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Mount servers with alias files Network
For those of you who are constantly mounting a certain computer over a network:

Instead of having to "Connect to Server" and wait for the networked machine to appear, and then type in the User/Pass, and then select the right volume ... Simply create an alias to the volume the next time it is mounted and you will only have to type in the Password.

This feature has been around in 10 from the start, but it has never worked more flawlessly for me than with Jaguar.

[Editor's note: If you connect to a number of servers, consider putting the aliases in a folder, and then keep that folder in your dock. This will give you one-click pop-up access to any server in the folder. You can also try putting the aliases in your login items, although pre-Jaguar functionality of this feature seemed a bit spotty, based on a couple of threads here.]
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A little simplier
Authored by: midan23 on Sep 10, '02 10:45:12AM

If you connect to a server you can save your password (Don't remember the name in english ... in german it is called Schluesselbund).
It works also for the alias ...

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Toolbar mounting
Authored by: aboswell on Sep 10, '02 01:00:07PM
I use my toolbar quite a bit and am always getting info from another Mac on the network and my Win2k box. I have forund that when you mount the drive to your desktop, you can drag it to your toolbar and use it as an item. If you save the password to your Keychain(I think this is the word our German friend was looking for :) ) it should just mount without going to connect to server. Here are some images of before and after. Before: After:

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Sharity is also OK for this
Authored by: egilDOTnet on Sep 10, '02 02:20:30PM

I use sharity with jaguar to get rid of the passwords, which works quite well. Also, Sharity supports WINS lookup, which is not supported out of the jaguar box. I also like the way Sharity maps up the shares, with servername as a prefix, eg. the share Data on server Hobbes is available as /Volumes/Hobbes.Data/. Very nice if you have several shares with the same names on different computers, no more data-1, data-2 etc.

Now, if I only could get Sharity to Automount these shares on startup... :/

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