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IE recognizes .mac URL Apps
This is really minor, but I thought fun. I needed to check something on the .mac web site, and without even thinking about it, in the IE address bar, I just typed .mac and it worked.

I am used to (with .com addresses) skipping the http://www and the .com, so for Yahoo I would just type Yahoo, but I never thought it would work with .mac. Cute.

[Editor's note: Oddly enough, this doesn't work if you try ".cnn" or ".yahoo" or ".anything_else." Just .mac ... anyone know why?]
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A reason why
Authored by: knagurski on Oct 07, '02 10:59:39AM

A new thing available in this day and age is web keywords. You can register keywords in the same way as you register domains.

Its pretty cool :-)

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Why not in Moz then?
Authored by: robg on Oct 07, '02 11:06:44AM

I have Internet Keywords enabled in Mozilla ... ".mac" fails. So it doesn't seem to be an internet-wide definition; it's almost like it was added to IE somehow...


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is it in your bookmarks or history?
Authored by: albockiole on Oct 07, '02 11:27:34AM

Is it because it's in your bookmarks or history and IE is choosing based on its page title ("Apple .Mac")? That might make sense because CNN never refers to itself as .CNN, so it wouldn't show up if you wrote that in the location bar.

If I type .mac and don't select anything from the location history pull-down, I get an error.

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is it in your bookmarks or history?
Authored by: eagle on Oct 07, '02 12:02:03PM
Chances are that it is in history. If you go to, then type ".cnn" in the Address field, IE will indeed come up with "" in the pick list.

This is because IE presents a pick list based on what you type in the Address field. The pick list is generated by searching history & bookmarks (both URLs and page titles) for what you type in the Address field.

It's a cool feature, no?

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is it in your bookmarks or history?
Authored by: davidjschloss on Oct 07, '02 12:45:06PM

I think that bookmark theory is correct. I'm trying .mac in the title bar (from what I got from the hint, that's all the person typed in) and I get a server not found error. I don't have any .mac pages or anything with .mac bookmarked.

Though I did just try to bookmark the main .mac page on apple's site which has .mac in the title tag, and that didn't work.


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is it in your bookmarks or history?
Authored by: wolfjava on Oct 07, '02 03:34:50PM

typing in "mac" w/o a bookmark to "" will fill in "" then go to Typing in ".mac", with it in history or bookmarked did not work.

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.Mac is the name of a default bookmark
Authored by: eduo on Oct 07, '02 07:14:55PM

Ok. I thought this would be obvious but some of the responses are so off that I decided to post:

.Mac is the name of one of the default bookmarks in the installations of Jaguar and IE. It is created by default and it's even placed in the toolbar favorites.

Since typing the name of a bookmarked page will always take you to the referred page typing .mac (like typing, for example, MSN or Mac OS X) will take you to the saved bookmark.


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.Mac is the name of a default bookmark
Authored by: BraindeadMac on Oct 07, '02 10:07:54PM

Yes, this is 100% correct. The only reason this works is for this very reason. This is another one of those "Not a hint" hints, which should hit the old circular file....

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It does work...
Authored by: dshirley on Oct 08, '02 04:11:17AM
If you type .Mac, you're opening a bookmark installed with MSIE. However, if you want to open another website, simply enter it's name in the Location Bar without www, the dots or com/net/org. MSIE will then search for, then .net, then .org and after that the same again without www.

I'm using IE 5.2.2 right now, but since I've had this habit since my Windows days, I assume it worked in earlier versions of Mac IE since I never noticed it being broken.


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