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Create an icon-view folder full of thumbnails Desktop
Jaguar's view options for Icon view received a neat feature addition, the ability to auto-generate icon previews from an image file. For any folder in icon view, simply check the "Show icon previews" box and the Finder will generate preview icons on-the-fly for any image in that folder. Coupled with the various sorting options, icon previews can make the Finder into a rudimentary image viewer.

While column view has featured a preview since the public beta, Jag's new feature lets you see an entire folder previewed at once. This can be quite handy when browsing through a directory of scanned art, stock photos --- or, more commonly, pondering whether to delete photos emailed by your photo-prolific relatives.

[Editor's note: Unfortunately, it seems the previews created in Folder view do not carry over to Column view. I spend about 99% of my OS X time in column view, so I tested on a folder full of generic ".gif" icons from a current project. Switching that folder to icon view and setting the "Show Preview" did, indeed, instantly show the nifty preview icons -- very cool!. But when I looked at that folder again in column view, I still had the generic icons (unless I clicked the actual object to show the preview column). So I'll still have to use pic2icon to give me a "sneak peek" at the image without activating the preview column.]
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Something I forgot to add in the sub
Authored by: foo12 on Sep 07, '02 08:30:02PM

The icon previews apparently aren't cached, so they'll be regenerated each time you open the folder. With a decent drive (ATA66 7200 rpm) the time isn't too bad, but I can imagine Powerbook and iBook users "feeling" it a bit more with the slower, 5400 rpm drives necessitated by power constraints. One advantage over in-file or cached previews, like Rob mentions with pic2icon, is that the Finder previews will work on any mountable volume, including read-only --- it's really great for visually browsing a stock photo CD, tho QuickTime seems to bork on LAB color mode tiffs.

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Custom image icons ...
Authored by: Gordon Werner on Sep 12, '02 12:50:41PM

of course you could always get the shareware icondropper application which will generate icon previews of all your images

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Show item info, missing previews, and folder backgrounds
Authored by: samrod on Dec 01, '02 07:28:03AM

Using "Show item info" to display image dimensions under the filename is very helpful also. But the info displays only for some images and not others. I've saved out several JPEGs from Photoshop using the same settings, and for some the dimensions were displayed while not for others. I still haven't figured out why, but Apple needs to address this issue. Specially since publishing and film/video are its primary markets. The info displays intermittently for QT files as well.

And while I'm on the subject of intermittent functionality, the image previews don't always display for all images either. And those same images who don't display a preview icon, don't display a preview in column view, and can't be used as folder backgrounds either.

My only other feature request would be that Finder text used for filenames adjust intelligently to provide enough contrast with the background. Text on the desktop is white while text in folders is black. This assumes most desktop images are dark while most folder backgrounds are light. Well I'd like to have solid black or even dark images as backgrounds for some folders, but I can't because the filenames would disappear.

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