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Use the HP Linux Inkjet driver in OS X System
I have detailed instructions available for using the HP Linux Inkjet Driver (hpijs) with Mac OS X 10.2. Up until recently I have been using GimpPrint. I tried the new HP driver for my printer (OfficeJet G85). Slow is a word that comes to mind.

The hpijs driver seems faster then GimpPrint at the same print resolutions. I printed a 600dpi photoquality 7 by 10 in just under 2 minutes. I can print from all the standard applications Navigator, TextEdit, Preview as well as Appleworks and Acrobat.

You can find updated instructions here, unless I find another location...

October 3, 2002 UPDATE: This is the much improved patched version of HPIJS 1.2.2 (HP Inkjet Server). I have modified my instructions to use this version. This version gives minor print improvements and also gives two new modes to Deskjet 9xx series printers - Presentation Color (600dpi) and Hires Photo (1200dpi).]
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Here's the link...
Authored by: the_webmaestro on Sep 25, '02 10:31:37AM

I always remember to put the link as text (in addition to linking it). "here" is always so hard to find otherwise. :-) "Here's" the link:

BTW, thanks to Jason Flores for the instrux!

Web Maestro Clay

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I need some help with an hp deskjet
Authored by: doggkruse on Sep 25, '02 10:29:05PM

I am trying to do a very similar thing.. only using pnm2ppa instead of HPIJS. ( I have an hpdj 722c wich needs pnm2ppa to work). I tried using the same modifications that were described in the HOWTO with little success. I have pnm2ppa compiled and I believe running correctly, as well as epsghostscript and the cupsomatic filter. They all seem to do their thing separately, but together there is no show with the exception of pnm2ppa crashing wildly. I hate to contact this person directly because these topics are not completely the same so I am asking for help here first.

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Will this help my garbled 812C?
Authored by: eagle on Sep 25, '02 11:26:01AM

I have a DJ 812C attached to my Cube (10.2 now; 10.2.1 tonight) and, almost always, the first page is garbled. Doesn't matter if I'm printing from an app or from Preview. Doesn't matter if I'm printing a PostScript file (converted to pdf via ps2pdf). Doesn't matter if things are generated locally on the G4 Cube, or remotely on my NeXT or my TiBook or ...

I have ESP GhostScript and Gimp-Print installed. Surely there is a workable solution here somewhere.

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Couldn't comprehend
Authored by: WillyT on Sep 25, '02 11:13:28PM

But the solution was easier for me.

I have an hpG85 and couldn't print with the current drivers. Found that the old 4.0.5 driver works in 10.2.1?!?! It's very slow.

I have fink, Gimp, and Ghostscript6 installed.

So I created a tmp folder in my home folder.

Running gimp I selected print from the menu.

My printer shows up. I selected Setup.

Select Postscript 2.

In the command box type:

cat >tmp/ ; ps2pdf tmp/ tmp/temp.pdf ; lpr tmp/temp.pdf ; rm tmp/temp.*

That should all be one really long line.

Save settings and print.

It actually works. But still slow as molasses running uphill.
Maybe when I'm not so tired I'll try the hint but for now its working.

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HPIJS on MacOSX - New Site Additons
Authored by: jason.flores on Sep 26, '02 12:18:16AM

I have read through the licensing issues for the HP Inkjet Server and have included the compiled version on my site:

Jason Flores

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HP has newer 10.2 drivers
Authored by: nvdingo on Sep 26, '02 11:52:53AM

I don't know how many have gone to look, but HP released a new 2.0 driver on August 20th.

When i first installed 10.2, I was very very disappointed with the drivers that came with it for my 970Cse.

The new drivers i installed yesterday, i hadn't thought to check hp, duh, are back up to snuff. With the full photo quality settings, and support for the duplexing unit that came with it.

I was going to try the HPIJS driver, to see if i could get higher than 600 dpi out of it, i had been using the Gimp-Print setup, and i really like the extra ink options that are available under it.

Now, can someone explain how to have 2 different setups for the same printer?
I want one set up using the HP driver, for use when printing business docs on two sides of the paper, and for some photos, and another using the gimp-print driver for fine tuning of ink saturation that gimp-print allows.

Additionally, does anyone have a link to a really easy to follow set of instructions relating to how to use gimp-print to set up multiple spools on your hard drive? since everything passes through ghostscript, I would like to be able to print certain things directly to an EPS file.

PDF is nice, but when you are working with clients in the printing industry, what they really like is EPS files that can be embedded in page layouts, especially in programs that don't support the importing and placing of PDFs

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Major Revision to HPIJS Install Intructions
Authored by: jason.flores on Sep 26, '02 09:32:19PM
Due to an error on my part back when I started this project there were a lot of changes made that were unneeded. If you have tried this package with or without success I strongly urge you to use the new instructions. Current release is Version 1.2 Jason Flores

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Major Revision to HPIJS Install Intructions
Authored by: WillyT on Sep 30, '02 10:25:42AM

I followed everything right up to Step 5. In print center I see AppleTalk,Directory Services,IP Printing,USB then EPSON AppleTalk,EPSON FireWire,EPSON USB,HP AiO Fax,HP AiO Print, and Lexmark Inkjet Networking.

Which of these if any is now supposed to work my HP G85 using this hint.

Setup using V1.1.1 then V1.1.2.

I guess no printing is better than paperjams and garbage text.

TIA Slighty Grumpy

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easy .DMG HPIJS installation
Authored by: rkchang on Sep 30, '02 09:07:43PM

I noticed that has an easily installable dmg package of the HPIJS software. I have to admit that I haven't gotten a chance to try the nitty-gritty installation instructions that Jason Flores was good enough to provide, so I'm not sure if there's a noticeable performance difference. But if you want a relatively easy installation package that seems to work reasonably well, here's a good starting point.

If anyone was curious, I'm using the following equipment:
ibook G3 700mhz (w/ airport card)
HP DeskJet 932c
Siemens SpeedStream wireless dsl/cable router w/ built-in print server

an interesting windows machine is the only one on the network that can't seem to see the print server, despite M$'s touted hardware compatibility

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New info in story...
Authored by: robg on Oct 03, '02 08:17:05AM

I have modified the original story with new info from Jason; check his site for a new version of the driver and instructions...


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