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Run remote UNIX programs locally Network
My university has Matlab installed on unix boxes. I wanted to be able to log into my school account and run matlab with graphical output on my laptop. After some trial and error a friend of mine figured out that all you have to do is add a -X tag to the ssh login command like this:
 % ssh -X  -l username
Now all the graphs show up on my local desktop. Of course, you have to be doing this via XDarwin. This may be obvious to a UNIX veteran but I thought it would save other less experienced users some time.

And, yes I realize there's an OSX version of Matlab, but if your university already has it, why spend the money?
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Authored by: davidkarp on Sep 24, '02 10:08:26AM

It's the little things that make this site great. Very useful. Thank you for pointing this out. Works like a charm.

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if your Uni already has it...
Authored by: a_wylie on Sep 24, '02 11:42:24AM

then they may have a site licence or campus agreement. Might be worth asking, they might be able to give you a copy either free or very cheap.

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Authored by: danielacroft on Sep 25, '02 06:27:15AM

I guess I'm just an idiot but I can't seem to get this to work. Can anyone give me a little more info?
I am able to connect to the server but then what do I do if I wanted to, say, run mozilla or something?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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Authored by: area51 on Sep 25, '02 09:54:50PM

Just type "mozilla" at the unix prompt and hit enter. If that still doesn't work it may be because your remote account (or school) doesn't have mozilla installed. Try "netscape" instead. Even if it works it could still take a very long time to show up on your local display depending on your connection speed. Matlab works well because it's mostly text based except when I need to plot a graph. Netscape took forever to display on my system even though I'm on a cable modem. Typing "mozilla" didn't work for me because my school doesn't have that installed.

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Authored by: Han Solo on Sep 26, '02 10:00:48PM
Ahh -- I do this all the time! If only I had known it was "hint-worthy"! ;) One way to speed this up (if I can add to this hint) is to place an alias of commonly connected machines in your .tcshrc or aliases.mine file. For example, alias xa ssh -X -l username alias xb ssh -X -l username (I have separate aliases for connecting securely -- and quickly -- to these machines without X-windows.) For the above poster who was having trouble, this will not work from within You must have XDarwin installed on your Mac, and connect via ssh from an xterm running under XDarwin. (Apologies if you already knew that -- wasn't clear from your post.)

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Oops! (re: Yup!)
Authored by: Han Solo on Sep 26, '02 10:03:56PM
Forgot the single quotes for the alias commands, e.g.: alias xa 'ssh -X -l username' Sorry!

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Run remote Matlab programs with X11?
Authored by: jzsimon on May 21, '03 11:37:34AM

I have no trouble running Matlab remotely (Matlab 6.5, Solaris 8) while running XDarwin locally on Mac OS X, but I can't get it to work running Apple's X11 beta locally. Has anyone else seen this? It freezes on Matlab's splash window.

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