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Copying files from CompactFlash cards System
Problem: I had quite a lot of troubles with CompactFlash pc card adapters and OS X on a PowerBook G4 (I haven't it tried with G3s). I've tested four different CompactFlash cards (128Mb Lexar, 32Mb Sandisk, 16 Mb Nikon and 8Mb Sandisk) with two different adapters on two different Powerbook G4s.

Boot in OS9 and you won't see any problem. In 10.1.5, the problem is the same as the "WebDAV folders not mounting" problem; a Finder relaunch or a display of the "Volumes folder" (option+~) allows you to browse the card. In 10.2, I can import my photos with iPhoto, but I can't retreive any other kind of files (.MOV for example). In the Disk Utility, the card is diplayed as "mounted" with this path: /Volumes/MyCardName.

Solution: Launch the Terminal and type (instructions for unix beginners like me):
 % cd /Volumes/MyCardName
% cd MyFolder
% cp *.MOV /Users/MyUserName/Movies
Try man cp for more info on the copy function. As a reminder, you can find your card's name using the Disk Utility.

If anyone has a better solution, please publish it! Apple knows about the problem but has no answer to it.
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cf cards on a g4 desktop and and 10.x
Authored by: lemurs on Sep 17, '02 10:21:40AM

i just wanted to say that using a san disk adapter and multiple brands of cf cards i have been able to access my cf cards since 10.0. they pop right up in the finder. one thing i did notice under os 9 was that you had to disconnect and reconnect the cf adapter from its usb source when you put the cards in or it wouldn't scan over them and mount them. i think this continued to occur in early 10.x releases but was fixed relatively soon.

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No Problems Here
Authored by: monickels on Sep 17, '02 10:42:42AM

I, too, have been using an $11 SanDisk adapter with my Compact Flash cards without problems. Pop the card in the adapter, the adapter in the PC card slot, and it shows up like a hard drive, with all the capabilities of a hard drive. If you're using a USB adapter to read your Compact Flash cards, you're wasting your money and your time.

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No Problems Here
Authored by: lemurs on Sep 19, '02 11:07:42PM

i actually use a cheap $20 sandisk usb adapter sicne i have a g4 desktop (don't want to have my computer sitting open so i can access its internal pcmcia slot)

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CF Cards / OS X 10.2
Authored by: bluehz on Sep 17, '02 12:02:21PM

I have never had any problems mounting CF cards with my San Disk ImageMate SDDR-31. I am having an odd problem in OS X 10.2 - where some of the file just disappear. Has anyone seen this problem? Happens like this: I insert a CF card and it mounts directly. Some of the filenames on the cards are a bit odd, but not beyond what Mac OS X can handle - usually starting with periods or underscores, or asterisks. This is req'd for the Launcher I am using in Palm OS 3.1. When I first insert the card - the files with odd names are visible, then right before my eyes they start to by one. I have tried perusing the disk in the CLI (terminal) but the files are nowhere to be found. Note - once I stick the card back into the Visor - the files are where they are supposed to be. In other words - nothing is being deleted - I just have no access in OS X to the files in question. Put the card back into OS X an dthe files are visible - until they start disappearing again.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I was thinking it might be a weird DOS formatted disk problem and thinking about playing around with mkisofs to see if I could maybe make a disk image of the CF card or something to at least backup the card.

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Use Image Capture to get .mov
Authored by: rickg17 on Sep 17, '02 12:31:14PM

I haven't tried this with a PC card adapter, just with the camera attached via USB, but I also could not get iPhoto to import movies. I tried Image Capture, and it imported the movies fine. You can tell Image Capture what to import, so if you've already got your photos off the card, you can select just the movies.

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A little bit easier
Authored by: jsewell on Sep 17, '02 02:20:05PM

You can use the command

open /Volumes/<name_of_compact_flash_volume>

to open a finder window with the contents of the compact flash card.

You can then manipulate the contents of the compact flash card normally. This is a little better than using the cp command.


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PCMCIA Adaptor and Compact Flash Problem
Authored by: wuf810 on Sep 17, '02 05:32:53PM

Interesting to hear as I too have a problem with a PCMCIA adaptor and a compact flash card under Jaguar. Basically it mounts and if I open the folder with the images in everything seems OK. However if I change to List or Column view then a finder relaunch happens. Very strange!! If I copy the images (including movies) every appears fine!!

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Can't get Card Readers to show up
Authored by: DaveBirdsong on Sep 17, '02 10:54:08PM

I can't get either of my card readers (Both San Disk, 1 CF the other SD) to mount on the desktop since 10.1.4 on my G4 867.

Now if I have a card in one of them and put one in the other reader it does show up in Finder.
Any ideals on how to fix this?

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