authored by: vertigo on Oct 10, '02 10:43:00AM
The menu option is actually located at Mail:Junk Mail:Automatic


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Two ways for MacOS X Hints ?
Authored by: Barty on Oct 10, '02 12:14:40PM

Why not just have two categories : \"Beginner\'s Hints\" and \"Advance Hints\" and build two secondary home pages with such filtering ?

Just my 2 Cts

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That's one more decision I need to make...
Authored by: robg on Oct 10, '02 12:43:51PM

That would add yet another level of decision making to the process ... now I not only have to determine if something is of general interest, but decide whether it's of general interest to beginners or advanced users. And since everyone's definition of beginning and advanced differ, I'd be wrong most of the time ;-).

I prefer to just keep everything together; it's not like any one hint takes more than 10 seconds (most of the time) to read. If something's too simple, just skip it. If it's too complex, just skip it. If/when we get to user moderation, perhaps one of the things that could be moderated would be the "difficulty level" in addition to the raw score of the hint.


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This site is and has always been great!
Authored by: thatch on Oct 10, '02 01:00:47PM

I agree with rob and fbc. That was abusive and uneccessary of WCityMike. If he would just move on to the next hint, everybody could get along fine.

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This was a good hint
Authored by: sezme on Oct 10, '02 03:08:21PM

I'm no Mac newbie, but I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't read John Siracusa's great Jaguar review at I'd remind others that hints are only obvious if you already know them. That's why this site is so great, because one isn't just born knowing it all. Anyway, I really don't understand what was so obvious about this hint. What other program uses a "training mode"?

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This was a good hint
Authored by: macattack on Oct 10, '02 04:31:35PM

I've you think this is a good hint, i have a good hint for you. Did you know you that if you press reply, you even can answer a mail without having to make a new mail. I found this very intresting because the e-mail adress is automaticly put into the "to" box, so you don't have to browse your adress book to copy and paste the adress there.

Another good hint is that you can put a url in the adress box of your browser so you don't have to go thru all the links in the start up page of your browser to get to the webpage of your choice.

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Ha ha
Authored by: dr_turgeon on Oct 10, '02 04:53:06PM

It was a "simple hint." We get it.
(another simple hint: Let's move on...)

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This was a good hint
Authored by: sezme on Oct 11, '02 02:01:30PM
Good one. But my point still stands. This is new functionality unlike the "reply" button. Hey, those things were new once upon a time...

On an unrelated note: I just discovered that if I plug my Mac running Jaguar 10.2.1 into a wall outlet, I don't need to keep using that pedal powered electricity generator device I had my half-step-cousin Billy-Bob rig up for me.

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Good vs Bad Hints
Authored by: Jeff Thompson on Oct 10, '02 04:59:40PM

I notice that the fellows complaining about the quality of hints haven't posted all that many of their own (good or bad).


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Good vs Bad Hints
Authored by: vonleigh on Oct 11, '02 04:37:44AM

I agree, darn slashdot trolls must be loose again.

[ Reply to This | # ] junk filter
Authored by: WAW401 on Oct 10, '02 07:48:23PM

be vary wary of enabling automatic filtering. I had a user deny that he got email because it had automatically been moved to his junk mail folder ... even though it was from another user in the same domain (a partner) and extremely important.

Personally, I don't trust others (read computers) to make the decision for me.

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An Apology and a Retort
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 11, '02 11:16:12AM
Okay, a few things.

Rob, you are an absolutely amazing person. In retrospect, I realize my comment called into question your editorial judgment. I honestly apologize to you for that. (To make sure you read this apology/compliment, I'll e-mail it to you as well when I get home from work.)

You should know that your website has been, hands-down, the single most useful website for this operating system that I have ever seen or used. You have contributed immensely to the value of the Mac OS X operating system for me, and I am very much indebted to you. If you had never put in the time, effort and expense to maintain this website, Mac OS X would be infinitely less useful to me. My OS X system has been wonderfully customized thanks to the tips you have managed to provide. [You actually may even end up being my inspiration — I'd like to start a "hint submission" website like this for the excellent OS X e-mail program Mailsmith. Maybe we can talk sometime about the tech side of things?]

Okay ... so, now that I've apologized, what's the rest of this message? Well, I'm not going to defend my actions in posting a rather rude comment. I've now apologized to Rob for that, and for what it's worth, I apologize to penum6ra for insulting him. However, as for me being (a) a member of the site's Illuminati, (b) a Slashdot troll, (c) a tart, and/or (d) abusive, well, with all due respect to those assembled here ... BULL.

It's become painfully obvious over the past few months that the term "troll" has degraded from its original definition to just an epithet favored by those who like a quick, meaningless, non-profane insult to throw at someone in a disagreement. You know, guys, get it right: someone who says something negative/critical ... or just something you don't like ... is not automatically a troll. A troll is someone who posts an inflammatory comment for the sole purpose of spreading misery, i.e., posting "Trekkies suck" in any one of the Trek newsgroups (or something more clever and/or subtle).

