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Permanently add Reply To headers in Apps has an option to show a Reply-To header when composing emails. Like many of us, I have a forwarding account which I would like to be used for all replies, instead of the email address for the ISP accounts.

Manually adding the headers is a thing of the past now, as there is an AppleScript to automatically add the Reply-To headers to *all* outgoing mail automatically. Here is the info from the original poster:
Try the Applescript called 'Add Headers to Outgoing Email'. In case you don't read the Read Me: THESE SCRIPTS ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY APPLE. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

- cricket
The AppleScript writes the default header to a preferences file, so it will add the header until it is edited or removed entirely with the "remove" script, also thoughtfully provided by cricket.

[Editor's note: cricket is a member of Apple's Mail development team who occasionally posts to the X4U mailing list. I assume (hope!) it would be relatively trivial to modify this script to also always insert the "BCC" field. I took a quick look at the source, but it's well beyond my limited AppleScript experience. Anyone got a quick modification to add BCC as well?]
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I do it from the terminal!
Authored by: iMMersE on Sep 04, '02 03:11:11PM
Why run an applescript when you can get your hands dirty in Terminal? :)

Here are the commands you need to know to play with this feature

defaults read UserHeaders

This will return "The domain/default pair of (, UserHeaders) does not exist" if you have none set)

defaults write UserHeaders '{"Reply-To" = ""; }'


defaults write UserHeaders '{"Reply-To" = ""; "Bcc" = ""; }'

You can add as many headers as you like in this format. And finally,

defaults delete UserHeaders

To get back to the default. Note that this doesn't give you an input box in - Should it do?

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I do it from the terminal!
Authored by: alajuela on Sep 04, '02 03:57:23PM

The term commands are great, but in fact, what I want is the boxes in which to input email addresses manually. I'm gonna take a look at the script.

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I do it from the terminal!
Authored by: alajuela on Sep 04, '02 04:27:38PM

That script doesn't do it either. There's got to be a way to permanently have those fields available.

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I do it from the terminal!
Authored by: wlbentley on Apr 18, '10 12:17:13PM
It's important to note that (as of 4.2), adding a BCC UserHeader in this way overwrites any other BCCs you may have added manually to your email, and applies this to all accounts. I'm still looking for a better way to automatically BCC an email address on a per-account basis.

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Blank BCC field by Default
Authored by: malohi on Sep 04, '02 06:47:42PM

I would appreciate a way to get the BCC field to appear by default every time I compose a new email.

Now that would be handy.

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Blank BCC field by Default
Authored by: wardy on Feb 03, '04 07:41:26AM

Check out

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way to limit reply-to header to particular account?
Authored by: brachiator on Sep 04, '02 06:52:01PM
This is an excellent start, replacing a key function I missed from Entourage.

BUT, is there a way to modify the commands such that only email going out on a particular account within Mail carries the reply-to?

I have several email accounts being pulled down into Mail, and I certainly don't want ALL of them to bear my precious, clean and spam-free forwarding address on outgoing mail.

I want only my primary home mail -- the one that I give to my friends and colleagues -- to carry the reply-to. I don't want the email addresses I use for internet commerce, chat, etc., to have the reply-to, and open up my forwarding address to abuse.


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way to limit reply-to header to particular account?
Authored by: tjj on Jan 03, '03 08:53:13AM

Don't know if anyone still reads this thread.
I haven't found an elegant solution for the problem, but if allowed to enter a different address in the account set-up, you could set in one account, in another account, etc. That way you will still keep track of where what was sent to, while harvesting all mail into a single account. - Provided this account supports the +whatever@ syntax (one of my accounts does, another doesn't).

Also usable for tracking spam.

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way to limit reply-to header to particular account?
Authored by: tjj on Jan 03, '03 09:00:11AM

Reason for this this to be useful in my case is that I need different smtp-servers depending on location (powerbook gets hauled around). So would have smtp-X, while would have smtp-Y, but all mail using the Reply-To function would end up in the same account.
Guess I should've mentioned that before.


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pdf in GraphicConverter
Authored by: pmccann on Sep 04, '02 10:54:45PM

While the image produced is definitely a pdf file (you can view it via "less" in the terminal; just note the first line of the file!!), the initial hint did lead to a nice realisation. If you drop a pdf file called filename.pdf on GraphicConverter it puts up the shutters and directs you to use Acrobat Reader. Fair enough. But change that same file so that it's named filename.jpg and kabingo: seems quicktime kicks in and converts the first page of the pdf file to allow Graphic Converter to view the thing. Unfortunately it *is* only the first page. Anyway, there are doubtless other ways to do this, but this one might prove convenient for someone.


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Reply-to header
Authored by: dzurn on Sep 05, '02 06:15:21PM

The Reply-to <b>field</b> in seems to be a different
animal from adding a default <b>header</b>. Running the script
will add a default header as the email is sent. You can still
open the Reply-to field, but it is empty. I don't know if putting
another email address in there will override or send the mail
out with both addresses.

(BTW, I don't know why this hint was listed as from Sandor,
I submitted this hint after reading cricket's post and trying
the script)


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Sorry about that!
Authored by: robg on Sep 30, '02 11:27:51PM

Heh ... typo'd your User ID (not name) when posting the original hint ... it's fixed now, though ... so those coming late to the party have no idea who Sandor is! ;-)


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Reply-to header
Authored by: tjj on Dec 19, '02 06:38:36PM

If you add another header using the GUI, it doesn't get sent.
The settings in the plist file overrides.

I would also like a way to have the Reply-to address added only from some accounts.
But haven't found a solution (10.2.2).

