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Enable Favicons in Chimera Web Browsers
A lot of websites include Favicons in their code (examples include google, altavista, cnet, cnn, ebay, macosxhints). If you've got Mozilla, then you can see them already (as far as I'm aware). Chimera also supports them, but for some reason, the folks over there have disabled them for the time being. Well, have no fear!! A few steps and you can have them back:
  1. Control-click on Chimera and choose 'show package contents'.
  2. Open Contents -> MacOS -> Defaults -> pref; you should see a file called either chimera.js or all.js; open it using TextEdit.
  3. Hit Control-F to find and search for "".
  4. Hopefully, you should now see the required pref, and can change the value from false to true.
Another great tip i just came across (thanks Altric22) is to delete the text associated with a bookmark that has a Favicon. If you do this, your bookmark toolbar could look like this.
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Authored by: edgordon on Sep 13, '02 10:48:59AM

I found it in 'all.js' instead of 'chimera.js'. (I am using chimera v .5).

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osx hints favicon
Authored by: edgordon on Sep 13, '02 11:34:17AM

And on that note, the osxhints favicon could use a bit of a facelift.

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osx hints favicon
Authored by: lebowski on Sep 13, '02 11:44:45AM

sure could!!
In fact, so far most of the favicons i've come across look pretty crappy - only cnet, google, altavista and ebay look half decent.

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Good favicons
Authored by: derPlau on Sep 13, '02 06:59:20PM
My fave favicons are: The Onion
Diesel Sweeties
Cruel Site of the Day (OK, the art's not great, but the sentiment is there)

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pref.js in ~/Library... works as well !
Authored by: Giel on Sep 13, '02 01:14:12PM

You can enter this preference in the pref.js in your ~/Library as well.
The exact location is:

~/Library/Application Support/Chimera/Profiles/default/randomstring.slt/prefs.js

Note that 'randomstring' is not the real directoryname.
Replace it with the directory name on your computer.

I entered the following string:

user_pref("", true);

In the file you see a statement "This is a generated file!".
Nevertheless if you enter the string, it stays!

I use chimera 0.5. I don't know if it works for older versions as well.

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pref.js in ~/Library... doesn't work!
Authored by: Giel on Sep 13, '02 02:51:57PM

Sorry, I don't think my tip works very well :(
It worked for a while, but then I seemed to
get trouble connecting to sites. And in the end
the Navigator could only be stopped using 'force quit'.
Removing the added line solved the problem.

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try user.js
Authored by: mclbruce on Sep 13, '02 05:06:51PM

Try creating a new text file in your profile directory caled user.js. Put your command/declaration in there. This works for a Mozilla email hack to get email links to go to Entourage. I think it will work for Chimera hacks as well. Seems to me it's cleaner and more elegant than opening up the app and modifying it.

I'd like to see instructions for creating/modifying user.js for several of the submitted hacks on Chimera.

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try user.js
Authored by: Giel on Sep 15, '02 05:08:32PM

This has the same problem. The application hangs after a while.
I'll wait for version 0.6

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on by default
Authored by: seven5 on Sep 13, '02 04:07:37PM

umm, in .50 its on by default, no hacks here, and i can see the ugly X icon for this site with no problems....

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Not really...
Authored by: derPlau on Sep 13, '02 06:53:02PM

Although it does show favicons in the "active" URL field, Chimera doesn't by default show favicons for bookmarks on the toolbar or in the Bookmarks menu. This hint turns those on, too.

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Lebowski's Method
Authored by: Viridian on Sep 13, '02 06:02:24PM
Hi Lebowski,

Following up on our exchange in the MacCentral forum, I submitted both methods we came across; but after thinking about it, I'm much more in favor of the method you describe, namely editing the file 'all.js' instead of 'chimera.js' (both of which exist in>/Contents/MacOS/defaults/pref) as I suggested, for the simple reason that the line in question already exists there. I had to ADD the line to 'chimera.js' I gave you credit in this thread on the Google search shortcut in the Chimera bookmark toolbar. Cheers, buddy. Mucho thanks to Alric22 for the hint on MacCentral.

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Lebowski's Method
Authored by: lebowski on Sep 14, '02 01:44:26PM

Hey no problem dude.
Thanks for the reference btw....should make me look good with the 'forum chicks'! ;-)


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Is On By Default!
Authored by: DVD Plaza on Sep 13, '02 09:49:45PM

You guys must be running an old build of Chimera, the latest builds for at least the past entire month have all had this on by default - no need to touch anything.

Forgetting the latest builds, the latest version (0.5) also has it on by default. UPGRADE - the latest builds are fast as hell!

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Is On By Default! Nope
Authored by: alajuela on Sep 14, '02 10:07:56AM

I am running the latest build, and it sure is *not* on by default. I have several faves in my toolbar, and they all have generic icons, including this site.

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This actually causes a small problem
Authored by: turkchgo on Sep 17, '02 07:44:58PM

Ok, it's been a couple of days since I turned this feature on in Chimera and I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this or not, but maybe this was left off on purpose? The reason being, after you enable this everytime you launch Chimera it goes and checks/updates EVERY bookmark Favicon in your bookmarks file and won't load any pages or do anything until it's finished. Also, it takes even longer if you have some bookmarks in your list that are moved, outdated or gone, as it sits and waits for the 404 error.

If you have a lot of bookmarks like I do, this can make Chimera stall at startup for almost 4 minutes until it will load a page. I'm not sure how many bookmarks I have but I think it's over 300, and now, everytime I launch Chimera it goes and checks for a Favicon in each one, so I think I'm going to turn this off until it's fixed.

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This actually causes a small problem
Authored by: lebowski on Sep 18, '02 06:34:23AM

I noticed the same thing. I don't have 300 bookmarks, and i only start-up Chimera once per day (when i get up).
So for me, the benefit of favicons outweighs the cost, but it's good that you pointed out this drawback for other people who might be affected.


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