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A workaround for Retrospect launch bug in 10.2 Apps
I was getting very frustrated with Retrospect not launching automatically in 10.2 Turning on the console confirms that retrorun crashes everytime it tries to launch. I thought I was doing something wrong, but after checking the Dantz website, it turns out that this is a known bug.

The workaround is simple. Use Cronnix (freeware) to create a crontab that launches Retrospect at a specified time. Here is an example of my cron entry for Retrospect:
Min 0 Hour 1 MDay * Month * WDay * 
Command /usr/bin/open "/Applications/Utilities/
Retrospect 5.0/Retrospect"
Note: shown on three lines, needs to be one line ... this launches Retrospect every day at 1:00AM, which is perfect since my backup script launches at 2:00AM.

BTW, now that you know about Cronnix, you may find it useful for other tasks. I also have it launch my Calendar every morning at 6:00AM, so when I get up it's the first thing I see on my screen.
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Authored by: Tiresias on Sep 25, '02 05:38:59PM

Just as a note, cronnix requires the computer to be both on and awake, so plan event times accordingly. I don't know if Apple has a way to schedule the computer to wake up but my current work around is just to turn off energy saver and run a black screen saver. Not the most green method but it allows me to use my computer as an alarm clock which is important to me.

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Authored by: bakalite on Sep 25, '02 10:06:17PM

Instead of running a screensaver on black, just set your energy saver so that the computer never sleeps, but the display sleeps after a certain time and the HD sleeps "when possible".

It accomplishes the same thing, but if you set the screesaver to start after 5 mn and the screen to go to sleep after 1 hour, you can still enjoy fracture while taking a phone call. Also, by putting the HD to sleep when possible, you are saving a little more energy.

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Why not just...
Authored by: turkchgo on Sep 26, '02 01:25:12AM

.... set energy saver to put your monitor to sleep and leave the hard disk and CPU alone? If you're worried about saving energy but still want the computer to run.

I've been doing this for years. I set the system to sleep never, use separate timing for Display sleep, usually 40 mins to 60 and uncheck the hard disk sleep which leaves that running forever too.

If I don't touch my computer for 40-60 mins, the monitor goes off or in standby mode, saving energy.

It's kind of a mute point these days for me since I have a flat panel Studio display that probably takes up all of 1 watt or something, but back when I was running a 19" CRT display, that thing sucked more juice that anything in the room.

The computer power supplies these days are doing quite a job at soaking up energy, but if you don't want to put that to sleep when not in use, at least you can power down just the monitor in energy saver and cut the consumption in half.


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Retrospect clients on the network
Authored by: lionel77 on Oct 15, '04 12:41:41AM
It's pretty annoying that Retrospect (6.0.193) is not able to wake up os x network clients, effectively preventing them from being backed up if they are sleeping. Dantz recommends to turn off the energy saver but that's not really an option in my opinion.

The solution:
Get wakeonlan (it's included as a compiled version in wake550).
The syntax for wakeonlan is pretty simple, e.g.: wakeonlan -i 00:0d:93:a6:75:b2
(the first parameter is the ip address of the machine you want to wake up and the second parameter is its Ethernet-ID/MAC-Address; you can get both from System Preferences->Network)

Now all you have to do is run wakeonlan via cron a minute before Retrospect is scheduled to run. If you are not very familiar with cron take a look at CronniX.

Hope this helps somebody to save some time and/or money on the electricity bill...

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DON'T include the ip address
Authored by: lionel77 on Oct 28, '04 07:01:27PM

at least in my local network here wakeonlan fails if you send packages to a specific ip address and that computer has been sleeping for more than 15min or so...
so just incude the mac address as a parameter.

oh, and i also noticed you can get wakeonlan now via fink. the package is called "wakeonlan-pm".

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Retrospect clients on the network
Authored by: davet210 on Mar 27, '05 04:21:25PM

I set the Mac to start up a few minutes before the scheduled back-up time using Energy Saver-->Schedule-->Start. This wakes up the computer when it's running and the back-up takes place normally.

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