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Workaround for Finder contextual menu delay in 10.2 System
In 10.2, if you select more than, say, 20 files to apply a contextual menu command to, the cursor will get stuck on the "Open" item for a while (a very long while if you are renaming several hundred files). This has rendered contextual menus useless for many of my needs.

However, I stumbled on a way to get around this hangup. Instead of bringing the cursor straight down into the menu box, bring it down outside (to the left or right) of the box and then enter from the side. You can then navigate the menu with no delay.
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Workaround for Finder contextual menu delay in 10.2 | 8 comments | Create New Account
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what i really need...
Authored by: fbc on Sep 24, '02 11:10:02AM

i want to find a way to either disable, or move the 'open with' CM option to the bottom of the list, because i am used to using the 'move to trash' option, and since 'open with' has been placed right in the middle, it makes doing anything with CMs really slow... bring back zingg i say... it was a whole lot less intrusive.

removing 'help' from the list would really help too

any ideas anyone?

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what i really need...
Authored by: timgrantham on Sep 25, '02 02:53:01AM

It looks like the system is scanning for the files it can Open With hence the delay.

If you do indeed enter just below the Open With menu item, and navigate upwards, you will pause briefly on the "Get Info" item.

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Same problem
Authored by: raider on Sep 24, '02 02:56:02PM

I have the same problem. I hope it will get fixed soon.

Feedback Apple.

I am nervous that I send too much feedback, and they just delete anything from me anymore. <grin>

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Authored by: landshark on Sep 24, '02 04:01:55PM

yes this is driving me crazy... it happens all the time... that darn "open" item always hangs..

the other thing that is kinda a pain is when i have a folder in the dock and i want to access the contents so i right click it... if there are a bunch of files/programs in there it takes a bit for it to open... at least when you open a folder it no longer defaults to the bottom of the damn thing...

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gets stuck on open with and get info too[nt]
Authored by: jfriedla on Sep 24, '02 05:26:58PM
more descriptive topic name
Authored by: jptd on Sep 24, '02 07:33:41PM

The topic name should indicate your grip is with finder, not the context menus in general.

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How's that?
Authored by: robg on Sep 25, '02 01:20:52AM

Better? ;-)


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Let it stall on
Authored by: mr5m on Sep 25, '02 07:21:46AM

I have found that this problem pretty much goes away after a while. It seems like the system is building an index of available applications. Once it has matched a specific filetype to a list of programs, it works much faster. If you have may filetypes you deal with, it might take a while to use this contextual menu on all of them.

So don't skip around it. By using this feature more, eventually you'll find it works much better. (and yes, it is too bad there isn't a way to let the computer sit and do it all at once. And if anyone knows of a way to edit this list, that would be cool too.)

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