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Create your own sliding Finder drawers Desktop
I've never noticed this before and I think it came with the Spring Loaded folders. Open a finder window on the desktop, and just for fun make it decently wide (say - half the screen width) and select column view.

Now, drag it off to the side of the screen so only a small bit of the side is visible. I chose the left side, so that the right-side of the window is there, just wide enough to see the toggle vide gadget.

Now - here's the fun part! Make a folder or take an icon from the desktop (not a drive icon!) and drag it to the window, but don't release it. Depending on your Spring Loaded folders option, your window should slide open for you! In column view, you can dig around and slide the window contents right and left (no matter how wide the window is), and once you slide out, the window slides back to the side of the screen!

I keep my Downloads directory on one side, and my Sites directory on the other. It's great fun ... although the schoolgirl-giggling doesn't go over well with the Windows users ;-).

[Editor's note: Very interesting and potentially useful behavior ... and a cool demo, if nothing else!]
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Just like pop-up folders!
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 02, '02 01:02:13PM

If you drag the window to the bottom of the screen so that just the title bar is present, it will slide upward just like pop-up windows in Mac OS 9. It works best if you make the window narrow enough to be a tab. Then clicking the green zoom button toggles the window pop up so it appears and disappears.

I leave the dock on the left-hand side, so to me, this is just like pop-up folders!

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This rules!
Authored by: sinjin on Sep 02, '02 02:00:13PM

You are correct, sg3000, about the pop-up folder behavior. It works much like OS 9. It is almost a wonder why Apple didn't mention this as Jaguar feature 151, the return of pop-up folders. Almost. Actually, makes me think "was this present in 10.1?" (without the spring loaded folders, obviously!)

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re: This rules!
Authored by: lugal on Sep 02, '02 03:09:51PM

sinjin asks "was this present in 10.1?" in reference to pseudo pop-up folders. Since I haven't upgraded to 10.2 yet, I gave it a try. Sure enough, it works. Sure wish I'd tried it sooner.

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re: This rules!
Authored by: TeeGate on Sep 02, '02 09:01:03PM

I failed to mention that it did work at the bottom of the window but not on the left side.


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This rules!
Authored by: TeeGate on Sep 02, '02 08:56:27PM

Sorry, but I tried it in 10.1.5 and the window refused to move.


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Not Just Folders, ANY Window!
Authored by: DVD Plaza on Sep 03, '02 04:01:04AM

I noticed this effect the other day, but with ANY window! ANYTIME Jaguar wants to do something with a window that is off screen it will first slide it onto the screen.

For example say you've got an application sitting 90% off the bottom of the screen, enough so that you can still see the title bar - hit the minimise button... the application will first bounce onto the screen before the genie effect kicks in to minimise it. Took me by surprise the first time I saw this, but it's pretty cool!

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