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Watch out for copy and paste bug in 10.2 Apps
There appears to be a minor but nasty bug in the 10.2 version of Sometimes, but not apparently always, Mail will insert a character at the beginning of any text that you copy and paste out of the application. You can see this by trying to copy and paste a URL from an email message into a web browser; many times the URL will have a space (or what looks like a space) at the beginning of the string, and the browser will report "Page not found." To fix the problem, you just need to remove the leading character.

Where this is more subtle, however, is when you sign up for a new online account somewhere (say ... and receive your email containing your username and password. You type in your username, but because the password is a randomly generated string of gibberish, copy and paste is the obvious method of choice. You paste the password, hit login, and get "Sorry, wrong password!" So you try again, it fails again, you get frustrated, you ask the system to send you a new password (using a lost password email option), and that one too fails. So then you write the site admin (say ... me?) all frustrated and upset that the site isn't recognizing your new password.

I have received a bunch of emails that basically follow that described chain of events, and it took me quite a while to figure out what was happening. So until Apple updates to fix this glitch (please tell them about it!), I highly recommend that you hand type every password you receive in Mail ... for your sake, my sake, and the sake of probably many other frustrated webmasters out there!
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Authored by: davidj on Sep 05, '02 10:18:12AM

It happens to me 100% of the time, and it is incredibly maddening.

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Authored by: Glanz on Sep 05, '02 10:18:58AM

Thanks for that hint!!! I thought I was going bonkers for a moment there!
So now I type all passwords.....
Happily, I didn't do any serious damage to my system trying to fix that one!

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Its fixed in 10.2.1
Authored by: alex_kac on Sep 05, '02 11:14:07AM

In the current ADC build of 10.2.1 - its fixed.

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Its fixed in 10.2.1
Authored by: Glanz on Sep 05, '02 11:27:05AM

Will it be in "Updates" soon?

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Not just Mail, many if not all Cocoa apps
Authored by: lrivers on Sep 05, '02 03:05:09PM

Have this issue

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This is evidentl wide-spread
Authored by: wfolta on Sep 05, '02 05:44:02PM

The latest BBEdit release mentions something about this in its release notes, I believe:

"In Mac OS X 10.2, Cocoa applications include a Unicode byte-order mark in the 'utxt' scrap flavor (which is arguably correct, but still different from previous versions of the OS and breaks third-party applications). BBEdit now handles this condition, so there will be no more junk character at the beginning of text pasted from such applications."

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This is evidentl wide-spread
Authored by: Glanz on Sep 05, '02 10:34:44PM

I have just noticed that BBEdit compensates for Our complete stupidities!

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typing password
Authored by: Barrett on Dec 29, '02 06:07:55PM

I dont think you need to type the passwords.
Paste them into Text Edit and convert to pure text to discover any unwanted characters.
Ive noticed this on occasion when I knew darn well it was the right string and found the offending characters this way.

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