Create a bootable OS 9 CD for new G4 Macs

Sep 30, '02 06:11:54AM

Contributed by: barryjaylevine

In case you haven't seen the reports elsewhere, the latest Dual-G4 minitowers ("Mirrored Door" or "WindTunnel") do not come with an OS9 bootable CD. In addition, a "generic " 9.2.2 CD will not boot these units "properly". What I mean is that the new 100MHz ATA bus is not recognized by the software on an otherwise-bootable OS9 CD. The result is that any HDs on that bus do not come up on the Desktop nor (it is reported) are those HDs seen by OS9 disk utilities.

I've managed to define a method to create your own bootable OS9 CD that -will- see the ATA/100 bus. It's not perfect but it does work and has allowed me to make an OS9 "emergency" CD. Here is how it is done...

[Editor's note: The following procedure is untested here, but it someone wants to send me a new G4, I'll give it a run through!]

You will need Toast. I am using 5.2 but 5.1.x is fine.

  1. Startup in OS9 (the OS9 that's already on the main HD that came with your Mac); I've not been able to get this to work when attempting this under OSX.
  2. Launch Toast.
  3. Set Toast to burn a Data CD in "Mac OS" format. This is critical. If you leave it as "Mac OS Extended", it will not work! (MacOS Extended CDs are not bootable!)
  4. Click the "new CD" button at the bottom of the Toast window. Name the CD anything you wish.
  5. Drag the OS9 System Folder over to the Toast window.
  6. Open the System Folder in the Toast window and remove the three files that start with the word "Classic". Note that we're talking about the System Folder in the Toast window and NOT the "genuine" System Folder on the HD. Don't remove the files from there or your Mac will not run in "Classic" mode (though OSX might offer to add those files later ... but why tempt fate?).
  7. Drag over any disk utilities (like the OS9 Utilities folder, Norton Utilities, Toast, etc.). Make sure any support files required by that utility are placed in the appropriate folders (like Toast's extensions, etc.).
  8. Burn the CD.
You startup with this CD in the usual manner (hold down the "C" key). Don't mess with the Startup Disk control panel when booted with this CD, as it seems to hang the OS subsequent to changing the Startup disk when attempting a reboot. This might have been a quirk that occured on my system because of the manner in which I built this CD.

In any case, I now have a "master" CD that will serve as a basis for any "emergency" discs I might require for OS9 utilites. Until Apple comes up with an OSX CD that permits me to include other utilities (besides Disk Utility), we still need OS9.

By the way, I have no other use for OS9. Everything else I need on my Mac runs under Jaguar. All hail the spotted kitty!

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