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OS X 10.2.1 and iTunes 3.01 released yesterday System
As most everyone knows by now (because publishing news releases isn't part of the macosxhints charter!), Apple released the anticipated 10.2.1 update [Knowledge Base: 107036] yesterday, along with a surprise iTunes 3.01 update [Knowledge Base: 120134].

I can't say I've noticed any differences with iTunes, but here's my list of 10.2.1 observations:
  • Great: Burned CD-Rs with contents in folders can again be read by Windows machines!
  • Good: Finder FTP connections now work much more reliably
  • Good: Fixed a problem with my UMAX 600S SCSI scanner
  • Good: Mail feels much snappier
  • Good: Not sure what they changed, but it sure seems like web pages are loading much faster now!
  • Bad: Mail still has the copy/paste bug where an extra character is added at the front of copied text. At least now the bad character is visible, but I'll still be getting 10 emails a week complaining that the username and password assigned by fail when the user tries to login. So please, don't copy/paste the username and password from Mail when you first try to login ;-)
  • Bad: You can still mess up your desktop icons by dragging one off the left edge of the screen; the ones on the right will jump off the right edge!
I had uneventful upgrades on both an iBook and G4/733, and I'd have to rate this as a very good minor upgrade based on an evening's usage.
  • Currently 3.00 / 5
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OS X 10.2.1 and iTunes 3.01 released yesterday | 40 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: Glanz on Sep 19, '02 09:38:57AM

I have noticed that the mail is much faster. I often use a 56K connection and I have noticed a 300% increase in speed. Also normal mail function work instantaneously, whereas before, there was a delay.

Chimera seems faster on all types of connections now, but I can't say for sure if it is because of the latest Chimera build, or because of the update. However, even Mozilla 1.1 seems more stable now. Unexpected crashes while maneuvering bookmarks seem to have disappeared.

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Authored by: cabo on Sep 19, '02 09:47:35AM

It seems they broke PPTP. Film at 11.

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Authored by: daveschroeder on Sep 19, '02 10:55:08AM

PPTP to several different VPN servers running PPTP (MS, Cisco, Nortel) all work fine for me on several machines.

It seems *you* broke PPTP. Film at 11.

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No... Yes...
Authored by: cabo on Sep 19, '02 11:50:26AM

Console says:

PPPExec(PPP_DISCONNECT) failed: status = 19
PPPExec(PPP_STATUS) failed: status = 19

I'm still looking where in the maze between Internet Connect and the pppd the thing fails.

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iTunes 3.02?
Authored by: dabeatles on Sep 19, '02 10:01:00AM

Call me crazy, but I swear that on the Apple software update information page (, that the screen shot says iTunes is version "3.02".

Anyone got any ideas?

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Authored by: daveschroeder on Sep 19, '02 10:58:11AM

It doesn't say 3.0.2. It says 3.0.1. It's just a little hard to see because of the size. Also, look at the various 2's around the image for an example of the difference. And even if it *did* say 3.0.2, so what? "Anyone got any ideas?" Ideas about what? How you might get the suPer L33t s3kr3t version of iTunes that you think you saw in a screenshot? (WTF?)


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Authored by: jpkelly on Sep 19, '02 11:38:02AM

lighten up dude!

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Authored by: dabeatles on Sep 19, '02 03:02:41PM

Sorry. Damn.