I've contributed 12 hints and 38 comments since I first found Mac OS X Hints. I don't claim that puts me in the "highest contributions" category, but I feel it's enough to demonstrate: that ain't the record of a troll. My opinion was impolite and misguided, but it was not purposefully chosen to incite and inflame.

I was not trolling, and I don't appreciate the lamebrained implication that I was simply because I posted a criticism (albeit one that I now admit was unmerited).

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Hot topic
Authored by: phidauex on Oct 11, '02 01:36:33PM

Wow, this is a controversial hint ;)

However, it makes sense, as I was tripped up by this in the beginning as well. One thing I'd like to add is that the training mode isn't for training you, its for training the filter! Early on, I had lots of 'mis-junked' mail when in training mode, but I would dutifully check things that it missed as junk, and un-junk things that it got wrong. Now its gotten quite a bit better, and I just recently turned it to automatic. Now I have it set to delete the junk after a week, and i just poke my head into the junk folder once every few days to make sure nothing got mis-junked. I haven't had any mis-junkings in a while, which I attribute to a good solid 'training' session, letting it know what domains I consider junk, and what are just my newsletters. At first it was labeling my ACLU newsletter mailings as junk, but after telling it 'not junk', they started to come through just fine.

So remember to turn off training mode, but also remember to give it a chance to learn what you consider junk and what you don't! Thats the feature that makes this junk filter better than preset ones, it learns your preferences.


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Hot topic
Authored by: bakalite on Oct 12, '02 01:42:15PM

You say you have mail empty the junk automatically after a week. This feature works for you? I had it set to empty junk after one day and trash after one week, but it never worked.

As far as the original hint is concerned, I think it would be nice if there were manuals for some of this software, especially software like iCal which isn't very intuitive. Mail isn't too bad, so maybe it doesn't absolutely need a manual, but it wouldn't hurt.

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Just be patient...
Authored by: tlr on Oct 14, '02 11:09:58AM

You don't even have to know the trick. Just wait for some time; if you agree frequently with Mail's advice on junk mail, it will eventually tell you that you could go to the automatic mode (after about a month for me, actually).

Remember, that's Apple's software, they know that many users don't know about these tricks ;-)

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Remember to activate/newbies
Authored by: wayne t on Aug 28, '03 09:38:08PM

I think we all need to remember that there are now a *very* large number of people around who are almost illiterate [or lysdexic] as far as computing goes, but use them every day .. i.e. they *use* them, but they don't have the first clue about how any of it works, how to think, to look, what to read, where to get help, etc.. many, for example simply would never even *find* an awesomely-useful site like this ..

We sometimes assume a lot of knowledge that isn't there in other ppl :
[I love that ol' "back to the 80's" Star Trek episode when Bones (?) - needing info - vocally addresses a Mac as 'Computer !' .. and then is handed the Mouse and, being told : 'no, you have to use this' .. - slightly baffled - he looks at the mouse, holds it up and barks 'Computer !' at it....]

I have a couple of clients.. one's an Octogenarian - lovely, clever bloke ... but although the Wintel he has is his window to the world, he hasn't a clue about how it all works .. I regularly get the same calls from him : "Wayne .... I didn't do ANYTHING ... and now ... xxx Doesn't work !!!!" ... etc.. my favourite 3 this year have been the same one : he has an infrared KBD and moose [it's big]... and a very cluttered desk .. he said ' the Bar thing with all the programs and little pictures and everything has disappeared !!!' (The windoze task bar - a sorta 'Dock-like' thingie - for those fortunate enough not to have to use Wintels).

I'm 1000Kms Nth of him and support him over Broadband using Timbuktu and similar remote support products - they let me take over his machine, see what he sees, do whatever I could do if I was physically present - with a few obvious limitations :).

Took ME 5 mins to figure it out )... the Task bar can be moved and resized... I found it - as a 1 pixel wide line on the far right of his screen, - (it looked like the black edge of my viewing window) - so I widened it .. and dragged it back to the bottom where he's used to it being etc.... "but I didn't do ANYTHING .....".

He's been shuffling things around on his crowded desk, picking up and moving the mouse as if it were another item of junk - forgetting that it's connected to the Wintel and Doing Things - , not looking at the screen etc.. and has somehow first 'flung' the task bar to the right .. and then - God knows how, selected the 3pix wide 'resize' edge of it and dragged it to the far right - a point of virtual invisibilty - all w/o looking at the screen ...

It's also how stuff 'disappears!!!".

Same as above, only this time he drops stuff inside other folders on his desktop etc.. :))

Now, this is NOT a stupid man : he's astonishingly accomplished (famous) and probably rates off the scale for IQ ..

But he doesn't *understand* computers, how they work, how to work with them.. and, probably doesn't want to 'go through another (non) learning curve' for a new one - otherwise I'd have him on OS X G5 faster than u cd say 'Conan fer Govna'


Sometimes, we just gotta cut em some slack - and realise that 'ease of use/user friendly' etc are VERY relative terms ..

regards to all from Oz..

wayne t
obfuscated [and-i'm-at] optushome dotcom dotau

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