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Reply-to field
Authored by: UltraNurd on Aug 04, '03 12:34:05AM

I made the modifications by running the script and adding a reply-to header. I found that if I quit mail while composing a message, and then reopened, the message I had been working on reappeared, complete with Reply-To Field in the GUI. Go figure.

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If you don't need Reply header
Authored by: echo on Oct 14, '02 05:20:26PM

If you don't need the Reply header, but want a different reply address for a specific account, in 10.2.1, in mail's account preferences/Accounts/Edit/Account Information, I'm able to set a different email address than the account's isp. This is the address that shows up as the reply address.

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Permanently add Reply To headers in
Authored by: carsten on Apr 09, '03 05:36:46PM
Thanks, this an excellent hint!

Too bad Apple didn't include a preference within to add custom headers like other e-mail programs do.

I'm using this method to add an X-Accept-Language: header to my outgoing email:

defaults write UserHeaders '{"X-Accept-Language" = "en-ca, en, de";}'
(See also:

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Permanently add Reply To headers in
Authored by: savowood on Feb 10, '04 06:18:35PM

How about adding the header to incoming list messages?

I have a few lists I'd like to add this header to since they don't have a list directed reply-to: header. I'd like to be able to set up the message filter to add the reply-to: header to any incoming message with a "List-Post:" header, taking the "List-Post: email@address.tld" and adding "Reply-To: email@address.tld".

This would be using OSX's In the mean time, I'm going to figure out a way to rewrite it at the MTA level and post that on here.

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Permanently add Reply To headers in
Authored by: brossow on Mar 05, '04 08:50:43PM

Any answer for this one yet? I've got a mailing list where the owner refuses to make it behave like most other lists to that replies go to the list instead of the sender. If there's a solution, I'm really hurting for it. I'm about ready to switch back to Entourage, which despite its other faults has a wonderful mailing list manager. :-(

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Show the BCC field
Authored by: mchadwick on Apr 11, '04 02:53:16PM

Just for the new folks who google and see this quickly:

Updated (read: what comes with 10.3) allows you to set this preferance through the view menu. When composing a message, go to the View menu and select BCC Header. It will remember the choice.

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Permanently add Reply To headers in
Authored by: addy on Feb 24, '05 01:40:18PM

Hi there, has anyone got the applescript mentioned as with my mac osx10.31 i cannot get the terminal version to work?

Any help with doing this is most appreciated


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Permanently add Reply To headers in
Authored by: felix-fi on May 02, '05 04:11:58AM

This does not seem to work under Tiger... any fix?

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Works for me in Tiger...
Authored by: aamann on Jun 30, '05 11:10:08PM

Works fine for me (10.4.1, Mail 2.0.1)

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Permanently add Reply To headers in
Authored by: chrisale on Jun 01, '06 12:35:42PM

I've been trying to consolidate accounts like this and still be able to send messages with the proper "Reply-To" headers as well. (Now that Gmail has such great support for Calendars, and support for Exchange and iCal and the rest, I'm trying to move everything to Gmail... anyway).

Now that everything is forwarded to my GMail account... I simply use POP in to download new messags (Gmail automatically archives them).

To setup reply-tos correctly... without actually having any other mail accounts cluttering, I've created "fake" Mail accounts.

For each account that I want to be able to set a "Reply-to", I create a new POP account. I include my proper name, and the reply address for the account. BUT, I put in bogus information for the "incoming" server. This is so that Mail never actually downloads email... cuz we don't want it to.

Then I put in proper sending server settings for the account (as if you were setting it up normally) and that's it.

Now, when I compose a message, I can select the "Account" I want to "send" from using the familiar dropdown in the New message window.

Yet, the fake accounts are all offline, because they can't, and won't connect to the server.



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Permanently add Reply To headers in
Authored by: sjk on Jun 01, '06 05:09:27PM
I don't understand why you're using "fake" accounts instead of adding additional addresses to your primary account and selecting the one you want from the Account pop-up menu (documented in Mac OS X: Using email aliases in Mail). That's closer to "perfect" for me than creating a bunch of extra "fake" accounts. :-)

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Permanently alter Default Bcc address in
Authored by: Simon Woodward on May 22, '07 11:48:49PM

I am looking for a script or plug-in that allows customisation of the 'Automatically cc/bcc' address in Mail's preferences. Currently it will only send to "myself", whereas I would like to send to another address that I can set as a default, instead of having to enter it from the View menu each time I compose an email.

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Permanently add Reply To headers in
Authored by: richard_k_smith on Dec 31, '07 04:00:50PM
And this hint works in Leopard, too.

I have decided to consolidate all my email in a gmail account, but still keep the "from" address my official - and well-known to my friends and colleagues - school address. Gmail itself provides a nice interface to this, when using the web version of gmail:

Settings/accounts and then "always send mail as" and set the default.

But how to do this in when using it as an imap client to Gmail? I didn't want to "Activate" my school account (purposely I am pulling all the email into gmail) and even if I did it is a nuisance selecting that pull down "From" item.

So, I used the hint above, with a small variation. I did the first thing, set the "reply-to" (and was finally able to remove that field from my list of headers to view, and fill in), with this:

defaults write UserHeaders '{"Reply-To" = ""; }'

Then, I adapted that to set the "From" field:

defaults write UserHeaders '{"From" = 'My Name' <>"; }'

You can see that I used single quotes on My Name and pointy brackets around my address, the way that most email programs expect it.

A couple of test messages later, I was well pleased with the results. And my correspondents will no longer ask, "What is this ID I see?"


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I do it from the terminal!
Authored by: 00kai on Dec 16, '09 12:03:17PM

Hello, i am a new User hier and on a MAC, before i used Linux.

It is possible to use different e-mail relays for different e-mail account. (one at GMX, one at WEB, ...)
with the signatures that works so well ...


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