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Add a google search shortcut to Chimera Web Browsers
Here is an old tip that finally works with my new favourite browser Chimera (Navigator). If you want to have quick access for searching google from your bookmark toolbar here is what you have to do.

First, we need to create empty bookmark. Chimera does not allow to create totally new bookmark, only those already existing in the window. Workaround is to simply open new empty window (or tab) and bookmark that (with meaningful name, like Google Search or whatever). I recommend bookmarking that in your Toolbar for easy access.

Now open Bookmark Sidebar and command-I that new bookmark. Look at the Location textfield, if it's anything there remove it and enter the following:
[Editor's note:I had to break the command into two rows for each line due to browser width limitations. The commands should be entered as two lines, not four, with no additional spaces between any of the parts.]

Done! Now when you click on the bookmark nice little sheet would greet you with the instructions how to perform search. This also works in IE, Mozilla, and Netscape.
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an easier way to google
Authored by: AntiWendel on Sep 11, '02 10:45:16AM

The easy way would be to set "" as your searchsite in System Preferences:Internet.
Then Customize the toolbar in chimera:
drag the "Search"-icon to your toolbar.
That's it.
Now when you click the "Search"-icon you enter googleland.

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but this is faster
Authored by: mattscape on Sep 11, '02 12:22:10PM

I really like this way since its so fast.

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Is it just me or...?
Authored by: punkzappa on Sep 11, '02 01:34:39PM

is there no way to set a search site in the Internet Preference pane in Jaguar?

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Is it just me or...?
Authored by: alajuela on Sep 11, '02 02:22:49PM

It's not just you. There is no such setting in the Internet panel.

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Yet another way (Chimera Only)
Authored by: topher on Sep 11, '02 02:22:18PM
It used to be that you could set the search page in the Internet preferences pane. As of Mac OS X 10.2, however, this feature was removed from the Internet preferences pane. A workaround is discussed in the Chimera 0.5 release notes: 1) Context-click on the Navigator icon, and choose "Show Package Contents" 2) Go down into Contents/Resources, and open the WebsiteDefaults.strings file in your favorite text editor 3) On the line containing SearchPageDefault, remove the /* at the start, change to your preferred search site, and delete everything after the semicolon. 4) Save the file After you've done this, the Chimera 0.5 toolbar search icon will once again link to your favorite search engine. -christopher

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Put site icons in Chimera Bookmarks Toolbar.
Authored by: Viridian on Sep 11, '02 06:48:42PM
Very nice hint regarding Google, and perfectly complements this discussion thread from MacCentral which (eventually) explains how to put site icons in the Bookmark Toolbar of Chimera 0.5, a feature disabled by default. The original post has an image of the author's toolbar with at least twenty icons visible, and in the thread, Lebowski and I arrived at two separate methods.

Ctrl-click on and choose "Show Package Contents" from the contextual menu (or use

Navigate to ->/Contents/MacOS/defaults/pref and in your favorite editor, open EITHER

If you edit 'all.js', find (with Cmd-F) the line
pref("", false);
and change 'false' to 'true' [Lebowski's Method]

If you edit 'chimera.js', ADD the line
pref("", true);
[My Method]

Both work perfectly, but I suspect that the good Lebowski is editing the correct file, since the line already exists there. Now, when you mark a page, the icon for that site (if it has one) will replace the generic bookmark icon in your drawer, and your toolbar, if you set them there. If you want icons without text, select the bookmark in the sidebar drawer and press Cmd-I. Simply leave the name field blank.

I used this hint to set a Google search shortcut, but with the Google 'G' icon instead of a generic bookmark. Instead of bookmarking a blank new page or tab, mark the Google site to retain the icon, then when you select and Cmd-I your new bookmark, paste the string from robg's hint into the Location field. Neat and sweet! Mac OS X Hints has a rilly kewl blue 'X' icon in my toolbar now!

