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Remove extra SMTP servers from Apps
I found this tip on the Apple Discussion Boards ... If you have a few email addresses and you use Mail, you'll probably notice in the Preferences that you have a few more mail servers listed than you really need (mostly duplicates).

Apple has provided a script called "Manage SMTP Servers" that allows you to remove unused SMTP servers from Mail's list. It can be accessed through the Scripts menu under Mail Scripts.

You will need to install Developers Tools first, and go to the Applescripts Folder to install the Scripts Menu in the menu bar to easily access this and all other scripts.

[Editor's note: I think, but I'm not sure, that 10.2 includes the Script Menu in the AppleScript folder even before you install the Dev Tools. But since both my machines have the Tools installed, I can't say for certain.]

Panther Update: This hint is no longer required in 10.3; thanks to Mark S. for pointing out that it is now possible to add, edit, or even remove SMTP servers from the Accounts section of Preferences in Apple Mail.
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Authored by: markpaterson on Sep 11, '02 12:04:50PM

you don't need to install the developer tools! you just need to activate the apple script menu thingy, i dragged mine to the menu bar from some folder or other (sorry, can't remember where) and it's stayed there ever since.

great tip though!!! i was trying to find a way of getting rid of those pesky left-over servers.

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Authored by: numpins on Sep 11, '02 11:50:58PM

Here's the path to the "folder":

Your_Hard_Drive -> Applications -> AppleScript -> Script

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Don't need script menu
Authored by: ksujeff99 on Sep 12, '02 12:20:53AM

You don't need to activate the script menu. The Mail scripts are located at:
/Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts

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Authored by: pettri on Sep 12, '02 06:16:28AM

The Editor is correct. Script is included in the /Applications/AppleScript/ folder of the default 10.2 install.

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Never noticed it before... Thanks
Authored by: batguano on Feb 13, '03 10:00:16PM

Wow, Mac are great.

I never noticed this handy script before. I had to remove incorrect smtp servers before, but I edited the file manually to get rid of them. This is great for myself, but I didn't really want to tell my clients to do this...

Thanks for the great tip.

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Remove extra SMTP servers from
Authored by: cornsyrupkills on Jan 22, '04 09:59:43PM

In Panther all you have to do is go to the account info and click on "Server Settings" button where you will find a popup menu which includes "Edit Info..."

If you have a version of prior to Panther then you can edit the preference file manually in a text editor.

- Make sure to quit before you begin.
- Dig in your Home > Library > Preferences and open the file "" (If you're paranoid you should make a backup copy of this file just in case).
- Open the pref file in TextEdit (or your favorite editor), do a search for your server and delete the entire string including the surrounding tags
- Save and Close the file.
- Launch and enjoy!a

(if is open when you try to edit the prefs the app will overwrite your changes.)

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