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Chimera supports command-arrow navigation Web Browsers
The latest nightly build of Chimera now uses Command-arrow navigation for back and forward! This was the biggest thing killing my buzz about Chimera but it is fixed now, so go get it! Get it here:

Note that these nightly builds are not in any way guaranteed to be stable, but the Oct 3rd build feels pretty solid.
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Authored by: pete on Oct 09, '02 11:32:22AM

I was so used to command-arrow'ing about, I always had to go back to the icon in the title bar and didn't even take note of its inclusion until I read it here! Of course for the past few days I had been command-arrow'ing about! *lol*

This browser just keeps getting better and better. I sent MSIE to the bit bucket a week or two ago. Never did like its "holier-than-thou" attitude when it came to the default browser!

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Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Oct 09, '02 07:27:14PM

You didn't have to use the mouse, you just didn't know the key stroke. Just use Cmd-[ and Cmd-] for back and forward. This is pretty standard. The same key stroke works in the Finder, and IE as well, and you can do it with one hand (Thumb and Index finger). For that reason I find it far more convenient than using the arrow keys.

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Can't run Chimera any more
Authored by: sjonke on Oct 09, '02 12:12:40PM

I decided that the instability of the more recent developer builds was too annoying and so I downloaded the last stable build and replaced my newer version with it. Ever since then Chimera unexpectedly quits on launch. I tried removing all Chimera preferences (in Application Support) and I've even tried going back to the most recent nightly build. None of them will run any more. Anyone else seen this? A fix?

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Can't run Chimera any more
Authored by: zobie on Oct 09, '02 12:44:56PM

The problem seems to be with the new Real plugins. Just remove Real's files from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins.

Hope this helps

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Authored by: sjonke on Oct 09, '02 01:10:25PM

That does indeed seem to have fixed it, but now how will we watch pr0n on the web? ;)

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Can't run Chimera any more
Authored by: jimphelps on Oct 09, '02 01:30:58PM

I'm having the same trouble. Tossed last night's build because it crashed on start-up. Deleted the preferences and reinstalled the "stable" 0.5 distro. The 0.5 application now crashes on start-up too.

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Easy to fix Chimera 0.5
Authored by: jacken on Oct 09, '02 12:33:47PM

There is an easy way to fix command-arrow keys in Chimera 0.5
Just open Chimera with right-klick, and choose "Show package content", Contents,
Resources and then open the folder "English.lproj". There you have the .nib file "MainMenu.nib". Open it with Interface Builder (included with developer tools) and then assign any keys to the menu commands.


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Use ReKey
Authored by: seven5 on Oct 09, '02 01:19:05PM

go get ReKey from version tracker and you can change ANY hotkey for a cocoa app. I use this every time i get a new version of Chimera, becase i TOO was going crazy not having this. I also use it for all kinds of other cocoa applications.

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Yeah, but how?
Authored by: Viridian on Oct 09, '02 02:20:17PM
Could you provide some clearer instructions than ReKey's ReadMe? It doesn't say how to assign a function to a key, or vice versa.

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