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Jaguar hints - a status report (help me help you!) Site News
The Jaguar hints continue to pour in at a rate of 15 to 30 a day. Right now, I'm staying about three to four days behind, given that it takes about two hours (plus or minus) to review, check for duplicates, format, and publish every 20 submissions or so. I'd love to add some assistant reviewers to help with the process, but cannot do so until the Geeklog engine is upgraded (they actually have a release candidate, so it's getting closer). Why not? In UNIX terms, the 1.1 version of Geeklog really only supports two levels of users: root and everyone else. Once Geeklog 1.36 is released and the site is upgraded, we'll be able to have assistant editors with limited story publishing rights.

What can you do to help? As a start, please don't submit hints on any of the following: show the character palette, option-click Finder menus, Finder screen zoom effect, super slow-motion folder opening effects, return the Happy Mac to the startup screen, pop-up folders in the Finder toolbar, enable Finder sound effects, create sliding Finder drawers, Get Info vs. Show Inspector, and view the system prefs in alphabetical order. I have received each of the above no fewer than five times. For some odd reason, the character palette hint is especially popular, with at least 15 submissions!

Read the rest of the article for some tips on searching previous hints to determine if your submission might be a duplicate...

We've already run over 150 Jaguar hints, so it's possible what you're submitting has already been published. Take a moment to search postings made since August 24th using the Advanced Search page. Enter 2002-08-24 as the start date and the current date as the end date. Please don't forget the end date or you'll throw an unneeded extra load on the MySQL server due to a bug in the code (you'll get all 2,000+ articles returned!). If you include keywords, keep them simple and use only one at a time (try "Mail" instead of "change icons in Mail") along with the date restriction.

Although this may sound like whining, that's not the intent -- I'm learning as much as everyone else from these hints, and I'd like to make sure I have as much time as possible to focus on publishing the new information. You can help by taking a quick second to see if the hint you're about to submit has been previously published.

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is Slashcode a possibility?
Authored by: rev on Sep 09, '02 08:41:57AM

If Geeklog is not doing it for ya, ever considered using Slashcode?

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Not really an issue...
Authored by: robg on Sep 09, '02 08:49:25AM

The newest Geeklog will handle everything I need it to do (I've tested version 1.35); I just need 1.36 as it crushes a few data input bugs and some issues with site upgrades from previous versions.

If that doesn't work for me, at some point then most definitely an engine change is in order ... but I'd probably pick something PHP based (I think there's a PHP version of slashcode out there somewhere).


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Not really an issue...
Authored by: rev on Sep 09, '02 01:47:37PM

Don't get me wrong, I am not dissing Geeklog entirely - just simply offering other possible solutions.

The URL above is the effort of porting Slash (perl/mod_perl, etc...) to PHP. Dunno how stable/functional it is - but it is what you were referring to I believe.

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Authored by: robg on Sep 09, '02 02:59:17PM

I actually keep about four or five alternatives running on the local box all the time -- phpnuke, that phpslash project, and a few others that show up under 'blog' on sourceforge :-). There's some cool stuff out there, and it all just keeps getting better!

Given my choice, it'll be easier to keep it in Geeklog. But if that proves impossible, I have no qualms about moving...


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