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Link to other drives and partitions in Favorites System
I have my hard drive partitioned into a few different logical drives, and I find this the most troublesome when I use the Open/Save dialog box, as I often want to save a file in a different partition than the one that is opened by default. The dialog offers a shortcut to some items via the creation of Favorites, but the "Computer" level isn't normally selectable, making it more difficult to add to the "Favorites" list. Well, here's a workaround.

Navigate to /Volumes using the Go -> Go To Folder Finder menu. In the dialog that opens, type "/Volumes", and then make sure the new window is set to column view. Although /Volumes is usually invisible, it is now temporarily selectable. Make an alias of the /Volumes folder, and move it to ~/Library/Favorites.

The next time you open an Open/Save dialog, you should be able to select "Volumes" from the Favorites list, and see all of the mounted partitions, mounted media, and server volumes available, without having to scroll to the left.
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Into the dock we go...
Authored by: GuyToronto on Oct 10, '02 10:21:37AM

I also put this folder into my dock, and my FruitMenu. I noticed that the /Volumes folder did not have my Mac OS X volume in it, so I created an alias, and dropped it in there as well. Now everything is uber-accessible.

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Authored by: balthisar on Oct 10, '02 10:42:25AM

In all my open/save dialogs, when I want to switch partitions, I just scroll to the left using the scroll bar under the list of files. My open/save dialogs are ALWAYS in column view -- I didn't know there was another. The default, though, shows only a single column making it look like list view. Anyway, scrolling to the left lets you navigate through all of the columns, just like in Finder.

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Save the scrolling
Authored by: robg on Oct 10, '02 10:45:32AM

This hint saves the scrolling, which can be VERY annoying if you have a large monitor and have expanded your open/save dialogs to many many columns. Now, you just pick the Favorites from the pop-down, and no scrolling is required.


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Save the scrolling (more)
Authored by: dr_turgeon on Oct 10, '02 05:00:17PM
Another quick trick is to use the Finder Go command-shortcuts.
command+shift + a,c,h,f
(to get to Apps, Volumes, Home, Favs -- in corresponding order)

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Consider Default Folder X
Authored by: noworryz on Oct 10, '02 05:37:05PM
You can also get this functionality (along with an intelligent default folder and other features) with the $35 shareware program Default Folder X. It's a bit pricy but worth it until Apple fixes their poorly-thought-out open/save dialogs.

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Consider Default Folder X
Authored by: BruceM. on Oct 10, '02 07:03:44PM

Default Folder X is worth every penny for the time/sanity saved by having custom save default volumes/folders for each application. A must have app in my opinion.

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