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Use Midnight Commander in glTerm UNIX
The Midnight Commander is the file manager of GNOME 1.2. It is responsible for putting icons on the desktop background. There is also a terminal interface that runs inside a terminal emulator. It is radically different from the GNOME interface and modeled after the famous Norton Commander file manager. It's available via fink, and a non-fink install was discussed in this hint.

If you install via fink, the terminal version doesn't operate too well in the OS X terminal program. You can't use your mouse, and some funcion keys don't work (including F10 for quitting the program). Well If you download the shareware terminal glTerm, your mouse works and your function keys work! Midnight-commander is very useful and this makes glTerm for me also very useful.

[Editor's note: I couldn't get the mouse to work, but the graphic character workaround discussed in the previous hint does not have to be used with glTerm, and MC looks great in glTerm!]
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Authored by: SOX on Oct 09, '02 11:08:05PM

Dont do this. YOu have to be out of your skull to even want to use midnight commander on a mac. Plus the naasty little program does not have any help and wont tell you how to quit out of it (control -c wont work)

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Authored by: Glanz on Oct 10, '02 07:13:51PM

I have been using MidnightCommander [mc, and not GMC] since it came out on Unix systems. It is a masterpiece! I used it for every type of installation possible for every type of application under the moon. The fact is, you are right in a way concerning OS X. I really see no reason to use it in OS X. But in Darwin, whether Fink or pure, I do use it without problem.

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Authored by: truhe on Jul 04, '03 04:01:33AM

pressing f1 will show the help. pressing f10 will quit, like it's shown on the bottom of the ui. "man mc" will show you the manual.

midnight commander is one of the best file management tools available for unix-based-systems. the text-based-version of course does not run seamless in due to bugs and limitations of, but it works perfectly in xterm, also with mouse support, which you get for free with apples x11 beta.

as for every unix toy you have to know what you do. copying files will remove the resource forks and might make the file unusable. but this is the same with most of the unix apps...

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Authored by: hekal on Jan 07, '04 07:59:54PM

Why not? My Mac is at home, I am not always there with it. Sometimes I need to move files around. I remember Norton Commander back in the old days. This is a breath of fresh air for times when I need quick remote file access.

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Use Midnight Commander in glTerm
Authored by: Gabriel Birke on Jul 03, '03 01:27:19PM
Another way to make midnight commander usable in the standard Mac OS Terminal is the screen command. Just type
screen mc -c
in the terminal.

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Use Midnight Commander in glTerm
Authored by: Stalkingwolf on Jul 18, '03 10:45:59AM

Thx .....


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