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View Apple's iCal files in any browser Apps
There is an easy way to view those library calendars on the iCal web site. Instead of subscribing, edit the URL and replace 'webcal' with 'http', and then remove the '.ics' from the end. For example, the US Holidays link on Apple's site looks like this to begin with:
Change it to this:
Do not add the .ics extension! Load that URL in your browser, and this will bring up the calendar just like any personal calendar. Nice when I am away from my mac stuck in PC hell!
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Address Correction
Authored by: nick2588 on Sep 14, '02 01:38:34PM
The address above is missing the .ics extension.
It should be

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Address is correct
Authored by: robg on Sep 14, '02 01:49:18PM

Actually, you do NOT want the .ics extension. You need to enter the address exactly as shown. If you don't, you'll get the contents of the calendar, not the calendar page ... try it and compare the differences...


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Like Any Calendar?
Authored by: nick2588 on Sep 14, '02 01:42:35PM
"Load that URL in your browser, and this will bring up the calendar just like any personal calendar."

Any personal calendar sure resembles plain text! This hint just displays the text data of the calendar - sure you can read it, but you only need to use this if you are really, really desperate to find some date on one of your calendars.

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Like Any Calendar?
Authored by: iobuffa on Sep 14, '02 01:45:40PM

Not a typo. The url is correct and it forwards to this:

Which does bring up a nice looking calendar. Looks like apple does some WebObject magic in the background. It would be nice for us ordinary webdav owners to be able to do this.

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great hint
Authored by: dgc on Sep 14, '02 03:06:19PM

This works perfectly as written, sans webcal and .ics


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Same for personal ones
Authored by: Drogoul on Sep 14, '02 05:49:20PM

The same hint can be of course applied (it is perhaps explained somewhere in the iCal documentation, by the way) to personal calendars. If aaa has published a calendar called bbb, just point your browser to to see it from any client (and not ONLY jaguar ones).


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Pretty cool... but...
Authored by: Beandip on Sep 14, '02 07:53:29PM

I thought that was an awesome tip! Those that haven't figured it out yet, you must not use the .ics extension and you'll get a very nice GUI web calendar.

However i do not think the original article may have been clear enough. This only seems to work (for me at least) if you have published your calendar on the .Mac service. If you publish to your own local or remote WebDAV server, it doesn't work. It would seem that Apple has used WebObjects to enable the cool feature on their servers...

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Pretty cool... but...
Authored by: srelan on Sep 14, '02 10:31:36PM

It's not a 'feature' that they simply enabled. The web browsing of an ical file on .mac is a pretty in depth WebObjects application that they built. It has nothing to do with iCal other than it reads the same data file....

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Any volunteers?
Authored by: sapporo on Sep 15, '02 11:41:35AM

Hmm.. somebody should really start working on an open source web application to get the same results without .mac. I figure it can't be that hard, since iCal uses the well-known icalendar format, and there's actually a perl module available to parse icalendar files (Net::ICal over at
I'd do it if I had the time. This could make you a hero overnight :-)

Just my $.02,

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Any volunteers?
Authored by: babbage on Sep 15, '02 07:57:21PM
I work with the author of Net::ICal , Shane Landrum:-)

She doesn't currently have a Mac, but the introduction of Apple iCal has gotten her interested in reviving work on the Net::ICal suite, and I'm interested in helping out if I can find the time to do so. Apparently this interchange format can be hooked up to all kinds of popular calendaring applications, including Entourage/Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, and others.

If anyone manages to come up with a good tool for shuttling data between these applications (I'd love to be able to coordinate things between my Notes account, iCal, and my Palm Pilot) and provide some kind of good internet based shared calendaring application, people would finally have some choice (in the same way that open protocols like IMAP and LDAP give people choice) rather than having to be locked into the big proprietary groupware applications. Apple is getting us part of the way there; libraries like Net::ICal could help us to get the rest of the way...

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Any volunteers?
Authored by: theMaker on Sep 15, '02 11:08:35PM
I have already started work on this. Posted a couple of messages here to see if anyone wanted to assist. I have been studying the specifications of the iCalendar format and have found some excellent documentation on the tagset used as well as how to distibute and manage the data. I supplied links to this documentation in PDF format that I have posted on my server. Here is the post with the links: I did not know about the perl module and will be looking into it. I have applied for a sourceforge account to handle the project and am working on some initial documentation to get the project going. Again anyone interested in assisting, please email me

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Any volunteers?
Authored by: babbage on Sep 16, '02 12:22:40AM
Rather than divide effort, it would be good to chip in with the existing (if slightly dormant) Net::ICal / Reefknot stuff.

Also, note that ical-the-format is *not* XML based, and I'm not sure that there is anything to be gained by coming up with some kind of XML wrapper for it. The format is relatively simple as is, and it seems to me that it can only get more complex by wrapping it in more markup. There are more interesting problems to be solved here :-)

Anyway, you seem to be the same person that just wrote to the Reefknot development list. That seems to me to be the right place for such conversation, so I'd like to take any followon conversation over there...

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Any volunteers?
Authored by: q3ded on Sep 16, '02 11:44:28PM
View iCal files with PHP
Authored by: q3ded on Sep 16, '02 11:46:03PM
View iCal files with PHP
Authored by: westin on Sep 24, '02 03:18:00PM
PHPiCalendar doesn't come with any documentation, so I created some pages on setting up WebDAV for iCal and PHPiCalendar: Hope that helps, Greg

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