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More fun with 'mailto' links Apps
I submitted a tip on how to create a blank email message button by drag-and-drop a "mailto:" link to a folder or dock. Well I got bored and decided to play around some more with mailto links. And I found some neat stuff you can pull of with mailto: links:
  • Multiple Recipient emails links and subjects: I play guitar in a band and I frequently have to mail the rest of the band and this enables me to this with one click. Drag this text to the dock (or desktop):,"Keep a free .Mac option"
    [Editor: I had to break that into two lines, so you'll need to recombine it into one before the shortcut will work; I also had to drag it to the desktop and then to the dock; direct dragging to the dock failed in Jaguar.]

    You now have a one-click way to email to multiple people. Leave the "&subject=" out of the link if you don't need a subject or add more headers with additional &'s

  • One click mailing to all your friends in style: I love the fact that you can add pictures to addressbook entries and that you see them in messages. This prompted me to do the same thing with the mailto: links. I keep a folder with links to the people I mail frequently, and add their picture to the icons of the links. Just use the get-info command (command-i) and copy/paste their pictures over the icons. Viola, a supercool collections of one-clink email links to all you friends (here's a screenshot of my folder). Add that folder to your dock for easy right-click (or control-click) access.
You can save yourself a lot of clicks and typing because of the wonderfull things you can do with Mac OS X and its Aqua UI ! Just let your friends try this one on their XP's or Linux's

You will emailing quicker than Quickdraw McGraw (Pun intended ;-)
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Icon Problem
Authored by: area51 on Sep 02, '02 01:47:55PM

If I paste a custom icon into a file or folder info window, the icon will change. However, if I then try to change the icon to a different custom icon, the info window doesn't accept the new icon. I can still delete the first custom icon to get back to the default icon, but if I try to paste in the new custom icon the old custom icon gets pasted in.

This isn't specific to mailto icons as I also had this problem earlier when trying to modify application icons. I noticed this problem first in Jaguar but it might have been around before. Any ideas?

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Some text would not drag
Authored by: TeeGate on Sep 02, '02 08:42:05PM

I was able to drag the link up to the = sign. If there were any charactors to the right of that, it would not drag out of the window in or TextEdit.


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Address book pictures
Authored by: JoseyWales on Sep 03, '02 04:36:06AM

How do you get these pictures to show up in messages?

I have a number of pictures attached to entries in my address book, but don\\\'t see them anywhere in Mail...

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Address book pictures
Authored by: hashbang on Oct 10, '02 11:18:59PM

this is a wierd one. my pictures worked fine until 10.2, now they appear in the address book but not the annoying, as i really like this feature!

question: how do i export out of into anything else? it will do a backup, but seems to want to export all addresses as one .vcf file if i export all of them. tell me i don't have to drag all XXX entries one by one ...

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Address book pictures
Authored by: Moofisto on Oct 28, '02 03:24:36AM
Hmm, I don't know why your pictures aren't showing up in after upgrading to 10.2. should be finding them whether they are where Jaguar puts them now, or where 10.1 used to put them. Check these comments about iChat/Address Book/Mail pics.... Perhaps using Jaguar Cache Cleaner and restarting may help--

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re: how do i export out of into anything else?
Authored by: Moofisto on Oct 28, '02 03:35:00AM

As for exporting from Address Book: say you want to export all or a certain number of specific cards. You'd then select the cards or groups you want and drag them out. You do get a single .vcf file for the whole set of cards you selected. Still, when you import them into the new program that understands vCards, that new program should break them down into the individual cards you want.

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UPDATE : subjects with spaces !
Authored by: tarkin on Sep 25, '02 08:05:25AM
Well, Fflue mailed me to let me know that the mailto: above won't work. It won't let you drag the URL to the desktop or anywhere else. It's the quotes that screw things up ! If you want to include a subject with spaces you have to put %20 where the spaces should be. Like this :
I can't seem to understand why I posted those stupid quotes above ;-)

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