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Space remaining glitch in 10.2 System
This isn't really a hint, it's just something (a bug, dare I say?) I've noticed in Jaguar. When I empty the trash with a Finder window open, instead of adding to the amount of gigs available, Jaguar actually subtracts. So, if I've got 14.57GB free, and I delete 30MB, instead of changing to 14.60 it changes to 14.54GB.

I have yet to perform some more in depth tests - logging out and then in again, or restarting - to see if GB remains the same, or has corrected itself.

[Editor's note: I tested this to the same extent as the hint author, and it seems to be true. Put a copy of a huge file in the trash, make sure the disk or volume the item is on is selected in the Finder, and empty the trash. The space available will decrease!]
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Space remaining glitch in 10.2 | 7 comments | Create New Account
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No problem here..
Authored by: tknipp on Sep 05, '02 10:27:08AM

I duplicated about 100 MB of files on each of my 3 partitions. After deleting them and emptying the trash, the amount of space available shown increased, not decreased. I'm not sure why mine works and the previous two mentioned don't.


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Seems to make copies
Authored by: sebastienb on Sep 05, '02 08:20:12PM

I've noticed that trashing items from the Finder takes extremely long in Jaguar compared to 10.1x

I've noticed that sometimes when I delete stuff, I see some files that get a '.copy' appended for a split second while the file list scrolls in the window... My guess is that, for some reason, the Finder now duplicates the files before erasing them, which would explain why it takes so long now...

As for the space decreasing? Well, since the system is duplicating every file, these will take up more space (ie, the same amount). I've noticed that the Finder sometimes takes a bit of time to actually update the available capacity of the drive; this might explain what this user is seeing: Delete files, which get duplicated first, take up more space, and then finally get deleted, user checks space available, but since the Finder isn't up to date, displays wrong info.

My suggestion: wait a few minutes and check the availability again...

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Delay on emptying trash (was: Seems to make copies)
Authored by: zem on Sep 07, '02 02:02:03PM

concerning the delay on emptying the trash in jag:

i can see the same thing on my system (i.e. a delay of about 3 secs) but i've used jaguar on at least three other machines that cleared the trash nearly instantly.

while this little wait is no big deal i'm still wondering what would cause this delay to happen and how i could get rid of it...
i guess in the worst case i have to wait for 10.2.1 and hope this brings things back to normal.

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Seeming to make copies
Authored by: Thorne on Sep 07, '02 02:26:50PM

I've noticed the following behavior, which may or may not relate to what you've observed.

When a file named "x" already exists in the trash, and the user trashes ANOTHER file named "x", the Finder briefly appends "copy" to the filename (before it disappears out of the Finder window) so that the two files can coexist in the trash.

I have not noticed this phenomena EXCEPT when a like-named file already exists in the trash.

Are you deleting same-named files?

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Authored by: babbage on Sep 07, '02 11:10:39AM

Also, you might be consuming more memory swap sapce, at least temporarily. Given the way that OSX, unlike Linux, doesn't normally have a dedicated swap partition, the amount of disc you're using for swap space can shrink & grow dynamically and so the space available on your regular partition will fluctuate accordingly. My suggestion would be to take any free space numbers and figure that they could go up or down by a few percent as you go along...

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Space Remaining
Authored by: baruz on Sep 08, '02 09:05:30PM
You could run a df -k in the Terminal and check the Available column. That ought to be a relatively accurate measure of real space remaining after accounting for virtual memory.

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space available glitch related to internet downloads?
Authored by: kumar303 on Nov 12, '02 11:22:54AM

I too am noticing this as a bug. I'm running 10.2.1 on a Powerbook G3 Pizmo. I haven't been very scientific about it but I have definitely noticed when downloading large files over TCP/IP either with IE or with KDX Client that the available space is not adjusted to accomodate the new files. This is annoying because the only way to reflect the new space taken up by the download is to copy something to the trash and empty it.

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