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Some tips to help with Internet sharing Internet
I've been struggling with Jaguar and the new sharing setups every since I installed it. At first nothing worked. Here is a list a things to check that eventually made it work as expected on my machine:
  1. Remove previous firewall freeware; Jaguar needs a "clean" firewall setup if you intend to use its auto-config module.
  2. Remove NAT that you might have installed manually.
  3. You'll need to "start" internet sharing manually after each reboot (I haven't found how to automate this yet - has anyone?)
  4. Remove rule 2010 from ipfw manually, this actually prevented other computers on my network from accessing the outside world:

    02010 2 745 deny ip from to any in

    Just do (as root or with sudo) ipfw delete 2010.
And now, everything is "almost" back to normal. All we'd need would be a nicer way to advance-tweak Jaguar's firewall. Hope this'll help some people out there.
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Just Enable Port 80
Authored by: ALinecker on Sep 06, '02 10:38:27AM

Why go through all of that? Enable Port 80 in the firewall (or enable Web Sharing which also enables Port 80) and internet sharing works without a hitch. If you don't enable Port 80, internet sharing doesn't work.

Your fix might also do the trick (I don't 100% understand what you did), but enabling a Port is much easier.

Although you can tell me if I'm wrong (I'm not the strongest Unix guy).

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Just Enable Port 80
Authored by: hagbard on Sep 06, '02 02:50:12PM

I'm not a guru either, but many other ports can be needed by the other users of the internet sharing, like pop3 (110), nntp, smtp etc etc etc and you'd have to add each of them by hand...

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Automated Internet Sharing
Authored by: lukken on Sep 12, '02 01:20:55PM

I am also looking for a solution to automatically start internet sharing after a reboot. Any solutions would be appreciated...

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Automated Internet Sharing
Authored by: elizalde on Oct 05, '02 03:04:26AM

I'm in the same situation. I did try a lot of tricks to start internet sharing at startup but no success until now. I wonder why apple always miss a detail to make it perfect... Please, let me know if you have any progress on this!

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Internet Sharing works here...sorta
Authored by: pascalpp on Oct 14, '02 11:03:32PM

My G4 desktop is set to share its Ethernet DSL connection over airport. I have an iBook connected to the G4 via airport and I'm usually able to surf the web and use iChat just fine, although sometimes my browser stalls when loading some web pages.

However, I can't get Software Update to work. it always complains that it can't connect to the internet. Anyone know a way to fix this?

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Internet Sharing works here...sorta
Authored by: pascalpp on Oct 15, '02 09:32:06PM

I also can't seem to get any secure connections to work in my browser (I tried Explorer and Chimera). Perhaps this is the reason software update isn't working as well, since i think the latest version of software update uses a secure connection to do its business. anyone else out there having this problem?

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Internet Sharing works here...sorta
Authored by: MrWinther on Oct 19, '02 11:26:02AM

It works for me....sorta to....

I have one ibook witch I connect trough a router to an old imac.
The imac is then connected to the internet/adsl.

On both machines I use mozilla. On the ibook:
In Mozilla-preferences-Advanced-Proxies I set proxy to manual.
My internet-company has this adress: port: 8080
(same for ftp but port 21)

When I want to connect to my internet-bank I have to connect directly to internet with the Ibook. I can turn of internet on the imac using Remote Desktop, but then I loose connection with the imac...and cant access it anymore...well...thats another thema.

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