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Another way to retain the default browser System
For many people in OS X 10.2, Chimera will not stick as the default web browser in the Internet System Prefs. There have been many suggestions as to how to make it stick (three hints here - 1, 2, 3), but only one that I thought of seems to work for anyone who has tried, and has survived logouts and reboots.

Doing this takes only one step in Terminal. Simply rename the file /System -> Library -> PreferencePanes -> Internet.prefPane -> Contents -> Resources -> English.lproj -> DefaultHelperApps.plist to something else, so for all intents and purposes the file does not exist to the OS. I named it DefaultHelperApps.plist.10.2 to easily remember, in case I need it back. Simply quitting System Prefs then starting them again should be all you need to do to make it take effect, but logging out and then back in never hurts.

Alternatively, you can get to this file through the GUI by going to /System -> Library -> PreferencePanes and then control clicking on Internet.prefPane and clicking Show Package Contents. Then go to Contents -> Resources, then your language's .lproj, and then rename the file.

This "fix" should also work in 10.1, but I'm not positive. Good luck and happy browsing!

[Editor's note: I haven't tried this myself yet, but it shouldn't have too many negative consequences. The file is used to set the default values in the preferences panel, but it doesn't affect your ability to choose a setting in the Internet preferences panel.]
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Yet another PrefPane
Authored by: pete on Sep 16, '02 10:28:01AM

Over on VersionTracker, there is a new piece of freeware called More Internet Preference Pane. This allows you to chose which program does what. Once you change the http and https over to Chimera (or whichever browser you choose), it should stick.

Of course I got fed up a while back and sent IE to the bit bucket, so I never have it bouncing back as default browser.

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Burying IE in a DMG
Authored by: tz on Sep 16, '02 12:30:08PM

Every so often I find something that insists on IE (like verifying a new vulnerability), so I don't want to get rid of it entirely, so what I did was move it to a small compressed disk image (make a 50 meg one, copy, convert, delete orig) in my apps directory. If I don't mount it, it won't be found, and it takes much less space in this form, yet I'm only a few clicks away.

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Authored by: lebowski on Sep 16, '02 10:53:18AM

I had a similar problem with the default browser setting, but in my case it was with Netscape. Omniweb, Chimera, and of course IE would all stick, but not Netscape.
Well, snot really a problem anymore, cos since v0.5 chimera has qualified as default-worthy, and Netscape has long gone from my system.

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Mail prefs in Interenet Pane
Authored by: nixmac on Sep 16, '02 03:17:36PM

I have a similair problem in the mail tab of the Internet Pref Pane. How do I get my mail addresses, SMTPs etc. to change. When I change them in the Pref Pane, they just revert back. I do not know which file to alter in the resources file, if that is where I go to do this.

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Authored by: lebowski on Sep 17, '02 01:13:37PM

I didn't have this problem, until i posted a message saying that i didn't have this problem. hmmm...

I've tried the fixes here, and elsewhere on this site. The main problem i am encountering is this:
I don't know how to use the terminal, so i tried to do it through the finder. I found the right file alright, but for some reason i was unable to make any changes. I couldn't change the name, and when i opened the file in TextEdit and changed the code, i couldn't save it anymore.
I altered the ownership and priveleges (in command I)....but that didn't help.

any ideas? Omniweb still stays as default, but Chimera's the one i want and it won't stick!!


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Authored by: hazmat on Sep 17, '02 07:27:41PM

Okay. Assuming your account in OS X is an admin account as well, open a terminal windows and type the following:

sudo mv /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Internet.prefPane/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/DefaultHelperApps.plist /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Internet.prefPane/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/DefaultHelperApps.plist.10.2

In case that wraps, it should all be one line. It will ask you for a password. Put in your own. That should do it.

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um, thanks....sort of
Authored by: lebowski on Sep 18, '02 05:08:59AM

Well it worked, DefaultHelperApps.plist is now called DefaultHelperApps.plist.10.2
So thanks for the help.

Unfortunately, it still reverts to IE when i try and set Chimera as default...
Omniweb still sticks, so for the time being i guess i'll have to make do with that starting up every now and then.

But i won't let this deter me! i'll still use Chimera as my first choice browser, and i'll still tell all my Wintel friends how much better my system is than theirs.


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still doesn't work. . .
Authored by: mazulauf on Sep 17, '02 04:51:08PM

Well, I've tried just about everything listed here under this problem, even disabling IE (then it just complains that it can't execute or find the desired program).

It's a bit frustrating. . .

Anyone have another idea?


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Authored by: lebowski on Sep 17, '02 06:27:11PM

For the first time i can truly say that i am annoyed with apple.
Being forced to use Internet Explorer is the kind of tactic i would expect from M$, not apple! And please don't tell me this is an accidental bug....i never had the problem with the default mail app changing back to 'mail' once i has changed it to Entourage.
Whatever the reason is, it really shouldn't be that difficult for apple to fix - but will they???

This is most annoying.

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I gotta wonder about this...
Authored by: hembeck on Sep 28, '02 01:47:49PM

I wonder if this works, only because I don't see the file a relevent. The reaosn is this: In this file, under "news" the only application noted is Outlook express, but in the actual Preference Pane, both Entourage AND Outlook Express are listed in the drop down menu, with Entourage as the default handler. Similar situation with "mail": is the only one noted in the file, while on the actual pane, both Entourage AND are listed in the pane's dropdown menu.

I think this file is a general guide, should become corrupted or tossed out or something.

Any thoughts?

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Tried everything, but no joy...
Authored by: JDub800 on Oct 15, '02 12:23:08PM

This is driving me nuts!! :(

I had it working nicely (Chimera as default) unitl I got nabbed by the RealPlayer glitch, so I deaulted to Moz for a few days until I came across the solution. Now Chimera's back and running, I can't get it to stick to the default...

I've tried locking the prefs - didn't work. I've even got More Internet Prefs installed and that keeps reverting too...grrrrr...

Any more ideas?



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