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Check for extraneous plist files in 10.2 System
For every application I would run in Mac OS X 10.2, the system would take the name of the application (example, untitled.plist for an untitled AppleScript that was saved and run as an application) and save it as a .plist file in my ~/Library/Preferences/ directory. I started noticing them when I was creating AppleScript applications; they would show up with the name of the application I saved them as. When I opened them in TextEdit they would always have the same text in them:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST
1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
<key>dv Sound Output Settings</key>
Although each file was small in size (285 bytes, or a 4KB block for each file) the System Bloat was starting to add up. I have deleted 82 of these files without any problems. It appears that Apple was aware of this issue and has fixed it in Mac OS X 10.2.1, as the .plist files are not being created after I installed the updater.

So you may want to check your ~/Library/Preferences directory to see if you have a few of the extra .plist files.
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Authored by: VEGx on Sep 19, '02 10:43:59AM

If you would have paid attention you'd knew that also in 10.1 the .plist files have this very strange entry. Not always, but sometimes they have. I don't know what it is all about... What sound???

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Word to the Wise...
Authored by: jeffulri on Sep 19, '02 11:17:36AM

Or unwise as the case may be. This .plist hint is rather light on the explanation side. I deleted ALL the .plist fies in my users preference directory under the delusion that Mac OS X 10.2.1 no longer used them. I'm a smart person (humor me), and that's what the article seemed to indicate. Boy was I in for a big suprise. My login items, gone - app window placements, gone - desktop folder placements, gone - you get the picture. PERHAPS, and I'm NOT going to be the one to test this, thank you, the artcle ought to indicate that you need to OPEN EVERY .PLIST you intend to delete and make sure it ONLY contains the information noted in the example. Otherwise, you'll be in the same boat as me - having to reinstall a BOATLOAD of software to make ssure the login items are correct and referenced properly and fiddle with all the damned window placement, etc. settings again.

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Word to the Wise...
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 21, '02 03:30:09AM

This article did not lead me to believe that all .plist files were obsolete and could be deleted. I point out two specific points that work against this: one, that the author noted each file to be deleted was very small in size, and, two, that he referred to a "few extra" .plist files at the end of the article. With all due respect, I would say that what happened to you was due more to sloppy reading than to sloppy writing.

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Found 2 files
Authored by: filburt on Sep 19, '02 04:49:23PM

'ls -al ~/Library/Preferences/* | grep 285' revealed two files with identical ' Sound Output Settings' entry, etc.:

2. com.Prolific.SereneScreen.MarineAquarium.applicationplist (yum, fishes)

Both gone from my hard disk.

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48+ files
Authored by: VEGx on Sep 19, '02 05:40:55PM

That's because you have a Shaguar, right? Which means that it's what a month old?

On my 10.1.15 I have at least 48 entries of _DV whatever...

Over time they multiply as rabbits... well... I knew that already... and I continue being not much alarmed about it... but I think that this is an annoying bug nevertheless

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scripted removal?
Authored by: pdxguy on Sep 19, '02 06:20:56PM

Is there someone out there who could whip up an AppleScript or Perl script to accomplish this? Essentially iterate through all of the .plist files and remove them if they ONLY contain the _DV cruft.

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Authored by: bhines on Sep 19, '02 09:38:09PM

This web page is probably about the same size as all the plists you deleted.

200k? c'mon dude... That's NOTHING. The localization files for alone are over 10 times bigger.

Not worth bothering with.

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