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Installing now
Authored by: SonicMcTails on Sep 19, '02 10:13:33AM

I'm installing it now, I just hope it doesn't kill sendmail :P

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ok here
Authored by: jpkelly on Sep 19, '02 11:40:35AM

It did not break Postfix.
(sendmail replacement)

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Installing now
Authored by: SonicMcTails on Sep 19, '02 01:16:25PM

I don't use postfix because I'm more familer with sendmail, and I have had trouble compiling it. Anyway, on my iBook, sendmail was killed by the upgrade, I'm going to try and rebuild the Apple may have updated sendmail again (I got to check the package)

[ Reply to This | # ] and Extra Character
Authored by: nburatovich on Sep 19, '02 02:12:09PM

I believe the problem described regarding is a problem with the system, and not with in particular. It seems that if text is copied from an NSTextField/NSTextView of any cocoa application, an extra character is prepended to the beginning of the copied data. I am not sure if this extra character represents part of the styledata of the text or is just a bug with the pasteboard system. But other cocoa apps using NSTextField/NSTextView don't seem to see the extra character, and not too many Carbon applications have problems (although Mozilla for example, seems to freeze and destroy my browser cache everytime I copy and paste a URL from a cocoa application).

As a test, open TextEdit type something and copy it. Then open an application such as BBEdit or an application made with an older version of REALbasic (apps made with the newer versions seem to be fine) and paste it. Boom, extra character visible in BBEdit, and it messes up the formatting of the editfield in older REALbasic apps.

I am not sure if Apple plans to resolve this issue or if it's a new change that other developers are going to have to watch out for. But it is quite annoying and never existed before 10.2 to my knowledge.

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Authored by: nagani on Sep 19, '02 09:27:38PM

I can't reproduce this on my system. The only hacks installed are from Unsanity: FruitMenu, Xounds, WindowShade X. No problem here copying from TextEdit or OmniWeb to BBedit 6.5.3 (PBG4 500MHz, 1GB ram)

[ Reply to This | # ] and Extra Character
Authored by: Wevah on Sep 20, '02 12:03:18AM

The extra character is a Unicode byte-order mark. From the BBEdit 6.5.3 release notes:

In Mac OS X 10.2, Cocoa applications include a Unicode byte-order mark in the 'utxt' scrap flavor (which is arguably correct, but still different from previous versions of the OS and breaks third-party applications). BBEdit now handles this condition, so there will be no more junk character at the beginning of text pasted from such applications.

This explains the problems that pasting from Cocoa to Carbon creates, and also why it isn't reproducible in BBEdit 6.5.3.

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Mail still asks for passwords on random occasions
Authored by: tarkin on Sep 19, '02 02:19:59PM still asks for already stored account passwords at random accounts.
It's only with one POP account. My other POP accounts seem to be ok.
But a friend of mine experienced it with almost ALL of his accounts. So I guess it *is* a problem.

I'd wish I could get a full POP3 log connection log so I could see what the f u c k is wrong.

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Mail still asks for passwords on random occasions
Authored by: xTina on Sep 19, '02 04:02:16PM

Why don't you just run tcpdump or a similar program? This should show you everything that's going on when talks to your POP server ...

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Umax 1120S
Authored by: thedave on Sep 19, '02 03:06:09PM

wount work anymore!
It did very well under 10.2 and VueScan 7.5.46, but NOT anymore. (it seems that
the VueScan work around for the scsi bug under 10.2 "reverse" itself again in
10.2.1, due to the SCSI fixes apple was making there...).

...When will apple make an undo for theire faults???

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Any complications?
Authored by: theMaker on Sep 19, '02 03:06:56PM

The info on Apple's site states that there may be problems upgrading if you have third-party software installed. Has anyone experienced any problems? Anything they installed not working? CVS, PHP, Apache, WebDav, sendmail, etc, etc.

I really wish Apple would just say "If you have installed x it will get fugged up" if they know what conflicts may arise.

But then I guess that's just their way of covering their butt if the install messes things up.

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Problems after update
Authored by: muecke on Sep 19, '02 03:11:44PM
I noticed the following problems after the update:
  • Browsing SAMBA server shares does not work (hangs with connecting to ...), mounting with the complete share name does nevertheless work.
  • 'Force Quit' does not work anymore (menuitem is available, but the dialog does not appear)
  • Same for 'About this Mac'
Any ideas? wolfram.

