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Lombard Rage Pro acceleration in 10.2.1 System
As the owner of an aging Lombard, I was really excited when the hint for accelerating the Rage Pro LT card was published. Then 10.2 came out, and the hack needed to be repeated. But now we also had to update the extensions cache with the command (as seen on Accelerate your Mac):
 % kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions
Now, sometime around updating to 10.2.1, the driver was lost again. Sure enough, it had been removed from the info.plist file in the ATIRagePro extension. After hacking the info.plist file again, and re-running the kextcache command, and then rebooting - still no graphics acceration.

It turns out that the machine did not update the Extensions.kextcache file in the /System/Library folder after all (as seen in th modification dates). Remove this file, and reboot then everything works great again. Getting rid of this file is not easy - you will probably need to use this terminal command:
 % sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache
After that, you should be good to go!
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Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 03, '02 10:15:51AM

Are there any problems with the RagePro drivers? I know there were a few crashers in 10.1.x. Hopefully they've been eliminated. Anyone care to be our guinea pig? ;)

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Authored by: jonahlee on Oct 03, '02 05:09:42PM

Seems fine so far. Course my lombard is not my main computer so I don't put it through it's paces as much as my tower.

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Can this be used for Rage 128s?
Authored by: frogmella on Oct 04, '02 10:18:38AM


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Seems to work on my Lombard
Authored by: brachiator on Oct 05, '02 10:12:23PM

Thanks for this tip.

I am not noticing any problems, and not the earlier problems I read about (e.g., speckling of the display, etc.)

Only glitch so far was that I had to hard reboot after getting a blank gray screen when full-screening a WiMP movie... but I never tried that [b]before[/b] the hack, so I don't know.

Results: everything seems faster. In particular, the Genie of windows to/from the dock; WiMP movies finally play without being all jerky; IE scrolling is faster; Quicktime movies are smooth even at full screen width or height.

Pretty good stuff, I think.

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Seems to work on my Lombard
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 09, '02 05:18:05AM

Does 10.2.x lock up if you switch the screen resolution or color depth? That was one of the known lockups with 10.1.x.

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How 'bout Wallstreet?
Authored by: martyl on Oct 06, '02 11:34:23PM

Any chance of this working on my Wallstreet II?

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