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A fix for OroborOSX hang at startup Apps
I had OroborOSX (XDarwin's nice window manager and launcher) constantly hanging at startup since installing Jaguar. I checked the various sources of help and finally found the solution in this thread on the SourceForge forums (go to the end of the thread...).

Basically, it comes from a conflict between Unsanity's APE (Application Enhancer, used for FruitMenu, WindowShade, etc.) and XDarwin. Excluding OroborOSX from the applications that are "enhanced" by FruitMenu, WindowShade or any of the Unsanity's PrefPanels restores OroborOSX functionality.

Hope they get this thing fixed soon!
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Authored by: bryanzak on Sep 25, '02 11:36:54AM

Why do people install crap like Unsanity's hacks that just screw up their system? You're back to the bad old days of crappy extensions just like OS 8/9. Are they so desparate for that old functionality? Are they so incapabable of learning to work differently?

sad and stupid

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Not everything new is better
Authored by: acdha on Sep 25, '02 02:06:11PM

In general I'd agree but FruitMenu fills a major gap in functionality. There is no fast way to launch applications which aren't in the Dock in the default OS X install. Putting the Applications folder in the dock might be acceptable except for that many-second delay every time you click on a menu entry.

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Re: why
Authored by: Drogoul on Sep 25, '02 05:34:56PM

I use my Mac, something like 12 hours a day, for many different things : programming (XWin, MacOS, etc.), games, word processing, mail reading, web browsing, etc. It's probably the only platform on which I can do all these things (and I've tried Windows XP). For me, the UI (User Interface) is of primary importance, not because of its "look", but because of the ease of use it provides me with when I want to maintain all these activities in a coherent way (easily swtich between them, etc.).
Until now, I haven't found, on any systems I've used, a more convenient way than the one created by Apple and the ol' Apple Menu. It was simple, ideally placed on the screen (upper-left corner), very easy to maintain and organize. In a word, clean and natural. FruitMenu simply restores this functionality without which I felt uncomfortable on MacOS X. It's a pity Unsanity had to "hack" anything to do it -- but just try the alternative, called Classic Menu : it does not hack anything, but stays clearly behind FruitMenu in terms of integration to the system. Why did not Apple "open" its menu to aliases is something I still haven't understood.

Of course, nobody obliges you to install anything :) But please consider that the ones who install these programs may have their own reasons to do it. And if this hint can help someone in the same situation as myself, where is the problem ? At least, it was not your case, I believe :)


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Re: why
Authored by: bluehz on Sep 25, '02 11:16:16PM

I agree - I have broken many of my old GUI habits and almost prefer doing things the nix way now that I am learning how. Sheer speed alone! BUT - I wouldn't touch the OS X GUI without FruitMenu installed - shame that a 3rd party has to create something that was originally in Mac OS and then stripped.

BTW - to save yourself a trip - the solution (although it does not work for me) is to include OroborOSX in the FruitMenu exclude list. Another thing that can cause problems for OroborOSX is if you have an .xinitrc file in your home dir. Maybe from a prev installation of X86 or something.

FWIW - OroborOSX has been nothing but trouble for me - I have much better luck just typing in a few lines in the CLI and X86 works beautifully. I regularly work on a headless Linux box on my Lan via X86.

FYI - this is what I always get...
OroborOSX warning: Failed to get version for XDarwin...
OroborOSX warning: interleave & hackcmd state not found in file
OroborOSX info: Removing file: /bin/rm -f /tmp/XDarwin-pid.0x67e52a1a
OroborOSX: XDarwin has not initialised correctly. Aborting.

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Re: why
Authored by: adrianu on Sep 26, '02 07:45:56AM

Hi bluehz,

I suggest you go to the OroborOSX Help forum and post the chunk of the console log that contains those errors/warnings:

My guess is that it's something to do with the way you have your login shell set up (which might be causing the xinitrc script not work correctly - do you have your .profile set to switch to ksh/bash or something?)

It should not make any difference at all if you have your own .xinitrc script in your home directory, so there's clearly something interfering somewhere...



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Re: why
Authored by: bluehz on Sep 26, '02 12:28:38PM

Thx Adrianu - thats at least some helpful info to look into . No one else has even begin to offer suggestions. I don't really have any odd .profile - standard tcsh - but I do have a modified prompt that gives me a 2 line prompt (ex. date/dir). I was once having a problem using scp to some other machines on my LAN and finally traced it down to that 2 line prompt - scp was choking on it. I suppose its possible this could also be the problem here.

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