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Disable pop-up windows in Chimera Web Browsers
By unchecking the "Open unrequested windows" option in Mozilla, you could disable pop-up ads on sites like I also found that this setting in Mozilla was respected in Netscape (even though ability to change this preference setting is not in Netscape). I found out that you can have Chimera do the same thing by placing the following two lines in the "prefs.js" file for Chimera:
  user_pref("dom.disable_open_during_close", true);
user_pref("dom.disable_open_during_load", true);
I pasted them in so they would be in alphebetical order with the existing lines in the file. Worked like a charm!!
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Authored by: averagebacon on Oct 04, '02 12:20:57PM

Chimera re-writes that particular preferences file each time you quit the browser - make sure you edit the file while Chimera is closed. More importantly, when it re-writes the file, it alphabatizes everything. So you can just take those lines and paste them at the end of the file, save, and restart Chimera.

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Try a Nightly Build
Authored by: scully on Oct 04, '02 12:30:21PM

If you grab a recent build(post 0.5) there is a "Popup Blocking" tab in the Navigation Preference Pane. I usually download the nightly build every other day or so and haven't had a real clunker yet.

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Authored by: Amun on Oct 04, '02 04:53:21PM

I do not know what version of Chimera you have, but in my version (0.5.0) the first time a unrequested pop-up window wants to come up...Chimera asks me if I want to deny unrequested pop-ups.

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Authored by: pascalpp on Oct 04, '02 06:16:50PM

Right. But as far as I can tell there is no UI for toggling this behavior once you dismiss that dialog, at least in Chimera 0.5. Which is, by the way, the best browser for Mac OS X. It just needs Forms Autofill and a Scrapbook feature. I guess it sorta has a scrapbook feature in the form of File > Print > Save as PDF...

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Option Is Built In
Authored by: DVD Plaza on Oct 04, '02 09:28:56PM

For as long as I've been using Chimera it has always had the option built into the GUI - the first time a popup tries to popup Chimera will prompt whether or not you wish for them to ever happen, hit no and they're gone for good.

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Not needed
Authored by: Typhoon14 on Oct 05, '02 12:26:11PM

Umm, Chimera has had this feature pretty such since the initial release...

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Authored by: Tiresias on Oct 07, '02 06:05:35PM

I've not trusted popup blocking for the last couple of releases because I've had so much problems with it crashing if I use it. Of course, I haven't tried it recently so it's good to know some people are getting it to work.

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