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Import Entourage contacts to the 10.2 Address Book Apps
I was trying to import quite a long list of Entourage contacts into Address Book, and I found I could do it quite easily. You can actually select all of the contacts in Entourage (click on one of them and then press command-A), and then drag them to a folder. They will be stored as vCards, with the .vcf extension.

Then you can go to Address Book, activate File -> Import -> Virtual cards, select all of them, and bingo! This is much faster than mailing them to yourself, saving them one by one and then importing.
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Import Entourage contacts to the 10.2 Address Book | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Better way
Authored by: alex_kac on Sep 10, '02 11:23:54AM

There is an even better way. Just go into Applications/Apple Script. Go into the Scripts folder and then Mail folder. Run the Import Address script. It will import addresses from quite a few programs through AppleEvents. Much faster and easier than any other method I\'ve tried.

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what about groups?
Authored by: ronnykathy on Sep 12, '02 01:55:27AM

Thanks for the help. Know anyway to easily transfer groups from Entourage 2001 to the OSX address book? I have some huge groups that I don't want to rebuild one name at a time.


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what about groups?
Authored by: tomem on Sep 27, '02 07:40:53AM

If you drag a group icon to the desktop, you'll at least get a text clipping of all the entries. This will help with the rebuilding, but it sure would be nice if there were a way to preserve the groups...

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Thanks much!
Authored by: tomem on Sep 22, '02 08:52:42PM

Great tips!

It's looking like Apple will have a viable alternative to Entourage here. The new Mail is even better, and allows for switching outgoing smtp server temporarily. Address Book now allows notes, and iCal will do the calendaring and To Do lists.

Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to use in place of Entourage's notes that will be similarly searchable, and hopefully formattable and graphically enhanceable. Maybe I'll just keep a journal in a TextEdit document?

Suggestions welcome...

Thanks again!

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Export limit
Authored by: shacker on Oct 14, '02 01:05:55PM

Be careful when using this method, or when creating VCFs from Entourage for backup or other purposes. You can drag around 150 contacts at a time from Entourage to the Finder. But if you drag more, like 300 at a time, it will start dropping contacts at random. I have around 525 contacts, and when I dragged out all at once, I only ended up with 235 VCF files! The solution for me was to drag them out 100 at a time, carefully watching the Finder count and Entourage's "selected" count after each drag.

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Import Entourage contacts to the 10.2 Address Book
Authored by: openmind on Mar 16, '04 06:56:19PM

With Panther, you can skip the intermediate step of creating .vcf files by dragging-and dropping addresses directly from an Entourage X (10.1.4) Address Book window to the Panther Address Book's "All" window. (v3.1.1)

I was delighted to find that not only were the email addresses imported by Address Book, it gives you the option to preview duplicates and for each duplicate card, it presents four options:
keep old, keep new, keep both, and merge

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