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Disk Copy in 10.2 has useful new features Apps
Want an easy way to erase a CD-RW? Or an easy way to make an image from a folder?

Just start Disk Copy an take a look at the menus ... they have changed since 10.1.x. File -> Erase CD/DVD-RW Disc... now erases your rewritables (previously only available in Disk Utility) and File -> New -> Image From Folder or Volume does exactly what it says (not previously available).
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Disk Copy in 10.2 has useful new features | 8 comments | Create New Account
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Folder drag!
Authored by: Wevah on Sep 30, '02 10:13:32AM

You can also drag a folder to Disk Copy to image it.

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Warning: Make Image from Volume
Authored by: Paul Burney on Sep 30, '02 11:17:50AM

Well, it's not really a huge deal, but when you choose "Make Image from Volume/Folder", all it does is calculate the size needed for the image, makes a blank image and then copies all the data over. It's a lot like the way iTunes makes a CD.

This is fine for a small folder, but takes a very long time for a whole volume. Also, you'll need to make sure the location you are making the image on has twice as much space as the required image size.

If you just want to backup your drive, you can still choose "New Image from Device". This is usually quicker than the above mentioned "Image from Volume" and doesn't require double space.

Please note that if you are not logged in as root, there is a small bug in the authentication procedure that will ask for your password five or six times instead of one. Entering the password correctly every time will allow the copy to proceed without problems.


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DVD-RW in Jaguar?
Authored by: robarmo on Sep 30, '02 08:28:23PM

I was aware that the super-drive on my G4 iMac was DVD-RW capable, but having consulted the Mac Help and Knowledge Base, I was under the impression that disc-burning in the Finder only supported DVD-R Media (10.1.5) Does this mean that Jaguar adds DVD-RW capabilities? I hope so, as this would greatly simplify backing up my work.

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DVD-RW in Jaguar?
Authored by: ultmast on Sep 30, '02 09:18:21PM
I've burned DVD-RW disks in the finder at least since 10.1 ... I can't remember if I did earlier than that. Most of the time I use Toast, but occasionally I use the finder to do it (after erasing it with Disk Utility first). Funny thing too .. I would ask my local mac shops (Tekserve and Digital Society here in NYC) about when they would offer DVD-RWs to buy so I could use them with my SuperDrive .. they would try to convince me that my SuperDrive was incapable of burning DVD-RWs .. actually argue with me about it .. damndest thing. Point is, great feature that Apple seems to go out of its way to not advertise.

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DVD-RW in Jaguar?
Authored by: DVD Plaza on Sep 30, '02 11:04:56PM

I don't think you understand - the only support OSX has for CD-RW is to erase them. For burning the only thing you can do is burn exactly like a CD-R.

What people are wanting is actual CD-RW support - treat the CD like a hard disk, allowing you to copy/edit/delete any file on the CD-RW whenever you like.

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DVD-RW in Jaguar?
Authored by: sbryan on Oct 01, '02 12:01:40PM

"I don't think you understand - the only support OSX has for CD-RW is to erase them..."

In your reply you refer to CD-RW repeatedly rather than DVD-RW which appears to be the topic. Is this simply a misprint or are there two different media being discussed?

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DVD-RW in Jaguar?
Authored by: robarmo on Oct 01, '02 08:17:38PM

There are two different types of media being mentioned, but the basic principles are the same. They're both Re-Writable optical storage mediums at the end of the day. I wasn`t actually referring to hard-disk like functionality in my initial posting, although this feature would be useful. (doesn`t DVD-RAM allow this?) I know the Finder treats a CD-RW as a CD-R once it has been initialised, I just wasn`t sure if it allowed DVD-RW to be used and re-used as a DVD-R for back-up purposes (prior to a clean install of Jaguar). Backing up my Home to a single disc (4.29GB after initialising) is a lot easier than spreading it across a series of CD-RWs and Zip Disks!

Thanks for your help everybody.


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DVD-RW in Jaguar?
Authored by: DVD Plaza on Oct 01, '02 10:23:45PM

Doesn't matter whether its DVD-RW or CD-RW, OSX doesn't support using either as an "actual rewritable format" - merely that it supports erasing them so that you can burn to them again.

Shame, treating a RW disc like a hard drive (in Windows, though not a built-in feature) is very very handy - and some CD-RWs come preformatted for this so you have to erase them before use on a Mac anyways :\

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