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Change the font antialiasing threshold in 10.2 System
If you own a low-end machine, you may miss the ability to completely disable anti-aliasing in Mac OS X 10.2 - Tinker Tool does not work any more for this task. The General pref pane does not permit setting the AntiAliasing Threshold higher than 12, in order to keep menu items smoothed. But the Terminal does:
defaults write  .GlobalPreferences AppleAntiAliasingThreshold 16
You can replace 16 by the value you need. It you set this to an astronomical value (say 128), you effectively disable anti-aliasing. The speed gain is less palpable under 10.2 than it was before, and the menus are horrible, but, hey, it works and it can be useful for some of us on "slow end" hardware.
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Worse font smoothing
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 03, '02 10:18:40AM

I think the font anti-aliasing is worse under Jaguar than previous versions of X. On my iBook, the fonts look somehow over-anti-aliased, on any level setting. On my CRT at work, it seems ok, but CRTs blur the detail anyway. I hope fiddling with this new hint on my iBook when I get home tonight solves my problem and restore nice, clean fonts to my otherwise gorgeous Aqua GUI.

Or could it be a fonts mix up on my iBook? I always thought the default font was Lucida Grande for Aqua menus. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated or just confirmation that it is happening on other installations of Jaguar (both of mine are upgrades btw)

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Re: Worse font smoothing
Authored by: dm2243 on Sep 03, '02 11:29:09AM

Go to System Preferences > General and adjust your font smoothing style.

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Worse font smoothing
Authored by: Cowboy_X on Sep 03, '02 10:53:58PM

There's different types of font smoothing for different kinds of displays. Are you using the type specific to LCDs?

On my iMac (crt) display, the font smoothing is <i>much</i> better.

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Authored by: Arkham on Sep 03, '02 06:19:10PM

After using my own hint for a few days, i have remarked that Photoshop quits on start if the threshold is greater than 12. Maybe there are others too.

To undo the mod, go to the general perfpane and select 12 as the threshold.

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Doh! Yep!
Authored by: nagani on Sep 03, '02 10:03:09PM

Photoshop (with latest updates) gave me a message a week ago that the threshold should be set to 8 pt for everything to look right...

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Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 04, '02 04:29:04AM

Any setting doesn\'t seem to make much difference. Maybe I pay *too* much attention to detail ;-)

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Authored by: Arkham on Sep 04, '02 07:45:25AM

Did you relaunch your apps?

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