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Problems after update
Authored by: killobit on Sep 19, '02 04:09:35PM

I dont know what you are using but, my 'force quit' works and 'about this mac...'

I have a Power Mac G4 tower
with the newst version of os x, i guess thats ovbious ;-)

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Problems after update
Authored by: Gordon Werner on Sep 19, '02 04:41:38PM

I have not experienced any of those problems on my Cube ...

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Problems after update
Authored by: muecke on Sep 20, '02 08:28:05AM

Thank you for the responses. Unfortunately there were many more things that did not work after the update (shutdown, logout menu items, Finder hanging at every possible occasion etc.), so I reinstalled the original version (10.2) today.

nice to see that the installation preserved all my settings and installed programs, so at least this part was quite painless.
Btw.: This is a dual G4 867MHz with 2GB RAM, rest just the standard components. Installation of the update did not mention any problems. I tried reinstalling the update with the standalone installer to the same result: flawless installation (no error messages), but the problems persisted.


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Problems after update
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 20, '02 07:49:44PM

Get rid of any haxies you have installed. I am 99% sure that's the problem. Have you installed Fruit Menu or something like that?

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Slow Motion Minimize
Authored by: killobit on Sep 19, '02 04:34:13PM

I have no idea if this has been told before but heres a cool little easter egg (i think that's what it is)

When you go to minimize something to the dock hold shift then click the minimize button
it minimizes the window in slow motion, its not really useful but, it cool to see things minimized in slow motion


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Slow Motion Minimize
Authored by: Barium on Sep 19, '02 05:11:22PM

this normally known. Steve used this "feature" quite often during demoing the OSX User Interface.


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Slow Motion Minimize
Authored by: Beandip on Sep 19, '02 07:41:03PM

No offense, but where the heck have you been? :) The slow-motion minimize "feature" has been around since Steve first demonstrated the Genie effect.

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10.2.1 issues
Authored by: cichlisuite on Sep 19, '02 07:46:29PM
Prior to the 10.2.1 update, I was able to connect and download from ftp servers via the Finder (see this hint). After the update, my system will hang upon trying to establish a connection with an ftp server via the Finder. This hang-up usually requires a forced restart. Anyone else experience this?

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10.2.1 issues
Authored by: tsaar on Sep 20, '02 04:36:49PM

Ftp from finder hang: confirmed.
It was the first time I needed to use the 'reset' button since I moved to X....:)

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10.2 Software Update
Authored by: ret on Sep 19, '02 09:29:34PM

I just noticed that SU no longer allows you to "Save As..." a downloaded update. Why? Surely it's natural to want to back these things up in case you need them again. Particularly if you're on dial-up.

Upon completing the install of 10.2.1 you have a dialog that allows you to Shutdown or to Reboot.

By the time we get to 10.2.5 a re-install will have become very very frustrating and time-consuming, not just irritating as it is now.....

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10.2 Software Update
Authored by: quack on Sep 20, '02 04:53:22AM

Look at the Menu BEFORE installing. There is an Option to save the Install-Files to the Desktop.

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10.2 Software Update
Authored by: ret on Sep 22, '02 10:39:15PM

Thanks for that. I guess it's no more unintuitive than the "Save As..." option pre-Jaguar :-/


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My update story...
Authored by: Palijn on Sep 20, '02 08:31:21AM

After an hectic upgrade today to 10.1.2 , here are my findings about the updated applications and why the update could fail:

IF you put your applications in non-standard places, like (non exhaustively):
-replaced /Applications with a symbolic link pointing to elsewhere
-put some Apple-branded apps in subfolders of your Applications folder

First, back up the following: (copy them to a plain folder)

Image Capture
(all these things are .app terminated, these are "special folders" if you don't know)

Delete your symbolic link if it exists, AND put the Apps back in place where Apple wants them to be.
This step is VERY VERY important since the update only PATCHES the applications, and hence if you don't have the original in place, you end up with a "something" which does not work at all.

run the Software update and reboot.

your apps should have been updated, you can put the updated apps in the Applications folder where you want, and if you dare recreate your symlink after trashing the newly-created folder.

recreate the (Startup disk):Applications folder, put the three applications in place, and rerun the Software Update.
This is where it will be useful to have a working backup of the Utilities:Installer at hand, to open the .pkg file.
Look at the provided Apple KB article for a link pointing to the standalone update.

