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Print via InfoWave PowerPrint USB-Parallel adapters System
I've been rather upset since the release of OS X because I have an HP LaserJet 5L sitting in my computer room that I can use with OS 9 by way of PowerPrint, but not with X. I was hoping that Jaguar, with the inclusion of CUPS, would remedy that. But it seemed I was to be disappointed yet again. Both System Profiler and Print Center see the USB-Parallel Cable as a USB device, but in Print Center it is listed as "Driver not installed". I searched high and low on the web for a solution, but found nothing (the closest I got was some hints that a /dev/usb/lpt0 driver may need ported). I ended up printing to the goofy thing by borrowing an HP JetDirect EX Plus print server, overkill surely for a capable OS like X!

But tonight I happened on the REAL solution. It seems that CUPS can use that adapter through the magic of the option-click Add trick. I'd think that this potentially opens up the door for other printers too.

The really sneaky part is that the device has to be plugged in when CUPS starts. When I first started out, I was merely plugging in the USB cable and getting frustrated that it was unusable. However I lucked into the solution after rebooting my mac with the USB cable plugged happenstance I ended up in the Print Center, option-clicked on Add and was presented with a NEW option at the bottom of the Device list: USB Parallel Cable. WOOOHOOO! I further determined that a reboot is NOT necessary to see the cable, merely a "HUP" of the CUPS daemon.

After that, you will find the device sitting at the bottom of the Device list after choosing Advanced in the Add window (which you see with an Option-click on "Add"). Simply select the cable as the device, choose the Printer Model (for my LJ5L, I find the ESP HP LaserJet Series does the nicest job), and click Add.

Hopefully Apple doesn't conveniently "break" this nice feature.
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Advance Option & GIMP
Authored by: player9 on Sep 19, '02 12:46:23PM

With the latest Ghostscript and GIMP you are able to print to almost every printer. There are essentially a couple of ways of getting a driver recognized. Install your own PDD file or install GIMP and Ghostscript and hold down the OPTION Key while you click ADD in Print Center.

Some printers still don\'t work like the EPSON EPL-5700i, but I\'m beginning to think this printer never worked under Linux very well at all, so to expect it to work on OS X is asking too much.

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Okidata on OSX problems adding printer
Authored by: on Sep 20, '02 10:07:49PM

I have an Okidata OL600e printer connected to my Mac G4 via a Parallel to USB cable (DH-200P Print Cable). I am running OSX 10.2. I installed Gimp-Print-4.2.2-rc3. My printer is listed here ( as: "not officially supported, but they have been reported to work with the listed driver."

Printer Model Driver Compatible Printer
Okidata OL600e pcl-2 HP LaserJet II series

I am trying to add the printer in Print Center. After option-clicking "Add" and going to "Advanced", there is no USB selection under the "Device" drop down menu. I think device I need to use is: "AppSocket/HP JetDirect" but after selecting this, "socket://"; appears in the "Device URI:" input space. I think the "Device URI:" I need should start with "usb://";. So I was trying to guess what my this address would be.

My printer shows up in Apple System Profiler with the following info:
USB Device
Product ID 8214 ($2016)
Vendor ID 2024
Device Speed Full
Power (mA) 500

Guessing from what is shown in the Setting up printers.pdf, I thought:
"usb://2024/8214?serial=0"; might be the correct "Device URI:" for this printer. Then I selected "HP" from the Printer Model and then "pcl-2" from the "Name" list below it. Then I try to add the printer and I get this error:
"An error occurre while trying to add the selected printers.
Error 1028"

I have tried every different setting I can think of and nothing works. There must be something I don't know about. Someone please help! Any help greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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LaserJet 4L
Authored by: on Oct 01, '02 12:42:14PM

I tried this hint with My LaserJet 4L it worked with the respect that it directed a job at the printer. the problem is that it is not a PostScript printer. I tried various drivers for other LaserJets and the ESP LaserJet series driver but it just printed raw postscript text. I installed Gimp Print 4.2.2 for Mac OS X and now it works but the quality is bad. It seems to be imaging black as a poorly imaged dark gray and looks generally mottled. The print quality was working well connected to an old PC a couple of weeks ago so it is not the printer. I tried the PCL 2, 4 and 4L drivers from Gimp Print and the results are about the same. Any tips from anyone?


