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iDisk capacity potentially bumped to 1gb Internet
I just accessed my iDisk, and it has grown substantially in capacity. I bought the regular 100 MB real early (during the keynote when .Mac was presented), and now the iDisk is a full 1 GB (1024 MB). I don't know if this is a mistake on Apple's side or a bonus to early adopters. I haven't found any information on Apple's site, and they haven't sent out any messages about enlarging the iDisk (at least none that has reached me yet).

[Editor's note: Interesting. I also have the 100mb account, which I had upgraded about six months ago. In checking my iDisk capacity this morning, it reports a 1gb capacity in the Finder, but the iDisk panel in the Internet preferences pane still reports the 100mb limit. I don't think I'll start using the extra space until I hear something from Apple one way or the other!]
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I get this too
Authored by: joel8x on Sep 16, '02 09:52:50AM

I really don't think its anything more than a glitch on Apple's end.

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I also have this problem...
Authored by: reichea on Sep 16, '02 10:02:35AM

It is indeed a glitch on Apple's side. Ignore the inflated figures and go with what you paid for. ;-)

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Error -36
Authored by: deleted_user17 on Sep 16, '02 11:18:47AM

Anyway, since Jaguar I only get an error -36 when trying to access my iDisk.

Apple charges for .mac but provides no solution...

So I have tu use AFP instead of WebDAV...

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Error -36
Authored by: wzpgsr on Sep 16, '02 12:53:21PM

Do you have any proxies configured? If so, disable them.

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No solution?
Authored by: thinkyhead on Sep 16, '02 02:13:38PM

"Apple charges for .mac but provides no solution."

Uh huh. How were they supposed to "provide a solution"? By Apple Magic?

You probably didn't ask Apple. You probably didn't search the Knowledge Base (use Sherlock). You probably didn't post to the Apple Discussions pages. You probably didn't post your dilemma on <>.

Make some effort before spouting such gibberish.

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Not increase
Authored by: davidjschloss on Sep 16, '02 11:31:37AM

This is NOT an increase in the iDisk capacity. This happens on the servers quite often, and I noticed it first while I was running a beta of Jag. I *thing* it relates to when Apple is adding software or making modifications on the main server that our software folders mirror. My guess is that whatever the size of that partition is, it's masked from us usually, but is somehow being displayed as 1gb while they are making changes.

It might also just be a random thing the servers do, but it HAS occurred a few times that I've noticed then gone back to the previous capacity.

I'd love to know though what happens if you upload a huge file right while it's happening.

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Yup! Has happened to me too
Authored by: mm2270 on Sep 16, '02 11:40:24AM

Yeah, this has happened to my iDisk as well at one time. At first I thought, WOW! Maybe Apple is really rewarding .Mac users, but then I thought, yeah right! In my dreams. Anyway, I actually tried for fun to copy a few hundred MBs of files into the new 1 Gig iDisk, just to see. Well, it's apparently not a visual glitch, as the Finder would report if there was not enough space for the copy job. But it started to copy files! All 220 MBs worth. Unfortunately it never finished as at some point my Mac locked up hard, and upon restart I was back to my original 100 MBs of capacity. Oh well, it was (sorta) fun while it lasted.

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Same for me PLUS bogus expiery date
Authored by: triplef on Sep 16, '02 12:30:51PM

I can see the same with my iDisk (which I did not upgrade to 100MB).
Also, which might be more interesting, my account page shows "Your account expires on July 09, 2012" (for several weeks now), although - as I said - I did not pay anything and the real capacity of my iDisk (as shown in the Internet preference pane) is still 20 MB.

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WebDAV Bug?
Authored by: wzpgsr on Sep 16, '02 12:51:40PM

I am not a .Mac customer, but when I mount a WebDAV volume on at least two different machines with several GB of available space, the Finder reports 1 GB of available space.

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No and Yes
Authored by: on Sep 16, '02 01:01:56PM
After reading this note, I logged on to my iDisk and when it first came up, it said 90 meg left, then I clicked on another disk and back again in the finder and it also said
1,023.4 MB available.
... Cool!

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It's Finder error
Authored by: tknospdr on Sep 16, '02 07:09:08PM

It seems to be a Finder error since I set up a WebDAV folder on my Win2K Server machine and when I access it from 10.2 it tells me I've got the same amount as when I access my iDisk, and this folder is on a 40 gig HD with no quotas enabled.

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it does the same for other webdav servers
Authored by: zedwards on Sep 17, '02 03:59:46PM

I have both my iDisk and another webdav server mounted. Both say the same amount 1,023.4 MB available. When I run df in the terminal, it also shows these amounts. So I think it is a webdav issue.

Although this would be wishful thinking, I would hardly like to spend 3 days copying 1G of data to my idisk anyways.


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New Math
Authored by: vdubya on Sep 17, '02 07:51:20PM

I had checked my iDisk capacity when the first posting hit, but it did not show the 1Gig amount. I just checked today and it is indeed showing 1Gig of storage. The weird thing is that it also says I've only used 1MB of that space. When I check using the Preferences Panel, it says 100MB total with 11MB used. I know the 11MB is accurate since I have backed up some files.

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New Math
Authored by: hackamacj on Nov 11, '02 12:49:39PM

Its something with the system, because it has happened to me, a few times, although every time I double check with somebody elses system (WIN) it says that I have 100MB, rather than the 1 GB my system was showing.

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Authored by: hackamacj on Nov 11, '02 06:40:01PM

"Addresses an issue in which an iDisk would appear with an inaccurate 1GB capacity and 1023 MB available." This is the issue that MacOS X 10.2.2

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