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Using command-tab with Keyboard Maestro in 10.2 Apps
I've been using command-tab to switch apps for years. First with Microsoft Office Manager, then with Keyboard Maestro. When Jaguar came out, I was dismayed to find that I had been locked out; command-tab is reserved solely for the dock. Although you can command-tab through the open apps in the dock, the interface just isn't nearly as good as Keyboard Maestro. Yeah, I know I can re-map the Keyboard Maestro app switcher to a different key combo, but command-tab is hardwired into my brain. Well, after much disappointment, I have solved the problem.

Since I use DragThing for pretty much everything, and hardly use the dock at all, I killed the Dock. You can find out how to do this from threads such as this one on the forum site. [It was also discussed in this hint earlier this year. -rob]

Once the Dock is dead, you can use command-tab for whatever you please! You still get a warning from Keybaord Maestro when you choose that key combo, but now it works! Of course, this is of no use if you have to have the Dock but, if not, it's a good solution.
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dead dock = dead desktop?
Authored by: Deut3221 on Oct 08, '02 04:25:04PM

After I killed my dock, the desktop was not accessible. I lost the background wallpaper. Also, I could not click on a desktop item to activate it.

Is this to be expected? Thanks.

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dead dock = dead desktop?
Authored by: ammon on Oct 08, '02 05:24:07PM

Yes, this unfortunate side-effect of killing the Dock was introduced in Jaguar.

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Apple must choose
Authored by: semios on Oct 08, '02 05:41:36PM

I love the way this completely subverts Apple's intentions. Apple says, "We don't want anyone else using Command-Tab, that's ours!" This guy comes back and with, "Not if I kill the Dock." Well Apple, now you'll have to choose between your precious Command-Tab or have the Dock thrown out completely by some users. Speaking of which, they did the same thing with Shift-Command-3 for snap shotting the screen, maybe if I just kill the Finder and use SNAX as a replacement I can go back to using Snapz Pro.

Which will it be Apple, the apps or the keys? You can't have both.

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Hey! I'm not anonymous!
Authored by: jmb on Oct 08, '02 10:03:59PM

I'm the one who submitted this hint, and I swear I was logged in when I did so...

Anyway, yes, you get a dead desktop at login if your dock is dead. Can't click anything on the desktop, desktop image doesn't load, and you can't switch the image. The solution to this is to quickly launch and kill the dock. The desktop image will then load, and the

In principle, you should be able to kill the dock with a script at login, although it is spawned as a root process. Thus, killing would have to be done as 'sudo' command. The solution to this would be to move the Dock to somewhere like your app folder (such that it doesn't launch as a core service), then have your script invoke, then kill it. I guess you could also load it via the login items pref panel, then use a script to kill it. Either way, it would be launched as a user process, so it should be killable. The only remaining side effect would be that you can't re-switch the desktop image unless you re-launch the Dock. Not a big deal at all.

By the way, as of version 4.5, DragThing does slide-out drawers, so you can configure a process dock, complete with a trash can, set it to slide out along the bottom edge of your desktop, and have it float. This gives you the same functionality (in terms of viewing and switching between your running apps) as the dock, although you can't load it up with non-running apps, files, etc. You can always use a regular DragThing dock for this, though.



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App Switcher
Authored by: ebow on Oct 09, '02 02:26:44PM

The application "App Switcher" allowed me to use Command-Tab to change between running apps, using a nice floating window, under *10.1*. It doesn't work under 10.2, and the app's author has told me that he's not really working on it for now. :^(

But this makes it seem like it is, or at least was, possible to hijack the key combo Cmd-Tab. LiteSwitch X's writeup at VersionTracker suggests this is impossible.

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App Switcher
Authored by: SJT on Mar 03, '03 01:51:39PM

Sounds like the writeup is wrong then, as I use LiteSwitch X everyday in 10.2.4 with command-tab set as the key combination; and the dock doesn't respond to it.

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Script Solution
Authored by: jmb on Oct 16, '02 11:00:31PM
Okay, I've automated the launching/killing of the dock at login to get around the Finder difficulties in the absence of the Dock. See this thread for the solution. Enjoy!

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PullTab 1.0 is out - blocks command-tab
Authored by: mikerose on Mar 03, '03 01:43:57PM
Looks like Alex Harper at Raging Menace has taken up the challenge of disabling the command-tab application switching shortcut in 10.2 without killing the entire Dock. PullTab 1.0 was released yesterday and is up on versiontracker. Requires the Unsanity APE environment. I have not tried it yet but will be sure to download it before my next session in QuarkXPress!

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