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Correct the German time format in Apps
One of the worst German localization mistakes in Jaguar probably is's display of times: it displays times in 12 hour format without appending any sort of "AM" or "PM" -- which is not used in Germany, anyway. There is no way to tell if a message arrived at 5 AM or at 5 PM (which should be displayed as 17:00, anyway).

To get to correctly show the 24 hour time format, do this:
  1. Quit if running
  2. Navigate to Applications in the Finder
  3. Right-click or control-click onto and choose "Show package contents"
  4. Open Contents -> Resources -> German.lproj
  5. Find the file named "Localizable.strings" and make a backup copy in case anything goes wrong.
  6. Open the file in a text editor and find the line that reads "12HOUR_TIME_FORMAT" = "%1I:%M"; and replace it with "12HOUR_TIME_FORMAT" = "%H:%M";
  7. Save the file. should now correctly display 24 hour time format.
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Only in (German) localization?
Authored by: Hedderik on Sep 03, '02 11:20:08AM

Using the US localization with the time display changed into 24 clock mode, does show the correct arrival times.

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German localization with English as default language
Authored by: AndreasG on Sep 03, '02 12:33:36PM

unfortunately, this doesn\'t work when you use German localization set the default language to English (which I prefer)... I editet the \"localizable.strings\" files in both the \"german.lproj\" and \"english.lproj.\" folder -- no success... Mail is still displaying a one-digit hour... very annoying!

Does anybody know how to fix this?

Andreas G

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German localization with English as default language
Authored by: seb2 on Sep 03, '02 01:59:14PM

Could you please be a bit more specific what language you have set where or describe your problem in more detail? In what order are the different languages in System Preferences > International (Systemeinstellungen > Landeseinstellungen)?

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German localization with English as default language
Authored by: aku8000 on Sep 03, '02 02:53:59PM

in system preferences -> international -> time delete the word 'Uhr' in the fields 'Before Noon:' and 'After Noon:'.

it works fine at my system [english with austrian localization]


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German localization with English as default language
Authored by: AndreasG on Sep 04, '02 05:28:53AM

sorry if I didn't make myself clear :/

I am German and live in Germany. On my system, I need to have things like time and date format, currency, keyboard layout etc. in a German localized version (metric system, A4 papersize...).

However, I prefer that English is the main language on my system (menus, dialog boxes, help files...). The reasons are:
1. Everybody can understand English -- I am in an international environment...
2. Translations are just *bad*! Many English terms like "shutdown", "login", "e-mail", "desktop" and many many more have been adopted in the German language. Nobody says "anmelden" instead of "login" in German -- but that's how the system translates it. Many translations are also very lenghty, help files are less precise...

Usually this all works very well, I have the following settings in my System Preferences:
In the "International" Pane/Language Tab, the order of my languages is
1. English
2. German

Date/Time/Numbers/Input Menu are set to the proper German settings, Keyboard layout is also German.


I just tried the above mentioned trick and deleted the word "Uhr" from "before noon" and "after noon" -- it worked!!! Thanks! Although I don't really understand *how*...

Maybe this bug will be fixed in a future release...


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Authored by: deleted_user18 on Sep 03, '02 12:44:12PM


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shocked at the first install
Authored by: koala2 on Sep 03, '02 03:47:27PM

I guess I fumbled around with the timepane settings and voala realized ver much time later it worked without any CLI.


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MacOSX in English, Time in Swiss-German
Authored by: nose69 on Sep 04, '02 05:29:54AM

I am using MacOSX in English and the time is set to Swiss-German and had the same problem in Changing "Localizable.strings" in "English.lproj" solved the problem. Thanks seb2!

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