I hope this saves the day for a few people!
(Hey, this is the first Software Update that takes me a whopping 5 hours to run, only because I created the symbolink link to install my apps in another, bigger partition.)

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Simpler fix for pax trashing symlinks on install
Authored by: DeusExMachina on Sep 20, '02 01:36:56PM

Taking advantage of the fact that ditto merges the contents of the source and destination folders if both already exist, you can solve the symlink problem more easily than you describe.

Don't bother to move the apps to where installer expects them. Instead, let it install and trash the link. Then before you restart, force-quit the installer (or just ignore it for a while). As root (to preserve ownership and permissions), use ditto -rsrcFork /Applications/ /Location/Of/Your/ This will copy the bundle folder contents of the newly installed "patch" onto the old bundle, overwriting only what was obsoleted. Repeat with anything else in the /Applications folder after the install, then rm -rf /Applications and ln -s /Your/Apps/Folder /Applications and you should be good to go.

NOW let it restart you. Or, I bet you could get away with a mere dip into single-user mode, but I had no uptime to protect since 10.2.0 came out so recently :)

(and if the above isn't clear enough, it's probably a sign that you shouldn't be breaking the rules in this way until you're more at home dealing with the consequences :)

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Anonymous on CUPS in 10.2.1
Authored by: robg on Sep 20, '02 08:35:18AM
Sent in as a hint anonymously, I felt this better belonged as a comment to this story. They said:
I tried printing to my GIMP Print shared HP Photosmart 1100 today and to my surprise not only was a able to see and set printer specific functions it actually printed without a hitch!
Anonymous doesn't not whether they tried this in 10.2 or not...

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AGFA FotoLook works in 10.2.1
Authored by: oem on Sep 20, '02 08:36:52AM


For all those that were stuck with Jaguar and fotolook, the 10.2.1 update fixes it.

I now can use again fotolook 3.6 with my Duoscan HID, wich I couldn't do anymore since Jaguar.

PS: I know Vuescan and other worked fine with jaguar, but I prefer fotolook wich is really faster.

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Brother printer drivers return...
Authored by: barryjaylevine on Sep 20, '02 08:54:06AM

The 10.2.1 OSX update has restored the ability to add a Brother laser printer (the MFC-4800 printer/fax in my case).

Still no faxing or scanning from OSX (wasn't there in 10.1.5 but was in OS9) but I can live with just being able to print again!

Jaguar rocks!


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Toast and Netbeans
Authored by: cparker on Sep 20, '02 09:36:43AM

Toast 5.1.4 crashes when I try to launch it under 10.2.1, and the IDE won't load with Netbeans 3.4 (at least not using NetbeansLauncher)

Both of these apps worked fine under 10.2... wish I hadn't upgraded...

Anyone have these problems? Or a fix? (I have not yet tried running netbeans from the command line...)

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iTunes 3.0.1 doesn't play
Authored by: lastobelus on Sep 20, '02 01:27:35PM

The elapsed time just stays at 0:00. The play button changes to the pause icon but...nothing happens. Have tried restarting, etc.

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## Serious Problem ##
Authored by: mattnerd on Sep 20, '02 04:06:44PM
The only problem I have found with the update is that I had to reboot. This means my uptime no longer says 18 days! Darn :-(

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## Serious Problem ##
Authored by: muecke on Sep 24, '02 10:33:08AM


At an Uptime > 500 a reboot *does* hurt ...
Had to do this on 2 servers (running Linux and FreeBSD) when moving our server rack last week :-(


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