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set Chimera search prefs in Mozilla?, feature request, user.js
Authored by: mclbruce on Sep 12, '02 12:48:32PM

I put the search button that comes with Chimera on my toolbar, and it takes me to Google. I'm running 10.2 upgraded from 10.1.x. I figure one of two things is happening. I had Google set as my search engine in 10.1.x system preferences, and in Mozilla. I figure Chimera picks it up from one of the two places. Perhaps setting the search engine in Mozilla will also set it in Chimera.

I'd like to see a modification that would take what I type in the location field and do a search for that in Google when I click on a search button in the toolbar. This is what Mozilla does. Any ideas?

I wonder if modifying the Chimera app can be avoided by creating a user.js text file in your profile directory and putting the various options in there. Some Mozilla hacks, particularly the external email hack, work in this way.

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set Chimera search prefs in Mozilla?, feature request, user.js
Authored by: Jesuit on Sep 12, '02 01:01:17PM

Well if you go here ->
you can see another way to do all this, that is a little easier, making it possible to do one click searching from the search icon in the toolbar.

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More Scriptlets
Authored by: useEvil on Sep 12, '02 03:42:50PM

Scriptlets have been around for a while. These are what I use:

javascript:void(str=prompt("Search Google for:",""));if(str){location.href=""+escape(str).split("%20").join("+");}

javascript:void(str=prompt("Search Yahoo for:",""));if(str){location.href=""+escape(str).split("%20").join("+");}

javascript:void(str=prompt("Search Slashdot for:",""));if(str){location.href=""+escape(str).split("%20").join("+");}

javascript:void(str=prompt("Search CPAN for:",""));if(str){location.href=""+escape(str).split("%20").join("+");}

javascript:void(str=prompt("Search CDNOW for Album:",""));if(str){location.href=""+escape(str).split("%20").join("+");}

javascript:void(str=prompt("Search CDNOW for Artist:",""));if(str){location.href=""+escape(str).split("%20").join("+");}

javascript:void(str=prompt("Search CDNOW for Song Title:",""));if(str){location.href=""+escape(str).split("%20").join("+");}

javascript:void(str=prompt("Search MacOS VersionTracker for:",""));if(str){location.href=""+escape(str).split("%20").join("+");}

javascript:void(str=prompt("Search MacOSX VersionTracker for:",""));if(str){location.href=""+escape(str).split("%20").join("+");}

javascript:void(str=prompt("Search Freshmeat for:",""));if(str){location.href=""+escape(str).split("%20").join("+");}



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scriptlet that uses highlighted text...
Authored by: steven_kehlet on Sep 13, '02 12:14:07AM
Stole this from Galeon from my Linux days... bookmark this link, and stick it in your bookmark toolbar. Highlight some text in your doc, then click the bookmark, and google will search for the highlighted term. Looks like my anti-popup stuff is preventing from working inside a bookmark, so I have document.location = ... here. You might try to open in a new window instead of the current doc. Search Google Here's the javascript text: javascript:Q=document.getSelection();if(!Q){void(Q=prompt('No text selected on page.'+F+'nnKeywords...?',''))};if(Q)void(document.location = ''+escape(Q))

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scriptlet that uses highlighted text...
Authored by: a_wylie on Nov 18, '02 08:27:55AM

This is a great shortcut, especially as I can't seem to get the pop-up sheet to work or the highlighted text with keyboard shortcut tip... is there any way to get the results to open up ina new tab?

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Searching MacUpdate...
Authored by: robg on Jan 29, '03 08:44:24AM
Anonymous writes:
Well, after looking at this hint and seeing that it works, I decided to fiddle around with it to make it work with MacUpdate as well. MacUpdate has fewer ads and is faster, so I prefer it over VersionTracker. With a few minor modifications, it will work perfectly in MacUpdate. The location of the link just has to be:
javascript:q=prompt("Search MacUpdate:","");if(q)location.href=
[Remove the line break, and don't add any spaces] I've tested it with Chimera 0.6 and Safari beta(v51) in 10.2.3 and it works very nicely. I thought you may want to share it with your readers, since I'm sure some of them probably also prefer MacUpdate to VersionTracker.
I thought I'd run this as a comment here instead of a separate hint so that all these search methods are in one hint... -rob.

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