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Yet another hint on setting the default browser System
Like many, I don't use the Internet Explorer to browse the web (that honor goes to Chimera). Unfortunately, 10.2 has a nasty caching bug that prevents users from changing the Default Web Browser. Well, the System Preferences (Internet -> Web tab -> Default Web Browser) will let you change the setting, but the cache will prevent the new setting froom taking effect. I have tried all four previous tips (1, 2, 3, and 4) without success.

One day, I got bored and read Chimera Release Note. Under "Known Issues", I found:
Sometimes, on Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar), Navigator won't stick as your default browser. If you have this problem, try removing the following files
  • ~/Library/Caches/ (where ~ is your Home directory)
  • /Library/Caches/
and reboot your machine.
It may take one or two tries to get it working, but this really works! Close all running applications, flush the cache files, change the default web browser, flush the cache again (if they exist), and reboot.

[Editor's note: I realize this makes five hints on this subject now. Each approach has been very independent of the others, and the question is obviously of interest to many people, so I've felt that each merited its own hint. Hopefully 10.2.1 will make all five of these hints meaningless!]
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By jove, i think he's got it!!!!!
Authored by: lebowski on Sep 18, '02 10:23:10AM


Listen up everyone. If you've been having this 'IE sticking' problem, regardless of whether you really wanted OmniWeb, Chimera, Netscape, Mozilla or whatever,


I figured the problem wasn't rooted deep in the system (English.lproj -> DefaultHelperApps.plist). Why? because at first i only had the problem when i tried to make Netscape the default - Chimera stuck just fine. And then, for no apparent reason, it happened to Chimera as well.

These steps are extremely easy for any moron (like me) to handle, and most importantly it really does work this time!!!!!!


oh, and for those who might be interested to know, Apple has just updated their website with their own FAVICON!

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By jove, i think he's got it!!!!!
Authored by: Glanz on Sep 18, '02 12:40:17PM

BTW, the very first thing I did after installing OS X.2 was to totally delete all references to IE, and of course IE itself. I am using this iBook because I do not want any association with M$ whatsoever. There is not one file in my system with a MS name on it. No problems!!! To put it very very mildly, I hate MS. I wouldn't use word if my life depended on it. I'm a purist! I have been in the FreeBSD camp since 1985. The only problems I have ever had with any system had their origins in Micro$lop ware, directly, or indirectly concerning security.

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Works for me
Authored by: mclbruce on Sep 18, '02 12:56:10PM

Fixed my Navigator (Chimera) not sticking in 10.2. I haven't tried any other solutions. This always "felt" like a cache problem to me, and I have been waiting for someone else to track down the appropriate cache to delete. Thanks filburt.

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No Problem!
Authored by: Glanz on Sep 18, '02 01:20:21PM

I have not had a single problem with Chimera under OS X.2! It could be because that Chimera was already chosen as the default browser before upgrading. One other hint that I would like to make known to users is this one, which I posted at a time when the transition to OS X.2 was in full swing on this site.

Users of ChimeraKnight, the automatic updater for the Chimera web browser may get the following error message:: "Died at -e line2. (2)".

This error occurs when you force quit ChimeraKnight and it fails to delete a file called tmp.txt2 (located inside the ChimeraKnight Backups folder). Delete that file and you should be okay. This minor bug will be corrected in the next ChimeraKnight update.

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Authored by: MarsViolet on Sep 25, '02 09:24:55AM

This does not work for me. Especially frustrating too, because immediately after upgrading to Jaguar I thought my default browser problems were solved -- indeed, I was able to switch freely between browsers and the setting was always remembered -- but then I downloaded a Chimera update, and suddenly IE asserted itself as the default again, and now it cannot be changed to anything else. I even tried deleting IE, but that just causes NetFinder (!) to become the default browser (and deleting NetFinder causes StuffIt to become the default). This is ridiculous. OS X is a briliant thing, but it has the WORST preferences system in the history of operating systems.

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Worked for me too
Authored by: srogers1 on Oct 04, '02 11:31:01AM

I had this same trouble. The default appeared to stick the first time I changed it, but next time I rebooted, IE was back to stay. I didn't have to launch any other program to have the setting hosed. Just start System Preferences, set Netscape, close window, quit, restart - viola, IE is back. Deleting the files from the two caches directories fixed it, though I did have to use sudo to remove the one under the system tree. Boy, what a thing for Apple to putz up in the OS after all the flack about Microsoft doing this on the PC.

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Jaguar Cache Cleaner
Authored by: mccabem on Oct 08, '02 11:20:20PM
I tried all of the 4 (or was it 5?) tricks linked to here on MOSXH and all made no difference. I was stuck on IE. I tried deleting the 3 or 4 cache files noted in one hint. I tried 0'ing the executable bit on IE. I tried everything! When I'd try changing the "Open with..." for .html applications, as soon as I'd confirm "Change All", the default would immediately flip back to IE. Though it wouldn't happen in front of my eyes, the Internet control panel Web Browser default seemed to do the same thing. I ran Jaguar Cache Cleaner once and all the defaults I'd set (omniWeb for browser, mozilla for .html files) were already in place after the reboot. Check it out here: Northern Softworks For all the speculation, it appears Northen has a lock on the problem! IE (Internet Explorer) will never take over as / pirate / reset my default web browser again! I now seem to be able to rotate between Mozilla, Chimera Navigator, Opera, OmniWeb and IE at will and my selection sticks!

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