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LaserJet 4L
Authored by: ScooterComputer on Oct 04, '02 10:22:16AM

I am currently using a LJ5L. It is NOT postscript capable. I use the ESP LaserJet family driver (which comes with CUPS in Jag) and print quality is good. I also have Ghostscript installed and have set up a Postscript RIP spool as well...this acts like a PS printer, rips the PS to PCL, and then sends it to the 5L. The instructions for setting this up are outside the scope of this hint, so I won't go into detail, but due to memory limitations this doesn't work very well on my bone-stock 5L.

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LaserJet 4L
Authored by: on Oct 17, '02 09:17:26AM

Going on what I read early in the summer I assumed that the CUPS software which was going to be released in 10.2 was dependent on ghostscript so I had not installed it. Once I realized that gs was not there I installed ESP ghostscript for CUPS and now the print quality is good. I would like to share the printer on the network. Any direction is appreciated (we have an all Mac Network 8.6, 9 and some X) Thanks.

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LaserJet 4L
Authored by: apeltier on Jan 09, '03 08:12:21PM

I have the same setup - I'm trying to connect an HP 4L to an OS X machine. I've read all of the messages on this topic here at OS X Hints, and have installed CUPS, Gimp Print and Ghostscript. "Laserjet 4L" shows up in the "Add" menu of Print Center when I option-click, and I've tried using the ESP HP Laserjet series driver, but when I try to print anything I just get the barber pole rolling in the print center status bar for a few seconds, then "no jobs to print" flashes up for a second and nothing happens. Any ideas?

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laserjet 6p!
Authored by: andrewgreer on Oct 14, '02 03:52:06PM

After having to print through Powerprint and Acrobat 4.0, I was excited to leave Classic behind at last and print through Jaguar. Happily, it did indeed see my printer and allowed me to choose it from a list of drivers. Sadly, it just printed blank pages. Any ideas? I'm depressed.

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laserjet 6p!
Authored by: andrewgreer on Oct 15, '02 08:00:53PM

Second try--it worked! I ended up using earlier advice and NOT choosing the "HP Laserjet 6P" option that it gave me. Instead, I said it was "ESP" and chose "HP Laserjet Series." Okay, so it won't print from anything except Word, and graphics are iffy, but all I need is document printing, so now I'm free of Classic at last!

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laserjet 6L OS X USB to Parallel
Authored by: rcray on Mar 09, '03 12:28:54AM

I was able to get a LaserJet 6L to work well using the EPS Laserjet series Cups 1.1 driver in combination with a Belkin USB to Parallel cable.

With the Infowave PowerPrint USB to Parallel cable the first print attempt would work fine, but the second would yield no output until the cable was re-connected. This problem is not seen with the Belkin cable. All is well.

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laserjet 6p!
Authored by: mo on Jun 14, '03 10:06:10AM

I had same issue but then I noticed I had chosen the 6p postscript instead of HP Laserjet 6 series, cups+Gimp-Print v4.2.5
(This works for me on 6p via Gimp-Print with GhostScript installed)

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laserjet 6p! (Gimp-Print)
Authored by: mo on Jun 17, '03 07:32:44AM

In addition to my above comment: It works as far as I can tell with all printable applications. Sometimes the connection (via USB hub) to printer gets lost and I need a restart or re-login, this also occurred after installation. Printer needs to be on to be found. do have one problem: I always get 1 empty page with the letter E on it, then after some time the real print comes. When the two green light closest to you are flashing the job is being sent to computer. here is all the info about the LaserJet 6P/6MP:
Perhaps you also get 1 white sheet and then give up before it arrives or if you get many white sheets I guess you have the Postscript driver of Gimp-Print selected instead of the 6 series.
Good luck!

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Print via InfoWave PowerPrint USB-Parallel adapters
Authored by: cirion on Jan 10, '04 10:44:23AM

I'm using Max OS X.3.2 and things are slightly different.

The first time i tried to install my printer, mac's printer setup utility showed me my hp laserjet 5l but i could not add it to the printer list.
After rebooting, the printer was gone, but with the option click on the add-button, i got an advanced field, which allows me to specify an USB printer on an usb://? port and to select a specific usb printer; unfortunately my printer is not listed and i don't know which uri i should enter.

Any ideas?

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