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FireWire target disk mode install of 10.2 Install
I have a slot loading iMac (Dalmation) with a broken CD-R drive (don't ask; my kids thought it was cool place for coins). I have been using a FireWire CD-R drive in its place whenever necessary. I could not install 10.2 from this drive since it did not power up until after the OS started to boot.

I connected my iMac to my G4 PowerBook with a FireWire cable. I then rebooted the iMac into FireWire "target" mode by holding down the "T" key when booting up. I then loaded my 10.2 install disk into the PowerBook and went through the regular install process, except this time I installed it on the FireWire drive that was the main drive on my iMac. It even booted into the new Jaguar running on the iMac but displaying the screen on the powerbook. I then re-booted the iMac, and after a couple minutes of searching, Jaguar loaded successfully and has been running strong ever since.

One side note is that I had to make sure to reset the startup disk on the PowerBook to find the original 10.2 on the PowerBook drive before re-booting the PowerBook. For some reason, it refused to find the original install on its own when I just rebooted. Even the key command on boot-up did not work. But this was no biggie, just remember to change the start-up drive and everything will be OK.
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Some Notes
Authored by: hschickel on Sep 13, '02 11:22:52AM

An OSX install is hardware agnostic. If you're noticing oddities associated with booting originally from a powerbook (especially energysaver or ethernet issues) do the following:

Fire up the terminal.
sudo rm -r var/db/SystemConfiguration
Then restart the machine from the Apple menu.

This will allow your machine to reset its power management prefs.


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Some Notes
Authored by: macjohnmcc on Sep 13, '02 05:22:51PM

This is a slick trick that I read about in the latest issue of Mac Addict.

I do have ask though why you don't replace the CD_ROM drive? :)

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Some Notes
Authored by: macman13 on Sep 13, '02 10:41:17PM

Just have not gotten around to it yet. Any idea what the price is for a slot loading cd-rw drive is? I'll have to research this, just have not had the time to get to it and I was impatient to install 10.2 on my "Blue Dalmation".


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Some Notes
Authored by: tliet on May 29, '03 02:19:34PM

Actually, sudo rm -r /var/db/SystemConfiguration is a bad idea. It removes the whole directory and this confuses OS X a lot. Try tossing one of the files inside the directory to clear things up.

sudo su

cd /var/db/SystemConfiguration

Then rm either the file, or the preferences.xml or the file.

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FireWire target disk mode install of 10.2
Authored by: ktilford on Oct 30, '04 06:03:14AM

You can boot from an external Firewire CD or HD simply by pressing the "Option" key right at earliest boot time. This "Option" is in the iMac firmware and works from any OS. You will then be shown a list of available boot devices, and the external Firewire CD will be listed if it has a bootable CD in it already and is powered up. A friend had the identical problem - an iMac with broken internal CD and OS 9.1. I booted both a Firewire Jaguar HD for him to "experience" Jaguar, and later a Panther install CD, so I know this works. No need for the Target Disk Mode installation unless you don't have any other Firewire devices. Target mode is good if you only have two computers available.

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