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Take advantage of Preview's 10.2 new features Apps
I hadn't really read about the improvements to Preview, but they are notable:
  • It now creates page thumbnails for PDF files and displays them in a drawer to the side of the main page.

  • If you drag-n-drop several JPEGs onto Preview, it opens them in one window with the first image in the main part and the other images in the drawer. Use arrow keys or click to step through them!

  • If you drop an animated GIF onto Preview, each frame opens as a separate image in the drawer.

  • It can open multi-page TIFF documents, which are an optional method of receiving faxes from eFaxes, so no native eFax reader is required.

  • You can export to different file formats, although I'm not sure if that was there before or not.
[Editor's note: The last three bullets are from me, not wfolta, so blame me if they're wrong! I was intending on running a hint on Preview at some point, so I just merged them into this one...]
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Preview and Efax
Authored by: imitch on Sep 01, '02 01:10:28PM

After seeing this hint, I went to eFax to set my preferences, only to discover that under the free service I cannot access those preferences. On a hunch, I decided to save some of my multipage faxes with the .tif extension.

Doing so, I was able to double click on the file, preview launched and all pages displayed perfectly with thumbnails in the drawr.

If saved with the .jfx suffix, it will default to opening with Graphic Converter and only the 1st page will be visable. Trying to change the "open with" application" to preview is not an option as preview is greyed out.

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Preview and Efax
Authored by: robg on Sep 01, '02 01:35:49PM

Apparently you can send an email to efax and they will switch your preference setting for you. Several people on the X4U mailing list recently confirmed this.


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Preview and Efax
Authored by: Mak on Oct 30, '02 02:04:35PM

I tried this method to change .jfx to .tif and open with Preview. The pages opened allright. When you print pages, however, they are all flipped over and un-readable. I do not know how to correct this.

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also does smoothing
Authored by: maxgraphic on Sep 02, '02 02:08:46AM

Preview also now does a nice job of smoothing images, which is most noticeable with faxes.

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eFax and graphics formats
Authored by: tomem on Sep 02, '02 10:10:19AM

This is great news, and we can hope that the pdf files are more robust than they have been (have your's been invisible to some recipients?).

It may be no coincidence that eFax has turned off the .tif option and made preferences inaccessible to free users. I noticed when I got a fax from eFax in .efx format. So I had to download their viewer, and the fax turned out to be spam from eFax! Nothing is really free, is it.

The X.1 version of Preview also supported saving to multiple file formats.

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eFax and graphics formats
Authored by: cclauset on Sep 02, '02 10:52:16AM
If you are still receiving .efx files, you can email techsupport and request to have them switch your account to .jfx files. Also, while Preview is great for viewing .jfx files, beware of saving any changes to your efax files. Upon saving, the file will re-associate itself with GraphicConverter and will no longer be openable within Preview. Also, there is a simple mail rule that you can create to get rid of the eFax junk mail that is thrust upon efax free customers. Junk faxes always come From: "", whereas 'real' faxes always come From: "".

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Preview's new abilities
Authored by: atmasphere on Sep 03, '02 12:39:55PM

If you drop an animated GIF onto Preview, each frame opens as a separate image in the drawer.

This is a very cool feature, but had me thinking I could export or save as into one single file to send to someone else. Has enyone figured this out??

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