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Easily set custom paper sizes in 10.2 Apps
While not a big deal for US users, having to change the paper size to the standard A4 every time you want to print is a real pain for UK and Australasian users, and 10.1 lacked an easy way to set a default. Thankfully, 10.2 includes such an option, and even tells you in the help:
Changing the default paper size

To change the default paper size for all new documents, open Print Center, choose Preferences from the Print Center menu, and choose the paper size you want to use.
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Easily set custom paper sizes in 10.2 | 11 comments | Create New Account
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Not only in the UK and Australasia
Authored by: Hedderik on Sep 05, '02 03:26:40PM

...but A4 is also used the "continental" part of Europe. And, given that Europe still has quite some influence in Africa, based on old colonial bonds, A4 is problably also the main papersize in Africa. In other words, letter size paper is only used in (the) America(s)...

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Quite UK and Au centric
Authored by: nichrome on Sep 05, '02 03:27:12PM

This doesn't affect just UK and Au, it also has an impact on pretty much all X users in continental Europe and probably some Asian countries as well.

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Quite UK and Au centric
Authored by: nichrome on Sep 05, '02 03:30:07PM

Ack, every time I post a comment, someone manages to post a comment with the exact same point one or two minutes before me. Curse you all (:

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Other printer features as well?
Authored by: gruffell on Sep 05, '02 04:31:15PM

Does this also work for other printer features?
e.g. if your printer supports duplex printing, can you make that your default?

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A4 is DIN A4
Authored by: thebimbo on Sep 05, '02 05:09:50PM

A4 is actually a DIN standard (which stands for German industry standard) much like the common larger A3 and the other A and B standards (the envelopes for the A's) so very much a 'continental' standard and not an anglo-american "thing"...

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A4 is DIN A4 (really: ISO A4)
Authored by: cabo on Sep 13, '02 09:25:26AM
While it is true that the international paper size standard started out in Germany (the principles in 1786, the details in 1922), it is now an international standard, ISO 216, used as the principal paper format everywhere except North America.

More than you ever wanted to know about this in:

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Pity about the MS Word bug
Authored by: jamesmac on Sep 05, '02 07:47:08PM

It's a pity that this doesn't solve the bug in Word for X that interprets all documents created with earlier versions of word as being US Letter documents (even when Words default is set to A4).

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Custom?!? i think you mean DEFAULT
Authored by: seven5 on Sep 30, '02 10:59:56AM

is it me or does this hint not say ANYTHING about \\\"Custom Paper Size\\\". Sure its a great hint about setting the \\\"DEFAULT\\\" paper size, but the title says custom paper sizes. How the heck to i manually type in a custom paper size?!?!?

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Easily set custom paper sizes in 10.2
Authored by: eno on Apr 09, '03 11:18:48AM

I did this long ago, and still, every app I use defaults to US
Letter. How infuriating. This is what I would expect from M$, not
from Apple.

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Easily set custom paper sizes in 10.2
Authored by: latood on Apr 12, '03 08:25:03PM

Cheer up folks! Try Rod Yager's freeware utility that changes your
default paper size to A4 in OS X. Get it from
papersize. It's easy to install. Although the Web site says it's for versions
10.0 to 10.1.5, I installed it my Jaguar and it worked. I also tried it in
my colleagues' Macs and got the same positive response. The Readme
also cautions that it may not work with Office X, but it does.

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Easily set custom paper sizes in 10.2
Authored by: tkld on Oct 14, '03 05:47:13AM

Or to do this from a Terminal window or script:

defaults write DefaultPaperSize iso-a4

I recommend then copying the resulting

file to
/System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/Library/Preferences/
so that all new users created on the computer will also have A4 as their default paper size.

(perhaps with this command)

cd ; sudo cp Library/Preferences/ /System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/Library/Preferences/

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